Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Diplomats from Brazil don´t need to speak english anymore, they only have to have "dandruff over the shoulders"

A quote from president Lula da Silva allow us to know what´s the new rule for diplomacy in Brazil.
It was a little blurred because the last twist, that turned the knowledge of foreign languages (specially english) as not eliminative issue to allow new students to arrive at "Rio Branco" diplomacy school, provocated a national debate.

President reveals now what is the main skill that have to be pursued by anyone that intends to be a good diplomat for Brazil. It was published on Free Opinion website (portuguese):
"Minister Celso Amorim was chosen as the head of the Foreign Affairs Ministry 'because he has dandruff over his shoulders and that´s popular', claimed our President".

I never see a "pro-dandruff" shampoo in the market but if it would be invented there´ll be a lot of diplomat "wannabes" in its search, at least in Brazil.
But no english instructions, please!!!

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