Tuesday, January 11, 2005

WSF: Is Another World Possible? In Another Planet, maybe...

This article showed up and caused an turmoil involving the World Social Forum organizers in Porto Alegre - Brasil.
It is an oustanding come back, cause last year´s edition was carried in India.

The article is in portuguese , was published in Mask Less Midia site. It noticed that around 15M reals (around 5.3M dollars) from public funding to the event was sent to a service company that had strange liasons with Forum and Workers´ Party comrades on a - it seems - corrupted procurement process.

But it´s not the relevant part: the sheriff that was carrying the insvestigations was putted aside by state government because "he´s was not political associated with the Forum" . Can you believe this?
There´s a smoke scent in the air... It was clear that the investigator was beheaded in response to President Lula´s cabinet complaints..

World Social Forum in Porto Alegre has showed all kind of odd events to demonstrate this "new sight" of the world: terrorists had official workshop schedules, the lunatic french José Bove came here and destroyed transgenic farm experiments with Landless Movement Workers people, leftist actor Danny Glover even almost punched a Cuban refugee...

If this is the "another world" that they are pursuing, I prefer the older one.

Better: If they want a better world for good, why do not donate these public fundings to Asian tsunami humanitarian relief?

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