Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Another conservative brazilian blogger started to write in english.. Enjoy it.

My friend Claudio Tellez just started an english version of his very good portuguese blog.
He writes outstanding texts as you can see.
While I am a gun-machine-style post-maker he goes to the depth os his ideas and emerges with great pieces of thoughts.

Here´s his own definition on politics and economy:

Claudio Tellez: "My belief is that economic freedom and democratic State of Right, two fundamental pillars of any society that pretends itself to be liberal, should be built upon a strong moral basis which makes a clear distinction between truths and lies, virtues and vices, good and evil. In the absence of objective parameters for our acts as individuals, we cannot speak of responsibility, and liberty can only exist in an environment where people are conscious and responsible for all their choices.

In other words, I am a right-winged Chilean mathematician, living in Brazil and drinking a lot of coffee!"

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Claudio Tellez said...

My dear friend!
Thanks a lot!!!

Best regards,
Claudio Tellez