Monday, September 05, 2005

Hurricane Lovers (1) -- the root causes

Hurricane lovers
Olavo de Carvalho, from Washington DC
(translated by me)

Until the moment I write this column, Brazil is not officially among the 25 countries, the only 25, from much two hundred UN ´s members , had offered aid to the victims of the Katrina hurricane. Mr. Hugo Chavez, a insensitive sociopat, for his turn preferred to mock of corpses with a cynical offer of... oil!
U.S.A. does not need any aid from abroad. Many American cities already had been destroyed by earthquakes, fires and hurricanes. They had been reconstructed, without any outside aid, by the people whose sweated work saved the Russians, many times, to die in huge famine, and still rebuilt Germany, Italy, France, England and Japan after the war.
U.S.A. does not need nobody´s help. But, when the simple humanitarian intention is massively denied by countries that without the American aid would not even exist, the inevitable conclusion is the spread hate in the world by a brutal difamation campaign supported by Mr. George Soros did not return only against Mr. Bush and Rumsfeld, but against the American Nation as a whole: its people, its history, its values, its simple physical existence.
Americans had created a unique decent society that exists in the planet, the only one where moral, humanitarian values and mercy are still worth, where the third part of people do voluntary work to help other people, the only that feeds and supports the nations that fight against them, the only one where their own national culture rights are denied to give more space the presumptuous immigrants, the only one where even foreign bloody terrorists enprisoned in combat have the same rights of the local citizens, the only one that constantly places itself doubt with an incomparable intellectual courage, the only one where the fight for justice is the main reason, the substance of national life, the only one that conmdenm itsefl before to blame others, the only that, once winner in a war, he removed its troops immediately, leaving that the defeated ones reconquered its freedom and dignity, while its great partner of victory still remained per decades in the busy territories, with tanks, cannons and firing-squad, sucking blood of tenths of peoples while accusing the Americans for "imperialism".
The Americans had created the only nation that, judged in comparison with the others - and not with the angel-like artificial standards used by them to judge U.S , precisely to run away from the comparison which they know that they will fail --, has more reasons to be proud of that to shame.
The existence of America is a shame for the Russians, who had sworn to destroy her and had finished with their hats in the hand, begging aid. It is a shame for China, that is creating nanotechnological weapons to kill the entire US population from smallpox and tifo, but cannot use them, because it would represent the killing of golden eggs´ hen that drive millions dollars to state companies in Beijing. Is a shame for Islamic world , in despite all its beautiful religious oral tradition of a thousand-four hundred years had only created a society that was, in greater or minor measure , a live denial of Coran´s promises of freedom and justice. It is a shame for the Latin Americans, who do not support the comparison with their northern neighbor without gnawing of disdain to themselves, searching relief by the use of unthinkable low-level histrionisms and blusters.
The campaign of Mr. Soros summed all these “shames”, and throw it against America. And the campaign is working.
Therefore, for the first time in the history of the intended "international order", a fake humanitarianism, usual in the natural catastrophies, was traded by the explicit indifference, or even satisfaction smirks. The world is crowded today by Katrina lovers, as yesterday was full of Bin Laden admirers.

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