Thursday, September 29, 2005

From Daily NK: "Let's fly a balloon tied with bible verses"

See this image: People sending balloons over the North Korean borders with some sheets of paper tied with it. Those sheets are Bible's pages.

According to these people, defectors from that communist regime "“This was the only way to spread the gospel to the people of North Korea”

Isn't it depressing? The Words of The Lord are completely forbidden in North Korea. Even behind bars on a filthy jail, where the sun doesn't shine, in any forgotten corner of South America, still you can freed your mind & spirit by the reading of the Bible.
But in North Korea no.

But is not only in a place like North Korea the Bible's word are being prohibited. We face now an incredible wave of anger towards christianism and even christians. It's far away from what's happening in NK but it's fasting its pace all over the world.
I feel that in a few years christians, even in democratic western countries, will be putting their balloons in the air too.

Read this story in "Daily NK" website.


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