Thursday, March 02, 2006

Brazil: "Carnival" of the Left

This past month of february a lot of significant facts happened here in Brazil. Significant to show how deep we are into the cultural "red tide" that is drowning us.

February is the "Carnival" month. Time to get loose. But the cultural leftist fight still strong, even on this "party time" period.

Here's a brief description of what happened:

Preface: The Bigger band and a the biggest chaos in Rio

Rolling Stones made a big show on the Copacabana beach. It was free and around 1,2M people went to see Jagger and his band play "Sympathy for the Devil". While mainstream media reported the concert as "peaceful", they hid events that firemen quoted as "a hell": more than 600 people were attended by them and 90% were cases of alcoholic comma as reported by this. 28 people got drowned and three people got stabbed too.
In Rio, at the time, it was reported that people were beheaded during drug-dealer war in the "favelas"(poor people barrios). The reaction from common people when the saw the scene was that it was becoming more and more "regular" in Rio these days. Schocking. A hell indeed.

Second Part: Bono and his "pacifism"

U2 was the second part of the show. They came to Brazil for two concerts in Sao Paulo. Bono, before these concerts met president Lula da Silva and said he is one of his "heroes". Bono seemed not to read anything about the huge corruption wave inside Lula's government, its anti-americanism and its ties with Cuba and Hugo Chávez. But it seemed to be enough even for U2 fans. During the concert Bono received many disapproval signs from the crowd, specially when he cited President Lula and the Brazilian Federal Capital, Brasilia. Bono even donated a guitar for the "Zero-Hunger" federal program. This program is known here as just pure propaganda, with no results at all until now.

Intermezzo: Lula and Chávez cited as World Peace Nobel Prize nominees

Time for laugh. This was a joke for all real democrats and the rest of free world. But it was true.

Final Chapter: Che Guevara, Bolivar and Hugo Chávez won the Carnival contest in Rio

In Rio there is a contest for choose the better "samba school" of the carnival parade. "Vila Izabel" is one of the biggest samba schools from Rio and one of the traditional team. They received millions from PDVSA (Venezuela's oil company) to show off a theme called "Soy Loco por ti America" - a song with this name was created by the Brazilian composer Caetano Veloso as a homage to Che Guevara when he died in the 60's - a "Bolivarian Revolution" theme indeed. They won the contest as the "better" samba school of the year. Even Chávez himself was expected to appear during the parade. Link:


Anonymous said...

Hey nice blog you have! I just found out it exists through a link in !no pasaran!

Did you see the guy waving the Venezuelan flag in front of the cameras! What a bunch of Crap! I wonder how much he was paid to do that! What a terrible shame this samba school 'sold itself" to Chavez!

Anonymous said...

...Also Bono is a "bleeding heart" who feels immense personal guilt for being sucessful. He really does not understand what he does in the political arena.

Anonymous said...

Man you dont know what you talk about, Lula is not involve with chaves or cuba know more about.