Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Venezuela: Hard times for democracy and freedom

Here in Brazil, when we think about Chávez, two kind of thoughts come to our minds:
a) For the left he is a real hero. He is all that Lula da Silva must be doing if he didn´t turned to sell himself to "neo-liberalism"
b) To midclass people, Chávez is just a populist clown that only deserve attention as carnival theme.

But reality bites. Aleksander Boyd, a Venezuelan citizen that lives in UK has an impressive website called Vcrisis.com where he details the present status of the so-called "Bolivarian revolution".
In fact he is on the spot right now, because he has discovered that the favorite Chávez' pollster , the one he claimed to be impartial because it was north-american - curiosly the one that shows a strong Chàvez' acceptance among the Venezuelan voters - is in fact owned by "chavista" people.
Read all in here.

Boyd also showed the atomic link between Venezuela and North Korea.

To fight this, Venezuela government is accusing anyone that exposes its lies as traitors back-funded by American government.
Boyd mocks about theses false accusations creating "The AngloVenezuelan Connection" - a fictionous group of Chávez opposers, fund backed by tenths of thousand of "imperialist" money.

He sent me this message: "The more bloggers/journalist denounce these threats against freedom of expression the better. Note that I uncovered the duplicitous nature and conflict of interest of a chavista pollster that does work in Venezuela, Peru, Chile, Bolivia... The Venezuelan problem has crossed the borders of our country and is affecting the whole region. If we don't respond as a united front, we shall pay the consequences."

I cannot deny it. The Left Holy "Trinity" (Fidel-Chávez-Lula) is controlling Latin America without being opposed. Fidel and Chávez on the front, with the help of Lula, a fifth-column posing as a peacemaker, democrat and Bush's friend, ready to calm down Chávez when necessary.

For my part, you can consider this blog as another one involved in "The (vast) AngloVenezuelan Connection"- (TAC) too!


ronan said...

...luis..just discovered your blog:
great stuff !!!!keep on trucking !!!

Anonymous said...

I was watching Journal National the other night when I saw an interesting political commercial. It was by the Party Humanists and Solidarity or PHS. My wife who is Brazilian, had never heard of it before. I was struck by the fact they kept displaying their party's flag during the commercial. The flag has the same three-color background as......the Venezuelan Flag! I think someone should look into this party for any connections to Chavez. Is this legal? Could Chavez be funding a political party in Brazil?