Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Georgian Scientist Claims Bird Flu Virus Could Be Soviet Biological Weapon - NEWS - MOSNEWS.COM

Georgian Scientist Claims Bird Flu Virus Could Be Soviet Biological Weapon - NEWS - MOSNEWS.COM:
"The H5N1 bird flu virus, which is dangerous for humans, might have been artificially created, Georgian biologist Dmitry Kipiani said on Georgian Imedi radio on Monday.

“We cannot be certain about this but there is some circumstantial evidence, including the unsolved murders of renowned micro-biologists in some countries,” he was quoted by Interfax as saying.

The former Soviet Union developed biological weapons for decades. “This information is not a secret, it can be found on the Internet,” he said.

The bird flu virus is far more lethal than the SARS virus that struck Asia last year and could unleash a pandemic that could kill as many as 50 million people, the World Health Organization says."

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Anonymous said...

That'd be horrible if that was true. However, I'd take that with a grain of salt. After all, some people claim that Cuba intitated biological warfare against us with West Nile Virus infected mosquitos under orders from Castro. Sorry about posting in English, I speak Spanish, but not Portuguese.

Jabuticabo said...

Sad to read someonde ranting at this rate...

Anonymous said...

It can not be true, what kind of weapon is a virus that you have no control over?

And I suspect the 50 million number comes from the Spanish Flu pandemic in the early 20th century, that killed 50 million, it is also believed to have originated in birds.

Its "fofoquera" pardon my bad portuguese.