Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Chávez anti-american rethoric in its peak..Or "Fidelito" gone nuts!

That hardcore-leftism is a kind spirit disease, there´s no doubt about it. But this is ridiculous.
Read exactly what is the actual status of Chávez anti-american rethoric.
From the blog The Last Amazon: "With an audience of ministers, army officers and local officials chuckling, Chavez remarked on how he would target U.S. soldiers with arrows covered with curare, an Amazon Indian poison made from plants. 'I am going to practice with a bow and arrow. If we have to put a few arrows into any invading gringo, then you'll be done in 30 seconds, my dear gringo,' Chavez said pointing to his neck during his regular Sunday television broadcast."

It seems to me that it could be:

- Just exaggerated populist rhetoric made with an eye on the presidential elections, cause Chávez have worn out all the 'regular' left-wing populist rethoric phrases. Venezuela just bought hundreds of weapons recently, they don´t have to fight with bows and arrows...
- He believes in fact that he´s "Fidelito" and Venezuela could be the next "Pigs´ Bay". If so, he is just demented.

- He thinks he´s William Tell, trying to put an apple on Bush´s head..

- That the effect of Brazil´s carnival on Chávez´ mind was enormous. He won the Brazil´s carnival contest in Rio with a Bolivarian theme. It seems that he is still on the carnival mood. And all the "bows and arrows" are just some disguises ripped-off from some brazilian "carnival school"...

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