Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Palocci is out. But what about the boss??

The pressure went too high.
After denying categorically that he had been at the "Ribeirao Preto Republic´s house" in Brasilia-DC (where besides plotting and sharing assaults on the Brazilian State to benefit the Party´s  structure  they enjoy the company of some whores), had been unmasked by the house´s caretaker Francenildo, another great crookery from him was discovered today.

The economy minister demanded himself the bank account secrecy´s leakage from Francenildo. Yesterday the (former) bank´s president (Jorge Mattoso) revealed that just after taking Francenildo´s balance sheet he personally gave it to Palocci.

Yesterday, with more this one disclosure of his activites, he finally quit.

But is not the end.
Some version leaked from Federal Police say that what what Mattoso and Palocci did was not against the law. Crime was characterized when the leakage was sent to  "Epoca" magazine.
This is one more attempt to lessen Palocci and his affiliates´ crimes. Breaking the secrecy is the breaking the secrecy or it was supposed to be  opened to  any  thief-as-economy-minister in charge???

But another claim is starting to be heard among the opposition´s most prominent spokesperson: Lula must be impeached. Right now.

I agree. But all the crimes must be punished, it musn´t be just another political trial. Must be a real one.

Lula was jailed (briefly) once when he was just a trade union leader, back in the seventies (before he got brainwashed by the left that came back to Brazil after the 'amnesty' processes of  1979). For all he did, or left others do, it´s time to seriously consider this possibility again...



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Camilo Pino said...

There is a good piece in Today's Financial Times indirectly linking Celso Daniel's killing to the PT. There is lots of dirt to be uncovered.