Wednesday, March 22, 2006

"Deception Game" Over for Mr. Ladislav Bittman (former communist agent) - But not for the Western World

Here's a interesting story on the former Czech spy agent Ladislav Bittman. I wrote some articles on his disinformation tasks in Latin America and the recent re-opening of a murder case in France, reported on his book "Deception Game". He defected to USA after the smashing of the so-called "Prague Spring" by the soviets.

'''I refused to serve under the new regime for the Russians. So I could either land in prison or go to the coal mines," said Martin-Bittman.

Fearing for his life, he fled to the United States embassy in West Germany. After asking for political asylum, Martin-Bittman was held for a year in Washington, where he was debriefed by government intelligence and changed his name to Lawrence Martin for protection, according to the Prague Post. (He has since hyphenated his last name to become Martin-Bittman). In Prague, the government sentenced him to death'.

Lawrence/Ladislav is the author of another very good book on KGB disinformation - " KGB and the Soviet Disinformation" - that provides solid evidences on the effective communist support to the "Iranian Revolution" in 1979 and the subsequent manipulation of muslim radicals against the west by the same communist manouvres through KGB and its satellites.  I recommended it to all who wants to understand the present events in Europe


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