Sunday, May 21, 2006

Brazil's criminal violence explosion and its links with terrorism

This is a translation of the article on Alerta Total site, cited on my last post:

"Members of Basque separatist group ETA - whose integrants speak out about "farewell to arms", "cease-fire" and "peace" in Spain - were the trainers & coordinators of urban guerrilla action, with highly political motivations, that frightened and paralyzed yesterday (Monday) the Sao Paulo region and "ABC" ( minor cities around SP). The information, classified, is from armed forces intel service, that monitored the actions of foreign groups infiltrated in the so-called criminal organizations in Brazil. Basque terrorists also acted, in the shadows, in the invasion of the pulp plant Aracruz last month, leaded by "Via Campesina", the urban action movement from MST (landless workers movement).

ABIN ( Brazilian Intel Agency) has produced a classified report, two years ago, warning the Brazilian Presidency, Senate and some state governors that not only Basques from ETA, but also middle-east terrorists, would giving training in terrorism action and urban guerrilla to criminals from Rio de Janeiro – São Paulo axis. The actions from the organized crime, in stopping the whole metropolitan area of São Paulo and fighting caught-by-surprise & fragile security authorities yesterday (Monday) , it was just the first rehearsal, very well done, from the criminals that act in the name of a supposed "revolutionary ideology" that preaches "Peace and Justice" ...

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