Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Lula da Silva X Evo Morales Deception

It's somehow funny how international press has fell into this new leftist show in Latin America: that Lula (Brazil) and Evo (Bolivia) are now 'enemies'.

Read this excerpt from MSNBC news:

Presidents to meet over gas crisis in Bolivia - Financial Times - MSNBC.com: "A person familiar with the situation said relations between Brazil and Bolivia remained 'very complicated' but efforts were being made at all levels to reach a negotiated settlement. 'The big question here is regional energy security,' the person said. '[The move] makes no sense from Bolivia's point of view. [Bolivia] has shot itself in the foot.'"

Let me put it straight: The relations between Brazil and Bolivia are officially over.
What exists are relationship among Sao Paulo Forum's participants. There's not such a thing called 'president' in countries like Venezuela, Brazil, Bolivia or even Argentina. What exists are Sao Paulo Forum representatives in each of these countries acting as "presidents". The real force on the power in Latin America is the Sao Paulo Forum.
Nothing that happens now is a 'surprise' for them. Just to mention, Lula was the first president of Sao Paulo Forum, together with Fidel Castro. They created the beast.
Lula has openly supported Evo Morales during Bolivian elections. Evo never denied what he has in mind about Brazilian "capitalist" presence in Bolivia. It was clear that brazilian petroil company Petrobras would be ousted from Bolivia.
Despite of Evo's move, he and Lula are friends and will continue to be friends. They really don't give a damn about Brazil, Bolivia and their people.
They are engaged in spreading the leftist wing all over Latin America.
This quarrel with Bolivia, in fact , can help Lula to maintain his disguise of "democrat" and the "balance power" in LA in the USA's view. It can make USA more confident in Lula da Silva.
This is the realization of a well planned strategy: Chávez as the firestarter and Lula, the "fireman" of LA.

But this fireman, contrary to the US intentions, is putting out the fire with gasoline, oops, with Bolivian gas.

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Asha Nair said...

I like your points.

I started following Castro's traces and i went to a similar conclusion.

They are parts in a comedy.
Some "evil mind" wrote the script.