Thursday, May 04, 2006

Evo, Lula, Chavez and Kirchner: One for all, All for one!!

As I wrote yesterday, the deception ran out of gas faster than I thought.
Look at these smiling faces. Two days ago the indian guy in the middle, just took control of the brazilian petroil company "petrobras" (and spanish too) causing perplexity among their peers all over Latin America.
How they cope with it? The other three gave him more US$ 20 billion to build a new gasodute from Bolivia to the south of the continent.
What is really going on? Simple. You are not looking to Latin America presidents. No. They are active participants from the Sao Paulo Forum - the leftist conspiracy group that took control of the LA - and they are engaged in raise new funds to their 'club'.
They are actually, draining money from Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina and Bolivia to the "cause".

I think LA needs desesperately a "Guy Fawkes" ...("People should not be afraid of their governments...Governments should be afraid of their people")

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