Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Gangsters with (Leftist) Terror ties: ETA & MST has helped brazilian criminal terrorists

As I wrote yesterday, it was clear the origin of this huge criminal-terror wave that swept Brazil last weekend, killing more than 80 people: the revolutionary 60's left radicals.
Today the news assure that left has continued to help their bandit "comrades" (PCC and Comando Vermelho - Red Command).

"Military agency revealed that members of Basque terror group ETA, has trained and has coordinated the urban guerriIla acts in Sao Paulo (Brazil)" - source: brazilian blog ("Alerta Total")

Another police source revealed that other left revolutionary movement, MST (Brazilian Landless Workers Movement) , has helped the urban guerrilla's setup to the attacks. Even cell phone dialogues between them were recorded by the police - source: brazilian blog "Blogs Coligados"

Unfortunately I did not find any link to these news in english, so I linked my Brazilian sources.

But, no matter the language, the coordination between all these left armed groups are entirely predictable, therefore they aimed at the same goals: to spread terror and disbelief through all the country and to help a socialist revolution to come.

Yes, Latin America turned out to a kind of "Left Cemetery": all the leftist trash buried here become alive again..

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