Saturday, May 13, 2006

Bush was right on Iraq!

While the polls show a wave of bad news western leaders (Bush and Blair) on the Iraq War, another wave - a wave of truth - is trying hard to surface.
While the first is treated like a Tsunami, the latter is like a smooth tide.

Documents from Iraq, opened recently show that president Bush was absolutely right on the decision to go to war in Iraq. According to columnist Joel Mowbray - that has devoted significant time reeviewing the documents - the evidence of the main role of Iraq on terrorism is shocking.
Gary Bauer on "Renew America" site wrote about this findings: "The report details Saddam's active role in terrorism dating back to 1994 with the establishment of Al Qaeda-like terrorist training camps run by the Fedayeen, which trained some 7,200 Iraqis in the art of terrorism in the first year alone. By 1998, these camps were training jihadists from Egypt, Syria, Jordan, the Palestinian territories, and other Gulf states. Then there is this statement from a summary of the Pentagon report in Foreign Affairs magazine:

In a document dated May 1999, Saddam's older son, Uday, ordered preparations for special operations, assassinations, and bombings, for the centers and traitor symbols in London, Iran and the self-ruled areas [Kurdistan]. Preparations for Blessed July, a regime-directed wave of martyrdom operations against targets in the West, were well under way at the time of the coalition invasion."

The conclusion is that Main Stream Media is again hidden hard evidence of Mr. Bush right decisions on Iraq from the public.

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