Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Alckmin: Lula's Nemesis??

Sunday nigth - 08.10.06 - on "Bandeirantes TV" there was the first presidential (second round) debate between Lula da Silva and  PSDB's (the party from former Brazilian President Fernando Henrique Cardoso) Geraldo Alckmin.

From the very start Alckmin was transformed into a honest-people's Nemesis to Lula: "Look into the eyes of  the people, candidate Lula, and tell us where the money came from?" - in a question on the money found with Lula's friends (prepared to buy a faked dossier against PSDB).

From this moment on, Lula, the first president of Sao Paulo Forum, was reduced to his real height. He melted away.

Lula did not expect the virulent attack from Alckmin. I bet he was used to a kind of debate equal from 2002 election, where no candidate asked nothing relevant to another. Of course 2002 election was a circus, prepared to make the public act as a clown - all parties were from Sao Paulo Forum, except PSDB, but even Serra - Jose Serra, the presidential candidate of PSDB- seemed to be very occupied in making Lula the president [I will explain in detail later].

Yes , Lula is not used to be pushed to the limit. He is not prepared to be criticized. He lose his temper when it occurs. And this is what happened.

The election is only at 29th and Lula still at top of the polls, but something happened. Lula is not in charge of this campaign anymore.

Are we facing the rise of a new president??

I hope so, even that it is going to represent just a pause in the Gramscian-revolution on the run in Brazil, because PSDB is not a real opposition.

This is the other side of the story and perhaps explains why Lula got so surprised by Alckmin's behavior.

It was told - and a  PT's congressman  talked to the Folha de Sao Paulo reporter Monica Bergamo confirmed - that PT and PSDB has a secret agreement  where the they pretend to be the other's opposition just to guarantee eight years in power to each of them. This agreement explains the odd ram-behavior from Fernando Henrique and Jose Serra that election. They seemed to lose the election on purpose.

Cutting scene: Yes, the PT's congressman was furious with Alckmin because he broke this agreement!!

Maybe Alckmin could be another Fernando Henrique - a socialist man in a neo-liberal disguise - a man that enpowered Landless Workers Movement to the nowadays paquidermic size. The man that advanced the Political Correctness agenda to its peak. The man raised taxes to the infinit. The man tha elected Lula, a the final kiss of betrayal..

Maybe Alckmin could be this, but the rumour the he broke a deal with a scumbag from PT, leads me to support him. Everyone that betrays criminals deserves our respect.

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