Tuesday, October 10, 2006

"The Economy of Trust" , Brazil and the elections

Acton.org is a site dedicated to explain the unbreakble links between capitalism and christian ethics.
"Capitalism" is a term that has lost its real meaning along the years. Today "capitalism" is explained as the capacity or how free are the goods traded on a market. Thus, China could considered "capitalist" or even a capitalist-like Russia too.
But it missed the hidden part of any capitalist organization to bloom: moral and ethics values.
These are the real foundation of a market, not just people, money and needs.

This article explains it for good. Read this excerpt.
The Economy of Trust: "What can the world of religion and ethics contribute to economics?

The market has deficiencies of a kind for which ethics is a remedy. For example, the world is really filled with private information. There is inside information on products and in contracts. In these situations, there is a very strong possibility of one person using this information to take advantage of the other. If this happens frequently, a market may not exist at all because the buyers know that they don’t know certain things, and that the sellers can exploit them. Therefore, it’s not so much that there are potential unfair gains, but that such uncertainties about private information can make the market inefficient. In fact, if the problem is pronounced, the market may not exist at all."

And how is Brazil towards this vision???

Brazil, as a socialist experiment engaged to input a socialist soul into the body of the society without changing its economy - called Gramsci´s revolution (Antonio Gramsci), has proved that socialism, in any degree, has only one side-effect: to take moral and ethics values from people.

Socialism is a form o government made to make people "equal". But how to make unequal equal? People are different in their views, their needs, their minds and their talent. It´s impossible to put everyone in the same level.
What socialism do? Put everyone below an "avarage" . We become "avarage" people - a standard to socialistic society engineering measurement.
In the pursue of this "avarage" man, socialism transfer all moral values to the regime. But "moral" values to a regime based on Darwinism at on hand and Marxism on the other means the moral that the the "end justifies the means".

In the end, trying to take these values from the people to the regime, socialism steals the soul of a real market.

If the regimen has moral values, people do not have it - that´s the logic. If the govenrment collect higher taxes to do the "good", people does not have to be good.

This is the current chain of thought deeply spread into the body of Brazilian society.

If the ethics is no longer a personal matter - due to the "social justice" goals - people are free to think in what really matter: them.

The ascenciong of Worker´s Party was the climax of this tide. But where it led us: more corruption, crimes and death.

To justify the corruption, this government says that everyone is corrupt too, in Brazil.

Lula is right, but it hides the mean part from the public: they only won because of their "ethic" speech. But their own "ethic", not what the public expected. Brazilian society has a strong will to change. I don´t know if we could pay the price of changing.

But it has to be a change, and I think that the only chance is to topple worker´s party from power.

But who to put in charge ?
I had little hope - or no hope at all. I think it´s all a question of gaining some time until the unreversable end, but after sunday´s presidential campaign debate between Lula and Alckmin (opposition), something started to glow.

Despite his bad moves (to receive public support from corruption scandal accusees; to speak the his in the left of Lula) what I saw is a candidate full of passion and values: moral values that got angry by this government. And a deep defense of free market;

If he doesn´t know in the side of who he is , it´s clear is not the left side of Lula´s. And I am on his side.

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