Friday, October 20, 2006

Colligated Blogs

I - as the webmaster from Colligated Blogs page ( - thanks Klauber, the playmaker of the Coligados/Colligated team - have implemented some new features to this blog.
Now this blog is a mix of good-old group authoring blog - where various editors write their own stuff - and a clipblog or feed blog - that means a blog that aggregates informations from other sites/blogs.

The first posts are posts from a variety of Latin American, North American bloggers discuting themes that we all stand for , like democracy, liberty and the threat to this represented by the re-emergence of leftist government in LA lately.

Hope you enjoy!!


Fantomas said...

good job Luis

keep the good work

Viva Brasil sin LULA

Anonymous said...

Outstanding effort. This is going to be a great resource for those of us interested in "swimming against the red tide" here in Latin America and elsewhere

Alfredo said...

Wonderful job Luis! Down with tyrants and down with the idiotic ideology of communism.