Monday, October 30, 2006

Lula's re-election: The Crowning of Lie and Deceit

Some folks tried to blame Lula's victory on economics.
They say:
- We are growing
- We don't have to import petroil anymore
- We do not need IMF help
- We have a strong democracy
- We have electronic voting machines...

Sorry folks, but it is all folklore.

This election is not based in economics. But if it was - it was another reason to Alckmin to win. Brazil does not deserve to form the infamous "BRIC" acronym anymore. Is the developing country that does not grow!! Last year we only passed Haiti in development. This year we will fall behind her...

This election was about moral values. And we lost. All people that believed that having a president that "did not know nothing" about corruption in his government while could appoint in details all presumed corruption scandals from others was a little too much for democracy.

This election prove that propaganda could solve everything. We are a people that do not care for reality, just for appearences.. I don't know where all the people that got angry on Lula and PT after all the scandals went. They seem to evaporated when last year finished, to reencarnate as a hard PT militants again.

Note what happened in my state - Rio Grande do Sul.
PT's candidate- Olívio Dutra, the former "ministry of cities" from Lula's government - only entered in the second round of election with a small lead of some thousand votes. Olivio Dutra was governor from 1999-2002 and was the worst governor ever - according to the facts and to the polls in the first round elections.
Just to mention. During the years of PT in Rio Grande do Sul we had:
- Big business companies like Ford Motors were ousted to another states - after contracts been have signed with former governor were broken - carrying thousand of employees with them. All because they are against "capitalism".
- Oívio Dutra had an official meeting with a FARC (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia) representative inside the official palace of Rio Grande do Sul government.
- Tenths of Journalists were persecuted by the government because they are critic of Olívio. Some of them are responding to the justice until now for "opinion crimes".

The list is so long that I could keep numbered them for hours.
Well, this tragedy called "Olívio Dutra government" achieved a high positive polls in the second round election!!

Just some days after the first round, people started to change their minds... Why??

Because the PT's propaganda machine (speciallized in lies ) throw the "privatisation scared" against the public, as I mentioned before.

At least in my state, PT did not win. We have now as governor a woman called Yeda Crusius from the same party from Alckmin - PSDB.

But, returning to the point. It was not on economy. All Brazilians says we have too much taxes. But to cut taxes does not represents to cut budget. Alckmin proved - in Sao Paulo - that when you cut taxes you could even raise money!!! People starts to have more money to spend, they buy more things, they drive economy to bloom. No, the elections were not on economics.
They were on Moral and Ethics.
And we all lose.
Lose because our institutions are afraid to use the Rule of Law when it is has to be. We have a president that joins terrorist groups at Sao Paulo Forum - no newspaper nor electoral debate it was asked. We have a president that instead of defending his country prefers to help his "comrades" like Evo Morales, Chávez and even Fidel.

We lose because of this. Opposition staged a "democracy" play and make believe its all ok.
Yesterday a heard some opinions on the elections and a columnist said that Brazil is the champion of electronic vote. That our country is ahead of any other because of our "voting machine".
This stupid fool could not see that an election that has no way of recounting is not really democratic??
That's why there'll be no e-vote in the USA.

In the end: We lose. That's all.

And nobody will do nothing to stop Lula. How can you evaluate an "opposition" man like Fernando Henrique Cardoso that said that will be no impeachment processes against Lula? Now, with the reelection the big thief is totally in safe.

The next phase of Lula's government is the corner: "The Social Control of the Means of Communication". Goodbye freedom...

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