Thursday, March 31, 2005

"Show Me One Pro-American Brazilian. Only one!"

Brilliant philosopher (and my teacher, too) Olavo de Carvalho reveals how deep is de anti-american feeling in Brazil in this
article: "Show Me One Pro-American Brazilian. Only one!

Protester holds a knife against a Bush cutout at the WSF in Porto Alegre, BrazilThe entire mainstream Brazilian media, without exception, is anti-American, anti-Bush, and anti-Israel, including those publications, which due to their past keep a conservative façade, even though they are by no means conservative today.

Everybody in Brazilian media commenting on September 11 was unanimous in attributing to the US several different degrees of the responsibility for the evil that was done to them."

Let me explain that I am not one of them. I have no bad feeling towards North America, excluding perhaps their taste on snacks...

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Every flower is perfect - even Terry Schiavo

People tell me Schiavo (italian word for "slave") is a vegetable. But, even vegetables deserve the right to live.

One Brazilian blogger said that if Schiavo is a - let´s say, a flower - her parents have the right to take care of her.
Does a flower deserve to die?

Another points out that even inmates on death´s row has humanitarian death than Schiavo - they will not suffer from starving.

Supreme Court is demanding that an innocent human being has to be sentenced to death in a in-humanitarian way.
While a dog treated this way would make its owner guilty for life.

That´s the way it is??
I think I would rather live in another time, another place...

Monday, March 07, 2005

The perfect motto for conservatives in Brazil: "Yankees, go home - and take me with you!"

"The economist" has published some letters from readers. One of them from a brazilian. He saw this graffiti in Montevideo - Uruguay ten years ago. It´s exactly what brazilian conservatives think riht now:
“Yanqui go home, and take me with you.”

Australian blogger John Ray has published another post commenting the ultimate left twist in Latin America: Uruguay.

He´s partially correct: "South America's lurch to the Left now seems to be just about complete with the election of a new Leftist government in Uruguay. But that's democracy. If people want to make stupid choices that is up to them. Anyone these days who thinks that socialism leads anywhere must be a bit missing somewhere, though. Perhaps Latinos really are stupider on average."

Yes. Latinos are stupider than north-americans, for instance, but it´s the result of a plan. A carefully plan designed to put again the left on top in LA, after the fall of Berlin´s wall.
It must be clear that these events are not just the outcome of a democratic process.

We are living under a gramscian kind of "democracy": the society lives and think as living under the socialist rule. There´s no conservative options on political chessboard to choose from. All conservatives with a slight chance to be a serious contender are being under a carefully implemented "character assassination" processes by the left.
The name of the game: "Foro de São Paulo".

If you want to be informed o what´s is going on, read this:
You´ll find some pacific participants of this "debate forum" as
FARC and ELZN...

This is not a tea-party. When you see Brazil, Venezuela, Uruguay, Argentina, Cuba exchanging handshakes you realize that there are no chances for real democracy in LA.

The phrase couldn´t be more urgent for these days: "Yankees, take me with you"!!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

"Ilha das Flores/Isle of Flowers" (1989) - a fake-o-mentary

There has been 16 years since the release of "ilha das flores" short film by brazilian director Jorge Furtado, in 1989.
The site IMDB has a lot of good reviews about it. See Here

Most of all tells that the film is a profound critic towards capitalism. It tells the story of a tomato that become pig-food before be used as meal for human beings.

But the reality was worse than that.

Here is the commentary that I added to IMDB site. Hope they publish it:

"I believe that Michael Moore had learned a lot with this film, but not
the essential. This documentary is not a documentary, really. It's a
dirty trick to charge capitalism for doing what its director wanted.
Its author, Jorge Furtado is a long time marxist-leninist addicted. 1989 was the year of the first presidential election in Brazil after the
military regime.It was the first time that Lula da Silva was running
for president as Worker's Party candidate. He tried more two times
before win in 2002. And Furtado's finger helped Lula and Worker's party during all this time.

The first schocking true about this film is that the reality supposedly
portrayed in it is totally fake.

In 2004, march, due to 15th anniversary of the film, Brazilian
newspaper "Zero Hora" interviewed the people who participated in the film.

They were show sharing spoiled-food with pigs. Or better: that the food that was rejected by pigs were used to feed humans beings.

The message was clear: capitalism turns people into a kind o animals, lower than pigs.

Reality: Furtado payed hot-dogs and cokes to people to fake it while
he was shooting. He told them that they all would become famous with the film. People told to "Zero Hora" that the filming was like a party to them. Furtado promised to return to show the film. Never came back.

They only saw the film years later, and became very angry about it.
They became subject of other people's satire.

During these long fifteen years, this film has gained a lot of awards

It proves that a lie could be profiting. And it has nothing to do with
capitalism. It's just a show of cheap greed - by the author.

Link to Zero Hora"