Monday, November 17, 2008

Surviving Corps Program - Help!


I just received this message - on veterans day (which day is it? - remember that I am not from US..) - and let it pass in blank.

I am not having enough time to elaborate it properly, so I post the message I've received.

Here's the message. Enjoy and - as all you Americans use to say - "Support our troops"

Thanks Dani for the message.


Hi  Luis

I sent you an email on Veteran's Day asking if you would blog about Survivor Corps' program for U.S. veterans and service members, Operation Survivor. I never heard back and wasn't sure you had actually received it. Our troops still need our help. I put together this e-news release which explains everything. Please feel free to repost any or all of it:

If you could share this with your readers on Swimming against the red tide, or even post one of our donation banners, it would greatly help our American soldiers and returning troops. Please let me know if you are able to help and send me the link to your post. Let me know either way. Thanks so much.

All my best,


Dani Sevilla, Survivor Corps

News Facts

Within the United States there are over one and a half million service members that have served in military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Over thirty thousand have been physically wounded, but many more have experienced less visible, psychological wounds. Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder have emerged as signature injuries of these conflicts, with recent reports suggesting an increase in rates of suicide, alcohol and drug abuse, homelessness, and domestic violence among returning service members and veterans.

Returning soldier with his family

These traumatic affects of conflict, left unaddressed, could have far-reaching negative consequences for the individuals affected, their families, and our country. Survivor Corps' work in some of the most conflict affected countries in the world has shown community reintegration to be the key factor in those that overcome their traumatic experiences, and those that are consumed by them.


Saturday, November 08, 2008

From The Time Tunnel: Barry Goldwater and His Acceptance Speech

It was funny to see how Nelson Rockefeller (McCain of that time) was booed in that Convention. In those times there were real conventions too.
YouTube - Conservatives Re-Take the Republican Party at the 1964 Convention

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Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Nightmare of The Founding Fathers

The symbol of Obama's campaign has surfaced late. She's been calling “Peggy the Moocher”b y conservative bloggers like Michelle Malkin. What's the hook?

Watch this you tube video.

This woman explains what Obama is all about: “It was the most memorable time in my life. It was a touching moment I never thought this day would ever happen. I don't have to worry about putting gas on my car, I don't have to worry about paying my mortgage. You know, if I help him, he's gonna help me”. (see here the article from Michelle Malkin)

What the Founding Fathers would think of it? It Is The End Of The World As We Know it!!!

No surprise: the vacuum rhetoric has gained the most important job in the world. And he's going to be helped by damn-u-crats leading the Senate and Congress.

I've never felt that Ronald Reagan's words on extinction of Liberty (“Freedom is always just one generation away from extinction”) be such as true as now.

If people wants to be cared by a nanny state, what's left for freewill?

That's the opposite of what the Founding Fathers dreamt for the big country in the north . They chose to rule not what the government must do, but what the government must NOT do. The limits of the government, in fact. The whole USA Constitution is just a big, well tailored ripoff from the Ten Commandments (Did you notice that the oldest religious law is all about? Negative rights).

What we had in the other side? On the bright side, we had a man called “Joe The Plumber”who dared to confront Obama's “spread the wealth” mantra (and was spied, scrutinized in detail and dumped by the worthless MSM) .

How could a character like “Peggy” appeared? Blame on the Fascination of Fascism. Fascism is a communist spin off created by Lenin .Yes. The man who really KNEW what people must do and what they deserve to get. Forget the story that Stalin deviated communism from the core of unpersonalized atheist “scientific”communism into the “Cult of Personality”. It is the base of communism: a religious-like belief with no sanctity at all. The fact is that, when a leader comes and say that the “workers of the world must unite”, and the workers really did not unite (only Hollywood air-minded actors got into the trap – since the thirties), someone must lead them to do what they must do.

If the American people (OK, I concede that This Is Not America, at all) chose to get a free ride, they must pay for it. Liberty is the first asset to be stolen.

It 's like those lifelong INTERNET access contracts that you must sign to obtain a “ free” new mobile phone, that you never get what was promised – it was in the little paragraphs on the reverse of the contract you just signed.

The question here is that is not another communication plan, it is your life in stake.

Do you want caviar? So you must accept the rules.

I've never thought that Americans can accept golden chains in trade for their liberties. But it could happen now.

Another question? What will happen to GOP?

I don't know, but as a Brazilian that passed most of the nineties (part of, in fact, when Clinton was elected I really thought It was OK – since Michael Jackson joined the celebration. How wrong was I, regarding to Michael Jackson) thinking how well the conservatives changed the game in US politics – trading rhetorics for fact checking – and thought that this change could not be diminished again to rhetorics, that people would not accept this anymore.

I realized that this primarily change was not really a change, but a pragmatic move from a bigger evil to a minor evil (Reagan won because of the hostage crisis, Bush won because of Reagan, Bush II won because of Clinton/Levinsky and after because of Michael Moore). The only election that put the ideas into scrutiny was 1964 campaign. When Barry Goldwater set the mood for the new conservative movement, his campaign was considered a total failure from the start. To get against “the red tide”, that was common place in US politics at that time (1964!!! For Christ's sake!) only being a total lunatic.

But it set the seeds that grew solidly. Goldwater mantra (“In your heart you know he's right”) paved the way to Reagan, decades later.

It was in Goldwater campaign that Reagan sent one of the most famous political speeches in history, known nowadays as “The Speech” (Sarah Palin delivered a very good one too in her acceptance speech this year).

So, the conservative movement was put in motion not by unpersonalized “feel” but by the will of a few men. It was really the Mount Sermon, because the real one was heard by few people that spread it around the globe, not what they mock today as “sermon” like U2 shows (I used to like this guy, really, from the times of “Sunday, Bloody Sunday” to “Achtung Baby”, until I saw a documentary filmed circa 1983 where he was critic about Reagan – OK , I concede I was a moron those days, when I was against any form of rightism ) or even Obama speeches.

I declare today, when the tenth Anniversary of My Father's Death approaches (November the eighth), that the “Dreams Of My Father” were only to raise their children, to work hard, and never, never, succumb behind a socialist craze leader again. My father knew it . He lost all his money believing in such “messianic leader” in my birth land (Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil – the leader? Leonel de Moura Brizola, a socialist crazy man ,friend of Castro and other communist ) and he never got his promises fulfilled. I also inherited his taste for beer. What's best to get from your father??

h/t: John Ray