Friday, July 28, 2006

Pallywood - fake news "according to Palestinian Sources"

A brief stop from my "pause".
This video was appointed by one of the readers of Maskless Media website in Brazil and is really amazing.
To watch it is really revealing now that new Israeli "crime wars" are being shouted by the Mainstream Media.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A Pause

A strong flu (not bird flu, I hope) got me out of the net for days now.
And I am gonna move on to another house, ISP, so.. See you in August!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Brazil: 'Stockholm Syndrome' symptons a-plenty

"Stockholm Syndrome" or "Helsinki Syndrome" is described as a mental disturb that affects long-term kidnapping victims. The main sympton is that the hostages starts to like or even love their hostage-takers.

Brazil, the biggest open-for-research Gramscian societie´s take-over experience in the world, is presenting new types of this symptology on a day-by-day basis. It is a sign of how dettached from reality we are these days.

These two news represent it so well that headlines speak themselves.

The Armie´s Superior War School invited Landless Worker leader to speak
"'One of the main feature of this school is to hear all political positions', according to school´s commander, Army General José Benedito Barros Moreira, who invited João Pedro Stedile (Workless Workers Movement - MST) to join on the 'Second Gather with College' event. At the end of the speech, general declared his support to much all that Stedile said..."

The other is the information that the leader of last month's vandalisms acts - Bruno Maranhão - former Worker Party integrant and leader of a so-called Liberation of Landless Workers Movement (or MLST) - see video here - was freed from jail. There's an article here:

"Federal Government has inteferred to release Bruno Maranhão -leader of MLST - from prison.
Judge Ricardo Augusto Soares Leite, has released 32 militants last friday. These militants from the Liberarion Landless Workers Movement (MLST) were the responsables of the invasion and looting of the National Congress. The decision benefitted the enginerr Bruno Maranhao, the leader, and surprised federal prosecutors in charge of the case.
Bruno declared that he is going to work for Lula da Silva re-election in October".

Olavo de Carvalho has gone into the core of the judge 's decision in his last article

"The judge Ricardo Augusto Soares Leite, alleged that the destruction at Federal Congress was not the militants' fault but Congress', that did not avoid the attack on time.

By his twisted logic, if I publish that I am going to visit him and he not contract some security as soon as posible to protect his vacuum head, I will have the right to break his head with a stick/bate without being judicially charged for this. He's lucky. There's nothing inside his braib that worth it."

I have claimed that Brazil - as a society and a country at all - has finished.
My present job is to take some pictures that prove the accuracy of this for all of you.

Is not a good job. Brazil's corpse smells very bad...

Monday, July 17, 2006

Fake news: Lula "never was a leftist"

Lula launched his reelection campaign doing what he does best: Travelling and lying.
He went to St. Petersburg - playing the role of "Developing Countries" Leader.
And gave an interview to Reuters, explained his plans for a second term.
The most importante excerpt of the interview was this

Brazil's Lula to keep econ policy if re-elected |
"There is no reason to change; there are things to perfect. We want to reduce interest rates, we want to grow a little more, generate more jobs," said Lula in the presidential palace in Brasilia.

"I never was a leftist,"
he said, even though for decades he advocated suspending foreign debt payments and breaking with the International Monetary Fund.
Lula could not even convinced the press about his statement as "non-leftist" leader.

This interview, the trip, and all that relates to Lula now on must be seen as theatrical performance to gain the elections.

Lula is a president that never really ruled our country. In 1900 days as President he stayed out of office about 980 days. And when he was in the office it was just like he didn´t. He is the perfect awol President!!!

His present talk of not being a leftist is just baloney.
Again, it is just a product to foreign consumption (specially US).
Lula is anti-american, pro-cuban, pro-bolivarian (pro-Chavez) and pro-Evo (even against his own motherland).
He is doing the same as Castro (deceased??) did when he declared before United Nations that he was not communist.
It seems that Lula is trying to say that "I never was a leftist as my government is".

Lula is again proving his role inside the Sao Paulo Forum arrangement:To be a kind of North-American-lexotan-on-Latin-American-issues, an appeaser bogus made to calm down the world, while Chavez, Castro, Evo and Obrador do what is their primary job: To create chaos inside Latin America.
Chaos is the perfect snake-egg to a totalitarian rule, as we saw many times in the past.

Lula does his part as loud as he can. He´s an actor, but he does not stages for money, he stages just for our own 'good'.

I´ve read Oscar Wilde in the youth and remember one of his old sayings that 'one must turn one´s life into an artwork'.
Lula has made his life an artwork, but it seems to be a kind of a cubist portrait of Brazil instead of a real one, to us.
"A Study in Red" in fact.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Bloody History of Communism have another blog, where I put something that I find - records, not opinions - interesting on the 'net. This video is a must to see and I have linked to this blog called "simply.the-truth": The Bloody History of Communism 1. Enjoy!
Communism was the bloodiest ideology that caused more than 120 million innocent deaths in the 20th century. It was a nightmare which promised equality and justice, but which brought only bloodshed, death, torture and fear.

From the series: "Tell me who are your friends and I tell you who you are"- Chavez

One of the dearest friends of Mister Lula: Hugo Chavez.
I know its in spanish but I could not find any english video to post here.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Everytime opposition poll rates gets high... Bandits attack!!

A burnt bus is seen during the dawn hours of Thursday July 13, 2006 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. A wave of 71 attacks on police and civilians left at least six people dead in Sao Paulo and authorities said they thought the strikes were ordered by one of Brazil's most notorious organized crime groups. (AP Photo/Andre Penner)

This week, days after a new poll on this year´s presidential election - that showed an impressive recovery on Alckim´s numbers - "Primeiro Comando da Capital" aka PCC stroke back again!!
It is becoming clear to opposition the absolute relation between Sao Paulo´s crime wave- PCC and PT.
Sao Paulo is the home of opposition candidate, Geraldo Alckmin.

According to last Lula´s baloney: (on Guardian Unlimited )
"We are not dealing with common criminals; it's a crime industry."
Imagine who´s planning to get electoral profit from it?

In Miami Herald we can read:
"It is easier for citizens to blame the situation on Alckmin. After all, these waves of violence are taking place only in Sao Paulo, Alckmin's political home. The rest of Brazil is dealing with their own regular problems, but not with criminal waves,'' said Alexandre Barros, a Brasilia-based analyst."
Am I supposing that PT and PCC has a deal to spoil Alckmin´s campaign?
And - finally - opposition started to open its eyes. This was not published on foreign media (alas, how the big mainstream media likes to protect Lula) and show that oppositin leaders spoke out about the strange liasons between PT (Lulas leftist party) and Crime Gangsters.

Everyone knows the liasons between PT and Landless Movement, PT and FARC (via "Sao Paulo Forum"), they received money from Cuba to elections, PT has strange connections with death of two mayors from the party, PT´s components (Lula´s friends) has been charged by Federal Prosecuter for corruption.

By this ,the final sentence from Lula - on a re-election event - could have another, bleaker, meaning:

"In our next government," Silva said Thursday, "we will correct what we did wrong and expand on what we did right."

More sources:

Friday, July 07, 2006

The Revenge of Nimrod: Global Leftism

The holy Bible told us - in the Genesis - how a powerful man called Nimrod tried to defy God through constructing a building that could reach the sky.
By this way he could raise his own pride and power before men. God stopped Nimrod and his followers from finishing the highest building on earth by creating a big confusion among them. They started to speak different languages and one could not understand another. Same tongue speakers got away from Mesopotamia and started to popullate different places in the world. The building never got finished and was known as the Babel Tower.
This was the first time that man really thought that he was powerful enough to fight God. That time God won.

But since this episode, mankind has got together again. We have internet, we have planes, we have telephone and we have globalisation. Even the language barrier was broke and it is not an obstacle to people around the globe to communicate each other.
All these things are not "per se" good or bad, but it create momentum to the creation of a New and Global anti-God league.

It could be described as Nimrod´s Revenge.

Why? Because the root nature of all leftism is not rationalism or logic.
No. We did not find any hard-evidence of inexistence of God - under scientific view. Nor the evidence of His existence.
Science will never answer this question because we will never face God ourselves. We only can find clues or signals of His existence. But these signals only can be interpreted as God´s evidence IF we could know the nature of God. Without it we cannot formulate a single hypothesis on it. Without a basic assumption, a theory, clues are worhtless, because meaningless. Or meaningful too much.
It depends on the side you are.
Thus, logic and rationalism prove nothing relate to God´s nature.

But we have known a pattern of thought very carefully created and applied to these possible "signals" of God during the last two centuries. In this period, a rational-like school of thought has advocated that anything that we can not explain through logic and reason must be excluded from the field of science. We could find It written on Newton works, alas, the wonder of a totally logic world drove by mechanical and unchangeable 'laws', a template for all future scientific landscape was created by Sir Isaac Newton.
It was brilliantly demonstrated by philosopher Olavo de Carvalho on several classes of Philosophy History I assisted from 2004-2005.

I am not denying Newton discoveries. I am only describing the roots of this upgraded version of Nimrod´s return to earth.

Rationalism and Logic, after the creation of such model - a model of science that swept away any sign of metaphysics from its body - became only excuses to simply deny God.

What do "creationism" appears to science? Only a return to the dark ages of medieval times. According to them only dark could ever existed before Newton, of course.

But there was light before Isaac. There were at least four fundamental guiding lights to humanity: Socrates, Plato & Aristotle and the brighter of them all Jesus Christ. The three predecessors were mandatory to comprehend the real meaning of Jesus Christ to mankind, as cleared by Aquina and Saint Augustine.

The legacy of Aristotle & Jesus is benefitting from globalisation and internet too, but the huge wave of brand-new paganism and satanism spilled out from the leftist stream got we all soaked.

We, somehow turned into a kind of mainteneurs of this tradiction-of-knowledge, fight against this new Babel tower. But we see it growing and growing. Almost obscuring the heavens above. Earth and earth-like questions are all that matters in the life of many of us shaded by Babel´s 'glory'.

We see its power raising and raising. It uses puppets all over the world: Castro, Fidel, Evo, Lula, Zapatero, UN, Iran, Al-Qaeda and even sometimes part of Christendom.

We know we are such little and weak to stop them all. But here we are: in the face of this Big-Red-Dragon.

And different from Genesis pages, God seems to see it all and wait. When He is going to intervene? Because God is our only hope. And a New Hope is all we need.

Old Communist ate children; New commie kiss their bellies

What led a new-communist president like Putin to kiss a boy´s belly?
Pedophile insticts?
See video below.