Monday, January 31, 2005

WSF 2005 - the real face of "pacifist" youth

Saturday, 01/29/05 me and some friends made an exploratory mission to the heart of Social World Forum 2005: the youth´s encampment. What we see was a bunch a demi-numbed youth in the search of "experiences". Body experiences, I mean. In a dusty, waterless, hot, sintky site we saw the real impersonation of nowadays youngsters´ dreams: Stalin, Rose Luxemburg, Marx and mainly Guevara. To know exactly how come assassins, murders have turned into rebel young idols is a question to think. But is clear, or better, is a very concerning sign how thing are confused by leftist propaganda. All these youngsters consider themselves as "libertarian" but embraces full-deep totalitarian myths.
Other façade that ruined is the peaceful quality os these people: many women were rapped as the night fell in the encampment. People in Brazil are hunger for sex. And a lot of women decided to go to bath naked. In Europe and even in US it´s no big deal, but here... It´s an invite for sex to many brain-less young male, doped by junk and beer.
Here the photos from the "Vida Loca" HERE

I´ll try to put some english subtitles as soon as possible...

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Brazil: How good is to have terrorist friends if having a world champion soccer team is better?

For the second time around, soccer players take place of career-diplomats to help Brazil´s foreign affairs failures.

I hope Jose Vasconcelos (brazilian kidnapped in Iraq) can pass through all of this in good health, returning to Brazil as soon as possible, but the appalling revelations about the way Brazil is managing the case is highly suspect.

Brazilian newspaper "Zero Hora" has an article explaining the odds about the Brazilian diplomacy role in the case:

"The brazilian government´s conduction on the case of Joao jose de Vasconcelos kidnapping has ignited harsh reactions by senior diplomats, that considers the performance totally "amateur" and "scarcely professional". See the five points enumerated by them:

- Hesitation on Brazil´s embassy-Jordan to answer to the request from Odebrecht Constructer Co. to get in contact with iraqi officials.
- Foreing Affairs Minister Celso Amorin (the one who has "dandruff over his shoulders" as president Lula said) has spread a bulletin informing about president Lula´s call to Bachar al-Assad, President of Syria. This manouvre served to associated syrian officials with terrorism.
- Before contacting Syria, Brazil must had contacted the occupation forces in Iraq - US and UK - and other countries with the same problem - like France and Italy.
- The "public appeal" from Minister Celso Amorim was unconvincing and distant . Italy´s president (Carlo Azelio) had he himself, broadcasted a very convincing tv appeal, looking straight to the camera, for the liberation of italian citizens in Iraq.
- The decision to stablish a Jordanian base was wrong. It was better to do it in Bagdah"

But we are lucky after all to have a multi-championing national soccer team with persons like Ronaldo, that can save the day in the last minute. The reason? Read this.

Ronaldo appeals to Iraqi militants - (United Press International): "According to the editor, the majority of the militants in Iraq are young and fans of Brazilian soccer players such as Ronaldo and, of course, legendary soccer great Pele."

Comment: Brazil is friend of terrorist regimes. Is about time to prove if it association will lead to any good for at least one brazilian. Despite the unwillingness from the government towards the spare the life of a human being, it´s government obligation to protect any brazilian. The friends of Mr. Lula has to help him to keep his "statesman" appeal a little longer, at least in the face of international opinion.
But it seems that terrorists like us, at least our multi-championing soccet team.
Go, Ronaldo,go! Do what our chicken-socialist government seems not to intend to do: Bring our "boy" back home!!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Brazilian Kidnapped in Iraq

The bad news about Jose Vasconcelos, a brazilian kidnapped in Iraq while was working for a brazilian company, brought to light some dark conclusions.

Brazilian news - always ready to call terrorists in Iraq as "resistence" and "militants" - now claims that the kidnappers were just criminals, not "insurgents". That´s a real change.

But the core of these visions is that we can avoid violence just showing those people that you understand the root cause of their rage. Brazil has firmly condemned the war in Iraq, never sended troops there and even invited Saddam to live here as exiled.

Government think they - terrorists & jihadists - are our friends as much as we are. Brazilian government thinks terrorists has logic of good-bad exactly as he think about domestic violence and wave crime: just don´t react, don´t use weapons, show that you understand them ...

Terrorists are just like a nature´s power: they choose their victmis randomly. They don´t not read the papers to know who´s good and who´s bad. Any foreigner is not wellcome in Iraq.

The other odd thing is the reaction of Brazil diplomacy: while very anxious to condemn any US action in the world, we did not say a word about the kidnapping during days. The family had to beg for a official statement on the issue, saying "We want to see the Brazilian government scream like the French and Chinese and governments of other countries did," Vasconcelos's brother-in-law, the Lebanese-born Ghassan Khouri, told O Globo newspaper.".

It finally came, just to reveal a little bit more about the affair between Brazil-Terrorist groups.

Read this : "The Brazilian government joined the family of a Brazilian engineer kidnapped in Iraq last week in appealing for his release while it tried to make contact with his abductors on Monday."

It´s clear that government had the telephone number to call the resnponsible for this terrible act!!! Or what you think about Brazil´s government 'contact with the abductors'? They´re allies!!!

This article did not mention Lula´s saying that his government will try some "humanitarian" help but not "political". Guess why?

It means that Brazil´s government will try to help WITHOUT attacking Jose´s abductors, cause Brazil´s government support them!!!

It´s the real fact.
See you
LA- very concerned

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Diplomats from Brazil don´t need to speak english anymore, they only have to have "dandruff over the shoulders"

A quote from president Lula da Silva allow us to know what´s the new rule for diplomacy in Brazil.
It was a little blurred because the last twist, that turned the knowledge of foreign languages (specially english) as not eliminative issue to allow new students to arrive at "Rio Branco" diplomacy school, provocated a national debate.

President reveals now what is the main skill that have to be pursued by anyone that intends to be a good diplomat for Brazil. It was published on Free Opinion website (portuguese):
"Minister Celso Amorim was chosen as the head of the Foreign Affairs Ministry 'because he has dandruff over his shoulders and that´s popular', claimed our President".

I never see a "pro-dandruff" shampoo in the market but if it would be invented there´ll be a lot of diplomat "wannabes" in its search, at least in Brazil.
But no english instructions, please!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Communism. Dead? Far from it, at least in Latin America

This article from William F. Jasper shows exactly what we try to show to the world.

"For the past six years, President Hugo Chavez — a self-proclaimed Communist and boon companion of Fidel — has been tightening the vise of dictatorship on Venezuela, the region’s key oil-producing country (and the source of much of our imported fuel).

• Next door in Brazil, Latin America’s largest, most populous nation, President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva is also consolidating a Marxist regime.

• In Argentina, President Nestor Kirchner reversed 15 years of Argentine policy by re-establishing ties with Cuba and cozying up to Castro and Hugo Chavez.

• In Ecuador, radical Castro-Chavez protégé Lucio Gutierrez is now in control.

• Much of Colombia is controlled by FARC, the Communist narco-terrorists who have been waging a murderous terrorist war for 40 years.

• United Nations “peacekeepers” occupy Haiti, and that disaster-ridden island may soon see the return of ousted Marxist madman Jean-Bertrand Aristide.

• Riots in Bolivia caused President Lozada to resign in 2003, and the current president, Carlos Mesa, may soon be replaced by Evo Morales, “indigenous” activist and leader of the Movement Toward Socialism (MAS) party. In the December 2004 local elections, Morales’ MAS candidates won many of the city and provincial races.

• The Communist Sandinistas have swept back into power in Nicaragua, taking many of the local offices in the November 2004 elections."

They are examples of what´s goin on right here.
It´s a domino effect and it´s not casual. There are a systematic enpowerment of all left movement in the hemisphere. The central core is the "Foro of São Paulo", an organization made to synchronize left´s steps in LA, primarily focused on debunking new-liberalism (during the 90´s) but now with a clear totalitarian bias.
But do not think that the new revolution has something to do with the older ones... No, it´s a velvet revolution - in the gramsci´s therms of revolution...
God Bless America, South America too!

WSF: Is Another World Possible? In Another Planet, maybe...

This article showed up and caused an turmoil involving the World Social Forum organizers in Porto Alegre - Brasil.
It is an oustanding come back, cause last year´s edition was carried in India.

The article is in portuguese , was published in Mask Less Midia site. It noticed that around 15M reals (around 5.3M dollars) from public funding to the event was sent to a service company that had strange liasons with Forum and Workers´ Party comrades on a - it seems - corrupted procurement process.

But it´s not the relevant part: the sheriff that was carrying the insvestigations was putted aside by state government because "he´s was not political associated with the Forum" . Can you believe this?
There´s a smoke scent in the air... It was clear that the investigator was beheaded in response to President Lula´s cabinet complaints..

World Social Forum in Porto Alegre has showed all kind of odd events to demonstrate this "new sight" of the world: terrorists had official workshop schedules, the lunatic french José Bove came here and destroyed transgenic farm experiments with Landless Movement Workers people, leftist actor Danny Glover even almost punched a Cuban refugee...

If this is the "another world" that they are pursuing, I prefer the older one.

Better: If they want a better world for good, why do not donate these public fundings to Asian tsunami humanitarian relief?

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Tsunami: unbalanced and unfair reviews

This idiocy came from "Iran Daily" web site. They attacked the emotional Tsunami´s covering by american media using that fake poll that used to claim there were more than 100,000 iraqi civilian victims of the war.
But what one could expect from Iran??
Read this quote:
Iran Daily: "The US corporate media coverage of the tsunami disaster exposes a huge hypocrisy in the US press. Left uncovered this past year was the massive disaster that has befell Iraqi civilians. Over 100,000 civilians have died since the beginning of the US invasion and hundreds of thousands more are homeless and weakened."

By november, when this "research" was published in England, several articles debunking the researcher´s methodology appeared. This is one of this: click here.

The core of these critics is that the sample used was to tiny that the results could vary from 8,000 to 100,000 deaths. Obviously the unpartial researcher chose the worse number.

These article from Iran has the same kind of twisted thought that we can find here in Brazil. The difference is that in Iran we have a religious dictatorship and here in Brazil we have a "democratic" regime (how could it be democratic if only the left really run the campaings?)

This article resemble exactly as another one posted on sunday´s issue of a newspaper called "Zero Hora" in Brazil: In the middle of a deep analysis of the tragedy, complaining that in our era we cannot accept these events without warning (obviously meaning that the rich nations - USA - didn´t make all efforts necessary to avoid it) the reporter included even the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki..

"In january, 6th 1945 (sic), US dropped the atomic bomb over Hiroshima. Nobody knew what would be the level of devastation"

If the reporter studied at least more history before judge war actions, he would lnow that Hiroshima was bombed in august, not january...

Sad tropics here, were "good-guys/baddies" logic is used instead of knowledge to interpret the events.... - U.S. & World - Governor of Baghdad Province Killed

Finally the "insurgents" or "rebels" - the names that biased media calls for terrorists - show their real "leit motiff". They are not aiming only americans. Read this quote from - U.S. & World - Governor of Baghdad Province Killed: "'We tell every traitor and supporter of the Jews and Christians that this is your fate,' the statement said. Its authenticity could not immediately be verified."

We, christians and Jews are not only the primary target of these terrorists, but we are the target of liberal-leftist media and politician as well.

Who can support us?

I think that´s only god...