Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Our Lady in Egypt

On the you tube you can find several videos showing the sightings of Virgin Mary in Egypt this December. There were several sightings at a Copt Church in Warraq, Cairo.
The video is not much clear, but it has amazing resemblance to a prior sighting video, in 1968 at Zetuon, Cairo.

Just for record, the first sighting of Our Lady happened when she was still alive. She appeared to Apostle James above a pole "pilar, in spanish" , and became known as "Our Lady of Pilar", in Saragoza, Spain. The sighting was to call Apostle James to return to Jerusalem where she was, ill.

Happy Xmas!

See the video from 12-11-09.

YouTube - Appearance of the Virgin Mary in Warraq egypt 11/12/2009

Here, the 1968 sighting.
YouTube - Appearance of the Virgin Mary in Zeitoun Egypt 1968