Wednesday, July 01, 2015

The Achemical Gay Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz

Conservatives, you must understand one thing for once and for all: You are not fighting against "political ideals" or even "rights" from the regular political view point. No.
You are trying to find a set of ideals that resemble "IV Reich" and, just like the latter, have its roots profoundly interlaced in occultism, alchemy and theosophy.

The goal of this "marriage" is not the "happiness" of anyone, but the destruction of the very concept of  marriage between man and woman as God has defined it.

You are not debating with people. They are avatars of something with a different stuff. They are puppets of the New Order and they are very passionate of their beliefs. They believe in "science" but cannot react to any rational argument. They are opposed to the very idea that women (or men) can marry a man (or woman) to be happy, instead, they advocate that no woman need to be married to be happy. No woman need to be mother to be happy.
But gays, they MUST marry to be happy!

No, you can´t catch up with this. No rational arguments will stop them from trying to destruct everything that was put in place (as a result of centuries long hard work) to bring up a society based on justice, self-determination, freedom and God.

They think they are "rational" but their talking points are no more than idea implants given by the leaders.

The gay movement is the one good example: instead of trying to help their "brothers" assassinated on Iran, Russia, or by ISIS, they turn their heads from them and focus on the joy of "wedding". They don´t try to test it on Iran, Russia, because what is in stake is not the homosexual "rigth", but the ability to use them as a weapon against the judeo-christian heritage.

The "wedding" / "marriage" is, in fact, of the alchemical origin  and was designed to a sign of the transformation of the man to god, asserting the ability of tuning wishes into reality , not matter if it is against physics or biology. Or logic.