Friday, May 28, 2010

The Assassination of Poland President Kaczinsky

I have received some complaints from some guys calling me a "nuts" like the ones that believed that 9-11 was an inside job.

There´s a huge difference between believing US was a Dictatorship at the time of President Bush that manipulated the media to go to War in Iraq and believe that Russia still is the real enemy: facts, not fiction.

a) Believe that every time US has a Republican President it became, automatically a "Fascist" regime is propaganda the kind or other lunatics.
b) On the other hand, to believe that Russia is a democrat "friend" of US requires the same amount of naivité. If you believe in the first, you believe the latter. Russia is whitewash while the real enemies, like Russia, China, Iran are downplayed.

There are facts that prove that Russia still wants to keep its influence over the former communist states.
The chaos erupted in Ukraine congress because of the current government ,that is allied of Russia (is a puppet government, in fact), gave the Russia the right to use the Ukrainian ports for more decades on...

The fact was that Poland is a real ally of US. Of course, it was during the Bush years, not now that the "chosen" NeObama is the leader.

This video compounds some hard evidence that prove that Soviet defector Anatolyi Golistyn was right since he published "New Lies for Old" in 1984 predicting events such the raising of Gorbachev, the fall of the Berlin wall and the fake demise of the communist world.

See below what really happened at the crash site of Poland´s presidency plane.

YouTube - Digital Enhancement Of Amateur Plane Crash Site Footage (w / English Subtitles) In Smolensk

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