Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Brazil: Silence of the wolves (or "Silence gives consent")

This article was published by the brazilian site Mask Less Midia

President Lula da Silva has been elected in 2002 after decades of massive support from our intelectual elite. These people never saved efforts to paint Workers Party and its leader as the most ethical, untouchable & uncorruptile people on earth. Meanwhile they never stop from throwing false accusations against their enemies. But, suddenly, after the huge wave of corruption that came from the core of such "ethical" government started to wash the former "lighthouse of virtue, exposing their attack on Brazilian democratic institutions in a mob fashion, their voices disappeared from the media. This article comments the reason behind their "silence vote".

"Silencer" is a device used to stifle the detonation sound of a gun ; It also can be used to define people or groups of people who have the function to keep important eyewitnesses in silence through expedients of physical threat and moral intimidation; "Silencers" also was the term used to identify pretense Federal Agents in charge of neutralizing possible UFO´s eye witnesses, during the fifties and the sixties in U.S.A.. In Brazil we could call "silencers" all that cultural pseudo-elite whose in mission to represent a fake "Voice of Brazil", silenced its true voice.
One of their most efficient agents, who mixed a perfect influence agent with high popular music skills , declared - after decades of dedicated services to communism, especially to the Caribbean Murderer - that he will remain "in silence" on the facts of the Worker´s Party corruption. This is, Chico Buarque de Hollanda the singer, songwriter and now writer, declared that will say nothing on these events. Nothing more appropriate for the occasion. It was a shame that it happened during the infamous "Literature Journey" - a big event joining books, some good writers and a bunch of leftist militants posing as "writers" back in my hometown, Passo Fundo/Brazil - where he received some kind of award before an audience including hundreds of kids. They could have been removed from the room to avoid to listen such words.

"Chico" (a short name for Franscisco) Buarque has just joined the band called the "Quiet Silencers", a group of pseudo-regretful communist, the Maria Magdalenas from Workers Party, headed by the indefectible Marilena Chauí (a hardliner socialist acclaimed as a main "philosopher" in Brazil, the one that identified herself as an "organic" intellectual of the party). The useful silenceness from these people, specially from who always defended so intempestively the "cause", seems to have a very different meaning from the majority consent. It is not a mourn silence. By the way, as it always happens with any leftist manifestation: never buy it for its face value, therefore the damage is certain.
The silence of our daring silencers, nothing has to do with the refusal in criticizing their so loved left or a sort of "mourn" for the dead ideals. Nothing of these. I am almost certain that our heroes had decided for silence just not to do the opposite: to publicy support the party and its struggle strategy. Let me explain it: what can be more sublime for Communists than to see their party using the classic Leninist strategy to manipulate their "burgeois enemies" as partners for the construction of a powerful and totalitarian party ? Looking through this prism, Roberto Jefferson's "mensalão" (big monthly salaries paid to the congressmen in exchange of their preemptive approval of government acts, revealed by former allied coalition party leader Jefferson) could no more than a brazilian buffoonery version of "Nazi-Soviet" pact just before the WWII between Stalin and Hitler. If even Hitler betrayed Stalin when realized the big picture, so why didn't Jefferson?

The silence of these wolves (werewolves) on these events is only a pleasant way to the opposite: unrestricted support. If they dare to show their approval this moment, this could be disastrious to their image. It's better to receive their awards in silence, waiting for the moment to fight back against the "enemies" of the party.
Definitively, these acts of ritual silence from the ones that never refused to support the party has just one meaning: "Silence gives consent".

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

What was "Venona Project"?

In the last article I mentioned a source called "Venona Project". Here I post the origins of the Venona Project, a project that even president Franklin Delano Roosevelt never was informed about. I am afraid that is exactly the reason that it kept its secrets until the final decodifying of thousand of cables, during the eighties - hence the total contamination of FDR government with Red spies.

Here is the excerpt:
simply.the-truth: "Venona and the Cold War": the origins of the Venona Project: "The Venona Project began because Carter Clarke did not trust Joseph Stalin. Colonel Clarke was chief of the U.S Army Special Branch, part of the War Department Military Intelligence Division, and in 1943 its officer heard vague rumor of secret German_Soviet peace negotiations. With the vivid example of the August 1939 Nazi-Soviet Pact in mind, Clarke feared that a separate peace between Moscow and Berlin would allow Nazi Germany to concentrate its formidable war machine against the united States and Great Britain. Clarke thought he had a way to find out whether such negotiations were under way."

Хиросима, моя любовь (Hiroshima, my love)

At the 60th anniversary of Hiroshima / Nagasaki bombings the same questions came out over and over:
"Did the atomic bombs really need to be dropped?"

I think it is a very misleading question. It follows the internatinal standard of "Blame America First", the world-wide anti-American campaign.
I know that the bombings were some of the most terrifying events in the human history, but it is time not only to remember it but to understand the root causes of those events.
And it lead directly to Pearl Harbor, the "day of infamy".

I have searched through this wonder tool called "google print" where you can take a look and search inside a huge library of copyrighted books. Amazon has a good tool to "search inside". I´ve used both. I´ve done some research about the chain of events that led to the Pacific War and found out stunning evidence of the action of the "invisible agent" again.

Yes, according to the breakthrough information leaked from "Venona Project" and the files from Moscow during the 90´s, is now clear that the level of influence of Soviet agents and American communists on the high levels of Franklin Delano Roosevelt Government office was deeper and larger than ever thought. Senator McCarthy was very humble in his indications in the 50´s : more than tree hundred agents names were found in the decodified messages from Venona. It was confirmed by Moscow Files.

The information is so relevant that I decided to create a new blog, only focused on these excerpts. The blog is named "Simply The Truth"

Here what I discovered about Pearl Harbor: one agent, named Harry Dexter White received the outlines of the infamous "Ten Point Plan" from Soviet intelligence. This draft had turned into the document America gave to Japan. It made Japan to decided to go to war against America. Soviets were glad: Japan will not attack them anymore.
Other interesting point is that URSS knew exactly the route, time, hour that Japan ha planned to attack Pearl Harbor. Even a Soviet freighter ship crossed the Japanese in the middle of the Pacific. But the "allies" never warned America.
Read it here: "...a day which will live in infamy.." might have been avoided by President Roosevelt 'allies' in the Kremlin.

Brazil's PT: No News | www.vcrisis.com

The last article from Olavo to "O Globo" translated here was published in the Venezuela Crisis website.
Here´s the link.

Brazil's PT: No News | www.vcrisis.com: "It is not possible to destroy the system and to obey its rules at the same time, but it's possible to use these rules just as a temporary camouflage until the destruction is completed."

Thursday, August 04, 2005

"No News" - The last article from Olavo de Carvalho to "O Globo"

In this excellet article, Olavo (now living in the USA) explains the real nature of the present corruption accusations involving the government of Brazilian president Lula da Silva: it was not a new thing, considering the historic struggle of the leftists against the "burgeoise" democracy and values, even when it was fought from INSIDE it.
It was translated by my friend Fernando de Souza (owner of the blog named "Y Su Madre También" ) and me.

No News - Olavo de Carvalho ("O Globo" , 06/25/2005 - the last article to this newspaper)

"All people seem surprised with the state of things (the massive corruption accusations involving prominent government people, very close to president Lula da Silva) , but it was more than predictable. Since the beggining of the 90´s , when PT (Workers Party, instituted by president Lula) started to invest heavily on constructing an image of immaculate morality, I have informed that the arrival of this party to the power would inaugurate an age of corruption that would pale the glowing scandals of the previous governments. This forecast was received with such unbelief the more it was bases in facts that nobody wanted to see and in the analysis of historical antecedents that everybody would rather bury into forgetfulness.

As soon the infamous "Campaign for the Ethics in the Politics"came out, I observed that PT managed the term "ethics" with malignant astuteness, giving in public the conventional meaning of idoneousness and honor, and in its internal documents the meaning that the term possesss in the gramscist expression "Ethical state", a morally neutral expression, that does have nothing to do with virtues or sins, but only assigns, technically, a determined phase of the process of taking the power for the "New Prince", the revolutionary party. In short terms, the moralizing hopes of middle class were beeing used as donkey carrot, misleading them to collaborate with a fake enterprise "to clean up Brazil" but in reality it was just made to raise the power of the party by all means: moral, amoral and imoral.

I anticipated this , twelve years ago, in my book "the New Age and the Cultural Revolution", and later again in "the Collective Imbecile", that this Machiavellian instrumentalization of the popular yearnings would only result in more evilness and dirt, since it constitute, in itself, a bigger crime of the one than all the material acts of corruption, implying nothing more, nothing less than the complete perversion of the real meaning of the term "morality" . Something, said I, remembering an old Arab saying, is to steal in the weight of the flour, selling 750 grams for the price of one kilo. Another thing is to modify the scale so that never more it accuses the difference between 750 grams and one kilo.

The old corrupt politicians limited themselves to steal it. The PT transformed the robbery into a system, the system in political militancy, the militancy in a substitute of the laws and institutions, lowered to the condition of temporary impediments to the construction of the great utopia.

The old politicians stole for their own good, individually or in small groups, moderating the audacity of the blows from the fear of the denunciation. PT steals with a moral authority of someone , who arrogating itself the nobleness of a hypothetical future, is already forgiven a priori from all the faults of the present; with tranquillity and fearless from who that uses llicitly all possible means, they steal since they are the absolute master of all..

Any political party that turns against "the society", promising to rebuild it from the scratch – if not to reform the human nature itself – placed , instantly, above of the effective moral criteria in this society, and it cannot submit to them only in appearance, laughing to themselves, at the naivety of those who take them as a regular and loyal adversary. It is not possible to destroy the system and to obey its rules at the same time, but it's possible to use these rules just as a temporary camouflage until the destruction is completed. However, the system, as everything that is human, holds equally its dose of injustices, errors, scandals, and its parcel of morality, order, loyalty. All system consists of a precarious balance between disorder and order. No sane intelligence ignores that only it is possible to restrain or to control the former by fortifying the latter. All attempt to change the system integrally, either trough the abrupt revolutionary subversion, either trough the slow and gradual erosion of the institucional bases, starts for destroying the balance and therefore the order, under the vain promise of a future without disequilibrium nor disorder. The modesty of the objectives, the limitation of the political program to precise points that do not affect the beddings of the system, here is the mark of the honest parties - and this is not, definitively, the make of PT. The dishonesty of this party is measured by the megalomaniac amplitude of its promises."