Thursday, December 22, 2005

While Iraq is rising, Latin America is sinking: Bolivia on the spot

The victory of Evo Morales in Bolivia represents another fallback in the landscape of Latin America. The winner strategy from Sao Paulo Forum to take over the continent made Bolivia as its new victim. Is curious that the agent is always travestied as a people's man.
Just like Brazil (Lula was an union leader) Bolivia has chosen a man that is representative of the majority of its people: and indigenous leader.

It made all the sense: to make any kind of socialist revolution to work the process must be disguised as a spontaneous will from the people. The question is that Evo could turn out to be another Chávez or another Alejandro Toledo.

This review, made by Graça Salgueiro last sunday- on her website "Notalatina" give us some hint on the subject. We have reasons to be utterly worried...   

..And today another presidential election succeeded in Latin America, this time in a tumultuated and capricious Bolivia. The preferential candidate, according to the last polls,  was the  'cocalero' Evo Morales, with his 48% of voting share . Even if I still not confirmated the results, that only will be divulged tomorrow, we have no doubt that the Brazilian President Lula's and the Sao Paulo Forum candidate is the winner and I explain why.

In the 2002 elections Morales, despite the explicit support from the Sao Paulo Forum deliberations, lost the elections for Gonzalo Sánchez de Lozada but he promised that he would make his government totally impracticable and he will not leave the scene so easily. Through the "nets" (social movements) support, the man brought the hell to the country, with street manifestations  (nothing spontaneous), agitations, riots, invasions, depredations, at last, all those "playful activities" well known for all of us. Lozada resigned and leave for his vice , Carlos Mesa that, equally, did not have any conditions to conclude the mandate, because of the  pressure from those mobs, resigning in June of that year. Many Cuban "G-2" agents "helped" the street fighters and clashes that lead Mesa government to a demoralization and continued their pressure in the Eduardo Rodriguez government too, turned it into a incapable government.

Now Morales returns, with the explicit support from the "Evil Axis" (Lula da Silva + Chávez + Kirchner + Fidel) , and others Latin American Communists leaders like Tabaré Vazquez (Uruguay), the defeated presidential candidate in El Salvador's last elections, Shafik Handal, wanna-be candidate to Nicaragua, 'sandinista' Daniel Ortega, not to mention Mandela, Zapatero, China and France .

Amongst Evo's projects is to convoke a Constitutional conventional, just like his comrade Chávez did, in order to change the effective constitution. According to their own  words, "We will finish the colonial State through a Constitutional conventional (to remodel the Constitution) that's in the way to refound Bolivia. This means that in the Military College not only 'creole' people could enter, but also indigenous people. They would be official. In Justice Hall, in the Supreme Court, we want aboriginals too. We want to change the form people is served, life for the people. To live for the politics and not of the politics. And all the natural resources must be in the hands of the State, that needs partners and not owners or masters ".


Although it always been denied, his model of government is the "bolivarian government" and Hugo Chávez and Fidel Castro are his idols. He even participated, in a TV program called "Alô! President" carried out in Havana, where the "commitment" was consolidated to lead Evo to power in Bolivia. It has a rumour that Evo Morales was back funded by Venezuela and Cuba in his electoral campaign. It was not proved at all (just like here with Worker's Party) but I do not doubt, considering that his party, the Movement to the Socialism (MAS) is member of the Sao Paulo Forum".

She concluded on the importance of this process.

"The importance is that the communist ring is getting tigher and tigher, transforming Latin America into a dream come true to the Caribbean's Vulture (maybe even before he passes over Cuba), as announced in the kick-off meeting of Sao Paulo Forum, back in 1990, "to recover in Latin America what it was lost in the East Europe" .

Iraq Democracy: Louder than bombs!

While BBC edited out "terrorism" from its coverage (see previous post) , Iraqis are cutting terrorism from their lives using the ultimate 'weapon of terror destruction': democracy!

Read this from the blog called IRAQ THE MODEL: "Like eyelashes close in delight upon the sight of one's lover, the boxes closed their lips on Iraqis' ballots.
The tyrants forced us to remain silent for decades but yesterday our fingers spoke out loud in purple.
The fingers wore their purple wedding dress while the enemies wore the black of hatred and evil.
Elections have become the new tradition of Iraqis, those new democrats who proudly want to show the world their new experiment but on the other side there are our "cousins" who still want us to go back to the sheep barn.

We marched to vote and we respected our differences while Saddam is creeping in his cage chewing on his hatred.

From 59 to 64 to one year our people have proven that the future belongs to them and not those whose claws scarred Iraq's neck.

A few bombs and some bullets, that's all what the terrorists could do to interrupt the carnival in Baghdad. The people heard the explosions but those weren't loud enough to distract the marching hearts from their destination. I saw our policemen yesterday showing their hearts too when they refused to wear their armors, maybe because they didn't want to let anything stand between our hearts from theirs."

Happy Xmas

Finally is official: BBC news banned the word "terrorist"

[ ]

After many back-and-forths on the subject, British BBC news officially banned the word "terrorist" from its dictionary.

This news was informed by Argentinian Clarin Digital. According to it the motivation behind is "because (the use of the word 'terrorist') could put a barrier in the place of help".

The newtork news suggested the use of the terms "bomber" or "offender" instead of Terrorist.

For those who got along the news on terrorism offered by BBC must reminded that this issue deserved many reviews on media watch sites all over the world.

The terrorist attacks in London this year caused a commotion on BBC. They first edited out the word from its coverage.

Then - in a sudden glimpse of rationality - they used the term again (" BBC calls terrorism terrorism").

But now it seems final.

We must congratule BBC to achieved something that even GWB couldn´t do over the last four years: BBC has defeated 'terrorism'!!!
And did it only by means of a press-release!!
And there´s people that criticize Political Correctness on news.

It seems that the better way to solve a problem is to deny its existence. But as we are on a Xmas eve, I suggest that - if it couldn´t solve this - they can put it into the Santa´s wishlist.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

A message from Venezuela: The real Bolivarian totalitarian revolution

I just received this message that I want to share with the world!
There's a link with photos about the actual status of the so called "bolivarian revolution" in Venezuela.

"We want the world to see what really goes on in Venezuela behind this facade of Democracy.
We want the world to know that 85% did not vote
We want the world to know that this failed revolution has only a 15% popular base
We want the media to listen, we have been sending SOS to the world for 4 years, and the liberal media does nothing.
We want CNN to tell the truth
We want The New York Times and Forero to tell the truth
We want real ellections
We want a New impartial Supreme Court
We want an impartial Ministry of exterior Affairs
We want real Venezuelan Diplomats, not importers of communism and hate
We want new Electoral Authorities not linked with the dictator
We want manual count of votes
We want a democracy not a leftist dictatorship.
We want real freedom of speech
We want our political prisoners free.
We want the political apartheid to stop
We want the world to help us
We want Human rights organizations to help us
We want this criminals to pay for their hate, and political crimes.
We want government officials to step out and explain the millions of dollars expent in REAL STATE in USA
We want work
We want FOOD
We want HOUSING 
We want PEACE
We want a real DEMOCRACY!
We want the oil money to be used here not abroad.
We want CITGO back it does not belong to Chavez
WE WAN IT NOW! not after a civil war".
 Warning: shocking photos


Friday, December 16, 2005

Down with Logic!

Here´s my manifesto. An one-man-stand-manifesto. A man tired of endless explanation about everything: Down with logic!

After a long time trying to search logic arguments to bind my perceptions; to create propositions that could explain my own intuitive insights on a clear, objective and 'irrefutable' way, I came across a conclusion that this effort is somehow useless. And almost a detour to the real search of truth

The core of the question is that my perceptions come 'a priori', before their explanations. My conclusions are born already finished and even so - I act as if they themselves are not enough - I begin to search for mental schemes that better fit on a logic explanation that could define my perceptions in a objective way.

But it happens that the nature of these perceptions are diametral opposed to the rationalizing schemes: the former is born in the dark room of my mind, acting independently on creating links between apparently disconnected events and taking 'ready-made' conclusions out of the hat. While the latter is the opposite. Logic - if well used - serve as a path to the true. The conclusion is if you did not use logical paths to come to the conclusion, to use logic to explain what was perceived by intuition is a mistake. Is a attempt to transform the perception of truth on a kind of mental play.

This kind of 'impressionist' thinking is more or less like what Marcel Duchamp used to do in the 20th century´s 'avant-garde': to find new meanings to old or common objects. If you try to do a kind of reverse engineering on the subject, you can find yourself on a nowhere land. Or in a even worst place.

The brilliant a 'calculus' demonstration may appears it always will be based on two foundation pillars: logic and its cousin-brother, mathematics. And these two lead us to a world of mandatory demonstrations from time to time.

And with this, everything becomes solid and solid & sensible is the world of economy and sensations. To try to explain human motivations and needs uniquely by sensorial and economic elements without taking the real nature of human spirit into account is a formidable reduction.

How can we explain God in logic terms? Of course is possible to catalog clues and to number out subtle evidence of His presence using those paths, but those demonstrations, even the most evident ones, demand some talent for abstraction of the hearer almost to the same level of speaker´s abstraction to be fully perceived.

By all means, my auto-definition as 'classic-liberal-conservative' is much more a kind of mental habit - of trying to catalog my beliefs into something eatable and reasonably known by the common-sense - than a real explanation of myself.

I believe that every human being and in special his thoughts are uncatalogable by nature. Everyone is an island. But we live in a world that seems that everybody is thinking the same way or some values - like the militant leftism - gained a false importance over others values, so this 'conservative' label serve as an unmistakable declaration of contrariety.

Like and old song from an old Brazilian rock band that used to say 'I feel like a foreigner, a passenger from a train, that does not come here'. This definition maybe appeared on automatic-writing from the (leftist) author but it´s a expression of truth.

My own definition as 'classic-liberal-conservative' is before all a declaration of war. And the same time a declaration on faith on the balance. Because 'liberal' and 'conservative' can only survive if they live in an egalitarian arrangement. Like Aristotle´s words "to keep everything in its right measure". This is the real secret.

And declare war against easy definitions, to the mental plays that lead many people or to a kind of childhood´s leftism or to a radical economicism - both sides of the same coin.

And as 'coin' is a very specific economy subject I keep out from this question.

(To be continued).

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Sao Paulo Forum strikes back: Brazilian Pres. Lula da Silva supports Evo Morales in Bolivian elections. No surprises.

Did anybody get surprised about Lula da Silva supporting Evo Morales, the "cocalero", on Bolivia? They have been comrades at Sao Paulo Forum for fifteen years!!

For the useful idiots, that think that Sao Paulo Forum is just a 'debate group' - with no decision nor political struggle features - the last Lula´s speech is - once more - crystal as water on the subject. Read these excerpts from the news.

On folha de Sao Paulo website at 11/30/05

"Look at what Chávez election meant to Venezuela. Just imagine what would mean if Evo Morales won the Bolivian election. They are extraordinary changes that even the most brilliant political scientists of our countries would not be able to write"

´O Globo from 11/30/05

"Lula supports Morales in Bolivia

PUERTO IGUAZÚ, Argentina. Three weeks ahead of the Bolivian elections, the Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva publicly declared yesterday (11/29/05) , his preference for the congressman and 'cocalero' leader Evo Morales. In a improvised speech, on the meeting with Argentina´s president, Néstor Kirchner, to celebrate 20th annivesary of Mercosul (common market of South America) , Lula assured that if Evo Morales won the election on December 18th , it would mean a extraordinary change in the region".

Comment : For those who believe in the 'canasta card game club' , I mean, 'debate group' version of Sao Paulo Forum, I bet: Show me one declaration, speech, intention or action from Brazilian president which is contrary to any resolution from Sao Paulo Forum. Or even opposed to other Forum´s participant. If there´s any, I will surrender to evidence. And I am going to dedicate myself to card games, too.