Thursday, July 15, 2010

Video - Brazillian philosopher Olavo de Carvalho denounces plot against Alejandro Peña Esclusa.
14 de julho de 2010
Brazillian philosopher Olavo de Carvalho denounces plot against Alejandro Peña Esclusa. 

A friend of mine, Alejandro Peña Esclusa, one of the leaders of the 
Venezuelan opposition and founder of the UnoAmerica movement, was arrested 
yesterday, July 12th., by the political police of Hugo Chávez. 
He was arrested upon ridiculous, false, and absurd charges, entirely 
manifactured by Chavez's police and founded upon some testimony given by a 
supposed Salvadoran terrorist, Francisco Chávez Abarca, who would have denounced 
Peña Esclusa as his "contact" in Venezuela. The fact of the matter, 
however, is that Chávez Abarca, as soon as he arrived in Caracas last week, was 
interrogated and then sent to Cuba, where no independent investigator can 
contact him to verify whether his testimony really exists and whether it is 
true. The Venezuelan government says that Chávez Abarca is the right-hand 
of Luís Posada Carriles, who, in his turn, was accused of having exploded a 
plane of the Cuban Airlines. So far, however, the most compromising piece 
of information that has been found against Chávez Abarca is that he was 
arrested for car theft and smuggling. The justice system of El Salvador set him 
free in 2007. 
If there is no evidence that Chávez Abarca is a terrorist, much less is 
there any proof against Alejandro Peña. The Venezuelan police said they found 
explosives in his apartment, which is laughable, to say the least. Peña, 
who has never shown any sign of mental unbalance, would have to be 
completely insane to plot bomb attacks against a government which he has filed suit 
against in the International Court of Justice (see 
_ ( ). 
Nobody knows where Alejandro Peña is, nor what his health condition is 
after some hours of fondling by the hands of Hugo Chávez's political police, 
widely known by their matchless tenderness. 
The Geneva Conventions guarantee to every prisoner the right to be visited 
by a minister belonging to the prisoner's religious denomination, or by 
members of the Red Cross. I appeal to the Catholic Church in Venezuela to 
send a priest to meet with Peña Esclusa in prison immediately, in order to 
ensure that the excess of humanitarianism of the Chávez government will not 
lead the prisoner to death from emotional exhaustion or from unknown or 
unthinkable causes. 

The goal of the farce set up against Peña is to create an appearance of 
connection between him and "violent right-wing organizations," which, in the 
current Latin American scene, stand out especially because of their 
spectacular non-existence.

Alejandro Peña is known by both the American and Brazilian public as a 
serious and well-balanced public speaker, who describes the political 
situation of his country with sadness, but with serenity and without the least sign 
of hatred. Because of Peña Esclusa's democratic militancy, the Alabama 
state legislature has recently taken up a resolution commending his actions 
(see 0Y8) ). I here appeal to the congressmen of that valorous state 
and to American opinion-makers to send notes of protest to the Venezuelan 
government against this one more proof of Hugo Chávez's utter contempt for 
the fundamental rights of his political opponents. 
Olavo de Carvalho 
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"Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. Moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue." Barry Goldwater

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