Friday, December 17, 2004

Nuclear Issue: What´s Brazil really hiding?

According to the website Brazzil, it was aired by LatinNews:
That publication reported that the IAEA inspectors had finished their tour of Brazilian nuclear facilities and that IAEA would announce their findings by the end of November.

But at the end of November, an official with the IAEA told COHA that “Brazil is a continuing issue” and that the agency will carry on its review of its findings until satisfied with the depth and scope of the result. However, the agency could not give a timetable for the release of the final report.

My point: Brazil has no such "new method" or a "revolutionary process" of uranium enrichment. The reason to covert the process keeping out of sight ftom IAEA inspectors is simple: West Germany Companies has sold forbidden (by NATO) equipments and nuclear plant pieces. It was stablish that certain sensitive pieces - that could be use to another purpose than peaceful energy generation - must be kept away from third world countries.
If IAEA inspectors saw these they would know where they come from and who sold them to Brazil.
In this case Brazil would lost the contract support agreement with these suppliers...
It was a simple question of maintaining the support contract working.
We know the explosive outcome of such kind of problems.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Sweden: Wel-Unfairy Tale

Since the communism´s final debâcle (at least in its "dictatorship of proletariat" form) in the end of the 80´s another model has arised as the only option for former communist activists: the social-democracy, so called the "welfare" state.

The experience of more than 40 years of social-democrat party rule in Sweden has created a model that has enlightened all the leftist hearted (and minded) people. The strong appeal of a big state government taking care of all people, from craddle to tomb has kept people distant from the economic liberalism practiced on the other side of atlantic sea. For them, SD is more fair and includent than the old wild capitalism preached by oldies Reagan and Thatcher...

Here in Brazil the same situation occurs.

But it seems that the model is cracking...
Read this excelent article

Paradise Lost: Swedish, European Economy Muddled in Mediocrity

by Dale Hurd

CBN News Sr. Reporter
December 6, 2004 – STOCKHOLM, Sweden -- The good times just keep rolling along in Sweden's social-democratic paradise. Welcome to a veritable welfare wonderland, where everyone is taken care of from the cradle to grave; where alcoholics can retire on government pensions; where the average worker calls in sick one day a week, even if he or she is not sick; where drug addicts get disability checks and the where the real unemployment rate is close to 25 percent. If all this sounds like a recipe for disaster, congratulations for grasping some basic economic principles that most Swedes, and in fact, most Europeans, still haven't figured out.

If Sweden ever was an economic paradise, welcome to what is turning into paradise lost. Economists here seem to think that all that is needed are a few tweaks. But this bloated welfare state needs more than a tweak. That's not likely, because most Swedes, and most of the world, assume Sweden has found a combination of socialism and capitalism that works. But does it work?

“Uh, No,” comments Frederik Erixon. “It's quite simple. No, it doesn't work.”

Erixon, one of the few free market economists in Stockholm, says Sweden's standard of living continues to fall farther and farther behind.

“Sweden is much poorer today in comparison to other countries than say 10, 20, 30 years ago,” Erixon continues. “The GDP (gross domestic product) growth has been declining for a number of decades.”

Sweden's official unemployment rate is six percent, but that figure is "cooked", to use an economic expression. Because it doesn't include another six percent on sick leave, at least 10 percent on disability, and a significant chunk of the nation's high school and college graduates are well, just loafing. This according to top Swedish Economist Stefan Folster:

“If one adds all that together, it's probably fair to say that one in four people is not in work but could be,” Folster says.

All Swedish workers get a minimum of five weeks of vacation every year. Not enough, apparently, because, as we mentioned, the average worker also takes one sick day a week, often to work a second job, because taxes take at least half of their first income.

Sweden's welfare state has even managed to turn alcoholism into a career option, since government policy effectively pays people to stay home, drunk.

But if you want to be a Swedish entrepreneur, then you have a problem. Most small businesses in Sweden consist only of the owner. It's too expensive to hire employees and too difficult to fire them. Just ask Trucking Company owner Lars Jansson.

"Somebody said it's easier to divorce your wife than to terminate an employment,” explains Jansson. “When you hire someone it's extremely difficult to fire him if he's not doing his job."

"Economically productive behavior is very difficult to pursue," agrees Erixon.

But it's a similar situation across most of Europe, which continues to fall farther and farther behind the United States.

A study by the Swedish free market think tank Timbro found that the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Italy now have a lower per capita Gross Domestic Product than all but four U.S. states.

So you might think that would make Europeans want to change their economies to be more like ours, and you would be wrong.

First off, most Europeans don't know that they're poorer than Americans are. Their media, which is largely anti-capitalist, and people like Michael Moore, tell them that the quality of life in America is awful.

In fact, there are so many European misconceptions about America that it took a book to hold them all. In “Cowboy Capitalism”, German journalist Olaf Gersemanna, a business reporter who lives in the U.S., demolishes the strange myths that many Europeans believe about America: that most of us have to work three low-wage jobs just to make ends meet; that America only has low unemployment because we throw so many people into prison, and that most Americans don't have healthcare.

Even the head of one of Germany's most pro-business parties has said that in America, "…freedom is the freedom to sleep under bridges."

Our cameraman discovered that's also a freedom enjoyed by Europeans.

But Swedish economist Folster says Swedes would rather be poor than have an American-style economic system, which is so cruel.

"Poverty is to a greater extent than in most European countries,” points out Folster. “Homelessness, wide income distribution, and things like that that many Swedes are afraid of."

They should be afraid of their own future. Mauricio Rojas, a free market economist from Chile, who has lived in Sweden for 30 years, says the welfare state is turning what was once one of the hardest working nations in the world into a nation of idlers, which is also killing the welfare state itself.

Says Rojas, "Because the welfare state needs people paying taxes, working, behaving in a moral, responsible way. But people say, ‘I don't need to go work. I have too much. I'm tired. My children need me.’ And the state's going to pay."

And Sweden's problem is Europe's problem: high taxes, low growth, huge welfare payouts, and a shrinking population.

Gersemanna says these days, German politicians refer to "the American way" with a sneer. But compared to Europe, the American way looks pretty good.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

The Economist: Biased and confusing about Brazil´s Military Regime

British The Economist comitted this article about Brazil´s way to handle the end of exception regime and transition to democracy, in the late seventies.
The fake claim about photos of a decesead journalist (Herzog), supposedly taken right before a torture session that caused his dead, created a turmoil between human-rights-left-movements and the army on opening the secret files from military regime time.
Read a particle: | Brazil's armed forces: "This curious episode has its origins in the way Brazil eased away from military rule without a final settling of accounts. The process began in 1979 when the presiding general of the time declared a reciprocal amnesty, absolving both the regime and its opponents of their crimes. The armed forces never apologised, as the army did in Chile, nor did the government investigate their crimes and imprison generals, as Argentina's did. Brazil's dictatorship produced victims, but no culprits."

The economist is totally biased about the episode.
1) The faked photos shown a left-priest caught during a sexual intecourse with a nun (it remembers me the old song "who fuck nuns now enters the church") not Vladimir Herzog.

2) Herzog could not even be killed or tortured but just committed suicide. The investigstion process carried out that time has many credible elements, Herzog was not a kind of key element of the guerrilla, he was just a member of an outer level that didn't know much about the future plans. He didn't even the first of his kind to be interrogated. Two journalists were interrogated before him and revealed all that supposed to be revealed. And were treated very kindly by the army men. Herzog hearing was supposed to be useless. The only feasible explanation was suicide.

3) There were hundreds of innocent victims of left-terror. These left-terrorists wanted to transform Brazil into a new Cuban-like regime. Our army acted to protect innocent people from being killed by these extremist-terrorists. They did it because was their duty. The real thing is that was a WAR going on. The 1964's army move tried -and accomplished - to keep comunist fingers off the country. They succeeded deeply and almost harmlessly.

4) From the perspective of the amnesty, both sides were released from any crime accusation, even people that killed innocent people were forgiven. Some of them are in charge of some government ministry right now! Aren´t they supposed to pay for their crimes too?

5) It´s all about money: as I wrote yesterday if even landless people call for money - not land - these bygots want to raise false accusations to earn money - a lot of money. Brazil is the only country where former-wannabes-revolutinaries are not rotting in prison,they are part of the government team and got a big money reward for the "torture" and "stress" they had under army's foot. It would be funny how marxists are looking for money - big money for a reward to their craziest and deadly adventures... If they weren't laughing at us.

It´s sad that The Economist has chosen just one side of the story.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Brazilian Revolution speeds up its pace

Overseas Security Advisory Council: "More than 8,000 Brazilian landless activists surrounded the central bank on Thursday and threatened a big fight over land next year unless they get more public money to speed up land reform."

The Pandora´s box was opened. Last week several "independent" protesters movements swept the country. It is a clear sign of the surface of a revolutionary act that was going somehow underground until now.
Although all the sound and fury, the relationship between these movements and the government kept unchanged.
It´s somehow strange for many people but not for me. It is a classic approach called "scissors strategy" when yoou have two opposite movements - like blades - coming from differents sides, but coordinated. We are in the middle...

There´s no other way to explain this happenings.

Monday, November 29, 2004

U2's new "bomb" : an unforgettable fire

A long time ago, in 1987, I bought a LP *it was called "Long Playing", at the time* of one of my favourite band, the new album called "The Joshua Tree" from the Irish band U2.

When I heard this for the first time, I realize what the expression "instant classic" meant. I never heard an album that caught me completely from teh very start. The opening sequence, starting with "Where the streets..." + "I Still Haven´t found..." + "With Or Without You" was simply outsanding. The rest of the album too.

But never an U2 album made me feel that way again...

Until now. "How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb" is the best U2 album since "Joshua..."! But, of course, I had to listen at least two times before realize its beauty.
Althought it starts very poorly ("Vertigo" is a lousy song!!!) we have a little miracle right after it. "Miracle Drug" is worth the label "new classic". But we have more, "Sometimes You Can´t Make it on your own" is worth too.
At least four tracks has an subtle appeal that raise over and over each time you listen to it...

The soundscape of this album is tottaly eighties for me. It sounds like "Unforgettable Fire" , humble and earnest. It seems that U2 was tired of all masquerade from the 90's..

Bueno, wellcome home, cause HTDAAB is "a Sort of Homecoming"...

Here it goes the lyrics from Miracle Drug

Friday, November 26, 2004

The shocking truth about the discoveries in Fallujah - Iraq

I decided to put on the web this PowerPoint Presentation about the recent discoveries (and neutralization) of terror's network in Fallujah.
I am right that US and Iraqis are doing a good job there... See for yourself!

Friday, November 19, 2004

More on Drugs de-criminalization

This article has a different light on the subject, that I totally agree. Read this. : "Drugs: repression doesn't work?"

My article on MaskLess Midia site

Hello all:
My first article in english "Socialism: A highway to hell" was published in the english version of the main alternative information site in Brazil
Mídia Sem Máscara . Read it!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Lula + drug-dealing colombian guerrilla treaty is charging its price

The big news is much anticipated move of our leftist government: decriminalizartion of drug use in Brazil.
Brazilian President Luiz Ignacio "Lula" da Silva has announced that he will finally sign drug-decriminalization and harm-reduction measures into law next week.

This is the likeable next step. What does one expect of a government that was charged of receiving illegal campaign funds (US$ 300,000.00) from drug-dealing guerrilla called FARC?

It was anticipated in this brilliant article from biggest brazilian philosopher Olavo de Carvalho in 2002 - during the presidential campaign.
Enshrined in an official document, the solidarity unity between Brazil’s Workers’ Party, PT, and the drug-dealing Colombian guerrillas is not a theory, not an interpretation, not a conjecture. It is a fact no one dealing in public affairs in Brazil has the right to deny or hide.

Now it´s a fact: Brazil is aiming to openly decriminalize drug use. The next step is to give official market share to FARC in our country.
The price you have to pay when you are remote controlled by Castro-Farc is this: to betray your own country.

This is all about: treason, but the temperature didn´t reach the boiling point... For us poor frogs. The country still see Lula as a savior..
This is what I call the real "Mandchurian Candidate" !!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Brazil´s Mayor Elections Outcome

As you know it, we have elections for mayor here in Brazil this month. The outcome of this was the ousting of Worker´s Party (PT) from the main cities halls in the country (São Paulo, Porto Alegre) but also won most all other cities halls around the country.

But what I want to show you is the kind of political "debate" that the RESULTS of the election are feeding. This one was written by Janer Cristaldo - a lonely pro-economic-liberalism (capitalism) in Brazil lost in the red sea - that picked up a totally false argument used by biased midia to support voting for government candidate in Sao Paulo election and took conclusions upon it.
Read the comments and you will know about what i said about political "debate".
Here´s the sample of it. For better understanding, "Serra" was the oponent of government´s candidate and "Marta" was the official candidate - running for mayor re-election: “The survey confirms what the geographical vote division already indicated: Serra gets the vote of the more affluent and educated, and Marta doesn’t do so badly among lower income residents with fewer years of schooling.”

Look, in the first round of the election, Serra won by an eight percent margin of votes. Thus, we can infer that, in São Paulo, there are more rich people than there are poor.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

The Marginal Leftist Revolution in Brazil

While thousand of people believe the communist agenda and its fanatical radicals are far away from Brazil, the silent red revolution is in development.
Read this news:

A worker was killed in an ambush, yesterday afternoon (november 9th) in the access area that will be flood by "Barra Grande" dam, in Pelotas river border of Rio Grande with Santa Catarina state (Brazil). Militants of the movement called "Movement of the Affected by Dam" (MAB in portuguese) deny any relation with the episode"

This kind of "eco-activism" hardcore group is the result of the genuine workers needs movements with marxism. After this danger mix the former goals (compensation for the losses) become blurry, substituted by the marxist agenda of criticism towards capitalism (progress) and the will to create chaos within the society.
This kind of redneck-proletarian-eco-marxist revolution was created in the 80´s by Chico Mendes..

This time thy overpassed a limit, killing by gunfire shot an innocent worker as them.

But it´s not the only movement round here. This month the Landless Workers´Movement (MST) has launched what they called "Red Nevember" offensive, that´s simply to take by force private properties from their owners. This is totally illegal in any civilized country. Not in mine.
The "social use" of the soil is a constitution issue!!!

MST is an illegal movement that killed several people and try to launch a marxist revolution here. They were boosted by the "great" former president Fernando Henrique Cardoso that drove millions of financial resources to them... It didn´t calm them down.. In reverse, made them stronger.

Ready to raise its actions with the help of Mr. President Lula, a long time friend of the movement...
What did you expect from a president that mourns dead terrorists?

To know a little bit more about them go here

Brazilian president Lula mourns Arafat

Folha Online - Mundo - Em nota, Lula lamenta a morte de Arafat - 11/11/2004
In the middle of the regular blah-blah of such occasion, Lula da Silva opens his heart:

"Assuring that the Palestinian leaders will keep the ideals of their unbeatable passed-away great leader alive, the Brazilian government reassures its support to the Sovereignity and Free Palestinian State cause and the construction of a peaceful and wealthy future in the Middle East"

Lula believes that supporting terrorists like Arafet is the path to the world peace?
Again it´s a proof that we are in the middle of an Orwellian alternate reality... It´s newspeak in its peak!!!

The real big moron of Americas

Here I post a little suggestion to Daily Mirror, when they would try to put some other country's election under doubt. I offer a real example of what happened when people were completely fooled.
Right here in Brazil, 2002.

How could more than 52M people be so DUMB?
A real hard faith that this man could work our problems out led people to believe in a bogus. Made by the mainstream-media and his powerfull party - the workers party.

I really hope that we're only in two more years ahead we'll be saying goodbye to him...

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

The Friends of Mister Lula da Silva

Remember that old saying "show me who are you with that I'll say who you are" ? Here I show some friends from the not-so-private Lula's orkut network:

Kadhaffi, Chávez and Fidel: What a bunch of outlaws huh? And even so Lula were considered a possible name for the Peace Nobel Prize this year... It seems that we reach what George Orwell named as "newspeak" where the meaning of a given word is exactly the reverse of its actual meaning...

Why is Brazil in Haiti? To avoid US troops there? To play soccer? Both!!

Another phrase from the big-moron-in-brazilian-presidency. This time the subject was our (brazilian) little Vietnam - Haiti.
Lula doesn't lose the occasion to blame on the Americans our prsence there.
Read this stupidity: 'The truth is that, if we not would be there, the marines would be the there, doing what we never will do - a policemen role - because we don't have any plot to perform this kind of action'. Lula still added that brazilian soldiers were in Haiti to 'try to guarantee the peacetime until the elections there'. According to him the Brazilian army in Haiti 'will not lose any opportunity' to prove its value.

Comment: Does anybody know how to promote peace in the middle of a riot like Haiti's WITHOUT acting as a police force there? How can our army promote peace? Playing soccer?
You know that? Lula send our multi-platinum-golden soccer team to a country at war to bring some kind of "self steem" to the people... What a pitty that, despite of the high life risk the government exposed our soccer players, the violence rankings didn't lower..
I just discovered where our president had this lousy idea: from movies!! "Escape to Victory" was the inspirational movie. This movie puts together soccer and war. And the soccer won... I think he thought it could happen again in the real world.... If it wouldn't work, blame on the USA!!!
For those who didn't get this , here's the complete story..
It's not a kind of Pelé movie that the war was decided on a soccer field (remember it

Monday, November 08, 2004

The Reds are angry with Bush....

I have a good time laughing out loud with this cover. It is written: "To the hell with the world" as if an American president candidate has to pass through a "global test" to achieve the presidency..
The name of this magazine means "Capital Letter"...

Brazilian Biased Media on Bush Reelection News

I delayed this posting in a way to see a complete set of thoughts spread out in Brazilian media on the subject of American elections and Bush´s reelection.

Weekend issues of the main newspapers gave me a clear sight of how deep is our media biased towards liberal side.

One example of this is comic showed above: the reelection of Bush represented a clear defection in a "world-peace effort". This is the current opinion through out Brazilian media.

Sometimes it seemed that I was reading some French newspaper...

I believe that is not a problem when a media vehicle assume a side on a electoral dispute. But it must be written in the right place: in an editorial box explaining it to the public in a clear way.
But it is not what happens here. The bias is INSIDE the subject, embebbed as “news coverage”. And they simply lie when caught on action. The results were awful.

Here I list some of the worse exemplos of it in this historic week:

Monday night – Globo Network´s “Jornal Nacional” :
A special bulletin on elections gave special attention to Zogby´s exit polls. The results were given with a demi-laughter smile when was reported that “according to the only institute that was right on 2000 elections”, “Kerry would be the next president”.

Another reporter was sent to cover the election as insider and he was allowed to fly with Bush´s campaign crew while another one tried to take part in one of the democrat entourage rally... The democrats denied his access...
The "home alone" media guy insisted with Kerry later to “speak some words to Brazil”... Kerry denied too.. It was laughable. If Kerry knew how Globo Networks loved him he would give ´em full access. But were the 'baddies' republicans who gave them full access.

Weekend analysis- newspapers (various):
All newspapers delivered lefty bias instead of information. One of theses analysis was that the republicans were helped by the “terror scare” to win the elections. The report even cited the ABC poll that showed that “moral values” was the first issue followed by “economic/ jobs” issue. But it was underrated. It was important to rely the victory of presidency and the senate house solely on “terror”. No facts and no hard evidence.
Another syndicated columnist wrote about “moral values” and how they changed in meaning, because these “moral values” has caused 100,000 deaths in Iraq.
Note that it seems that Saddam never killed anyone. I imagine that this same twisted interpretation wold be given to death polls in WWII related the western effort to topple Hitler.

I wrote myself a letter to one of these columnists. He argued that Rupert Murdoch´s newspapers were not “impartial” and showed a clear pro-Republican bias. Just a week after NYT had opened its vote for Kerry.
He answered me that I was wrong and he was reporting the “truth” about the feeling of American people. It is not necessary to say that he was reporting directly from New York City. His polls were actually street polls, with no consistency at all. I even imagine that he just copied all the subjects from - Soros website effort to "oust" Bush. There is an exact copy of this kind of charge against Murdoch on this website...

But the “grand finale” was even worst: the main newspaper from my state “Zero Hora” (something like “hour zero”) reported yesterday that Bush´s reelection was a good thing to our state´s economy and jobs. It might boost the exports and create hundreds of jobs in Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil.
"ZH" wasted last three years shouting on the contrary ! Bush was the evil´s impersonation, that he was another Hitler and nazi and supported whatever it takes to make him look worse to all brazilians.

Three years later and five days after the election ZH reveals that Bush was GOOD for our economy?? They charged Americans of being bloody-profit-searchers but forgot our own interests. And deny to showed it until the race was won.

It´s what I called "treason".

That´s the way ou media works: We always choose the wrong side – if its against USA – even if it hurts our own interests.

That´s why the world call us “third world”: as we don´t have our own reasons we borrowed it from third parties, specially from Europe..

Wednesday, November 03, 2004 - You Decide 2004 - Bush Camp Declares Victory - You Decide 2004 - Bush Camp Declares Victory

I was very anxious and a little bit disappointed with the results of the exits polls yesterday...
When I came to work today and found out that Bush had 169 votes in electoral college and saw the US map painted in red it was a relief....

Just as here , where the Worker´s Party lost three of the main cities in this mayor election race - because anti-Workers Party voters like me chose for the the best oposition candidate - the exit polls here were a total flaw. All exit pools showed a clear advantage in all main cities in my state for Workers Party, included Porto Alegre - city where I live and the state capital. The exit polls here showed PT (worker´s party nickname, in portuguese) losing the mayor palace for a slight margin of 2%.

The real results were completely different: 6% in favour of the oponent . That´s the dark side: the oponent is a!!!

Yes! I had to vote in a social-democrat to topple the radical workers party from mayor office.

We don´t have any conservative candidate to vote for round here. If this election was a clear signal of that PT has lost... Conservatives don´t win nothing...
The electoral method here is what I call "minimalist-masoquist": We - the right-wing coservatives - have to vote in a candidate that hurt us the lesser....
We´re drowning in a red sea....

That´s because a Bush victory is so important. American people are sending a very important call: there´s good and bad, and there´s who´s with us and who´s against us.
And there´s a clear difference between truth and lie ....

The Soro´s Candidate can return to his yacht....

No more tears ..... Four more years!!!

Friday, October 29, 2004

The Myth of Unbreakable Brazilian Electronic Voting Machine

Since the problems in 2000 US elections, that lead to a recounting procedure in Florida and a huge wave of criticism over US election rules and the manual voting system, brazilian electronic voting system has been praised as a new standard to clean and fair elections all over the world.

Here I am trying to stablish what´s real and what´s hype in this matter.

I am a participant of the election process here in Brazil since 1982 -as elector - and for the third year as drafted worker. Since 2000 I have been called to work on the elections. And since 2000 we have the electronic process goin on. The first time - 2000 - I was just the first secretary, the other two times - 2002 and 2004 - as voting section president for the thirdsecond time, this year. Yes, we have elections here too!

Just let me explain the brazilian rules:
- We vote in each 4 year
- The winner is decided by numbers of votes, there´s no electorate college envolved
- We have first and second round elections: if the winner of the first couldn´t get more than 50% of all valid votes, there´ll be the second roundm with only the first and the second ranked in the first round
- Voting is obligatory for everyone over 16 and behind 75 (I think..). Those who doesn´t vote or justify no-vote are charged by legal procedures.

Bueno, let´s go ahead.
We are in just the in-between days from the first round to the second round. This year we are electing new mayors for our city. My city - Porto Alegre - is one of three cities that´s the second turn is about to happen. It will take place on 10/30. Just two days before US presidential elections...

We are using thins voting machine (see figure above) since 2000. You can "test" our electronic process using this link to a Voting Machine Simulator.

The process of electronic voting is - briefly like this:

Before the procedure:

a) We start the voting machine and print the "zero" listing, that´s prove that has no vote inside the machine or floppy before the election process is started.

The procedure:

b) The voter enters the section and presents his election ID.
c) We find his ID in election book listings. If the ID and the listing are ok we can proceed.
d) Voter signs the election book; We keep the election ID card
e) The president of the section vote (me) put the voter´s code into the terminal to authorize the vote. If the number is not there, the vote is not authorized.
f) The voter can go to the voting machine site to vote.
g) After finishing we return the voter´s ID and the election ticket.

Finishing voting process.

h) Me as president, print all the voting listings with the number of votes for each candidate, the parties overseers check and sign any of the printings copies, they can keep some of them; I took off the floppy from the voting machine, put into an envelope and delivers it to the electoral ruling department with further documents..
i) All the floppies are loaded in a locar server, from where - through some automtized FTP process - it is uploaded to the central server in Brasilia, where the sum of all votes from all floppies are done in another automated way.

From my experience and from talks with people from electoral ruling department I can realize this.

Brazilian Voting Machine is trusty from the perspective of use: very few has problems during the election day. They have made to last. If some problem appeared, we have to return to manual process
The use of floppy is somehow very weak. But they assure that all the data in it are cryptographed, and there´ll be no practical time to modify th data.. (hummm - see that the section voting president - a regular citizen - is in charge to bring all the documents + floppy in secure hands, it´s a tremendous responsability..)
The automated FTP and summing process is the most weak link of the process. This process is not audited by any of the parties overseers. Its all in the hands of technicians. You can easily created an automated routine that takes valids votes from one candidate and to summ it to another in a % basis. The personnel told that it´s safe because the technicians from the IT department have far different political views and preferences each other and they don´t let any of them commit such crimes. But they agreed with me that to rely all the confidence of the process in the hands of few technician is a high risk....

Just for historic accuracy in 1982 election there was a huge IT-robbery-vote in RIO. Former exiled governor Brizola was losing the election in votin counting numbers but not in the last polls. He went to the biggest TV network from Brazil - Globo - and dennounced it on air. The journalist laughed at him, but a investigation procedure iniciated. The day after it was proved that the IT company in charge of putting the votes into the computers was changing null votes to the Brizola´s oponent. People involved was put in jail, there was a recounting round and Brizola get elected - a bad luck of all inhabitants of RIO...

Another warning was given by the vote fraud in recent Venezuela elections. It was reported that the fraud was made in the summing process, not in the voting machine itself , but just the by the way described above. Carter didn´t care for it. The process of auditing a totally automatized voting process must be very different from the old process. Nobody is prepared for it.

My final thought on this is: if the election results differs far from last polls aired, take care, my dear elector. Someone is trying to steal the election....
Machines are trusty, men are not. Our vote could not be guaranteed by only a few technicians without an extensive and detailed oversee process by the authorites, people and parties.
And recountinf capabalities...

Tuesday, October 26, 2004 / World / Americas - Brazilian government urged to reveal files

Financial Times is informing about the new battle of the government:

Brazil's left-leaning government on Monday sought to contain political fallout from renewed demands for a full investigation into torture and killings under the 1964-1985 military dictatorship. During the past week, the Roman Catholic church, the national bar association and several congressmen have called on military leaders to reveal its classified files on political dissidents.

The demands came in response to photographs published last week of alleged regime prisoners seen naked in a cell.

The army caused further outrage when it sought to justify its treatment of political prisoners during the dictatorship as legitimate in the face of “violence by those who rejected dialogue and chose radicalism and illegality”. The statement, subsequently retracted under pressure from President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, said the army had acted against subversives “in response to public clamour”.

The real true is this: The photos are a totally faked. On monday, 17 news paper "Correio Braziliense" show some "exclusive" and "never seen" before photos that showed a naked prisioner hiding his face from the photographer. "Correio" tried hard to prove that the photos were from Vladimir Herzog, a leftist journalist that committed suicide after an interrrogatory procedure in 1975. His widow - a poor useful idiot - confirmed the photos supposed to show her deceased husband.
But was not him. The day after the leakage, various websites and newsgroups dennounced that it was a fake. The truth is that the photo was from a leftist catholic priest, caught during a sex intercourse with a nun, in 1972.

The photo was taken by the informatin office during the "dictatorship".

But the armie´s first statement was right: journalist Vladimir Herzog had connections with the a web of terror groups that did kill hundreds of innocents victims. And it´s a lie to blame the "dictatorship" as the source of terrorism and guerrila: our exception regimen started as a reaction from a pre-revolutionary environment that got worse when leftist president Jango took power in 1962. Illegal activities of Cuban and Chinese trained agents started back in 1962. In 1964 they were ready to attempt to install a totalitarian regime in Brazil. Our brave army engaged themselves in a war to keep Communism hand´s off Brazil. That´s all. Theyre not "democrats", they are just crazy radicals tried to act like Che Guevara...

And the leftist government of Lula da Silva is trying to create an "electoral fact" to help his comrades on the next sunday election.

At least we have the internet to make the truth to come to the surface....

Ann Coulter, Hanitty: Why they will never be successful if they were brazilians

The more I read Ann Coulter, the more I admire - and sometimes laugh at - her observations about the political world.

I sincerely miss this kind of talk around here.

Brazilian conservatives depend only in themselves. They need to raise funds to launch their own websites and try to gain some audience. Just after this the investors will appear.

The major newspapers here in Brazil are extremely dependent of public advertising money to pay their bills. It becomes a coin-of-trade: the government give public licenses to new media enterprises and give money to them to show public advertising. The result is that only "friendly" newspapers, TV networks, receive these funds.

This is the reason we don´t have any Coulters, Hannities down here. We just have Drudge-like ones, as Diego Casagrande , Polibio Braga or Gilberto Simões Pires - two web-journalists that only started their web-careers because they got fired from major leftist-biased-newspapers here in my state. But they could go into any other right-wing newspaper, didn´t they? No. There´s no such right-wing newspapers down here.

That´s our tragedy...

But returning to the starting point: Here are some examples of Coulter´s new book "How to speak to a liberal"

**** The Iraq war and the Democrats: "John Kerry has said that we need to
'de-Americanize' the war -- I guess on the theory that the
'de-Americanizing' process has worked so well for the Democratic Party."

**** Gay marriage: "Gays usually bring up the argument about all the
straight couples living in 'sham' marriages, but I see no point in dragging
the Clintons into this."

**** Modern anti-Christian bias: "There is no surer proof of Christ's
divinity than that he is still so hated some 2,000 years after his death."

**** Hillary's memoirs: "Hillary has already gotten a record $8 million
advance from Simon & Schuster for the book -- reportedly the most anyone has
ever received for rewriting history."

**** The New York Times's war coverage: "Apparently, the Times's stylebook
now requires all reports of violence anywhere within 1,000 miles of Iraq to
be dated from Bush's speech declaring an end to 'major combat' operations."

**** The parties: "Both parties run for office as conservatives. Once they
have fooled the voters and are safely in office, Republicans sometimes
double-cross the voters. Democrats always do."

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Constantine Menges' Letter on Atomic Energy and Brazil

Another example of correctness of Mr. Constantin.
First is a letter sent to philosopher and columnist Olavo de Carvalho in 2002, BEFORE Lula da Silva´s election:

"Very important is Lula’s statement on September 14 opposing Brazil’s continued participation in the Nuclear Noproliferation Treaty. I am enclosing that in Portuguese as well as a just-published O Globo story saying the truth that Lula supports Brazil’s having nuclear weapons – a fact that seems virtually unknown to most voters in Brazil".

Compare it to this headline from 2 days ago. It was published in thursday's issue of the journal Science, three days after United Nations experts visited the plant in an effort to resolve a dispute over non-proliferation inspections.
"Brazil's new Resende nuclear plant has the potential to produce enough enriched uranium for six nuclear bombs every year, U.S. researchers said yesterday, an assessment Brazil denied."

Comment: After all, there´s a large portion of people that insists to believe in the role "peace and love" performed in 2002 by Lula to win the elections. He was even considered to receive a Peace Nobel. It´s terrible. That´s why a feel like "swimming against the red tide" in Brazil.

Freedom of Speach and Brazil´s government

For anyone that thinks that a constitutional emendment could guarantee "freedom of speech" without further explanations, read this article.
It shows that, in Brazil, a government with a hunger for power could transform "law" in just a rock-in-the-shoe for "weak" governments. Real "democratic" governments just know what´s best for the people...
Read some examples of this kind of logic below:

For (Brazilian president) Lula's chief policy strategist, Luiz Gushiken, “nothing is absolute, not even freedom of the press”. And Labour Minister Ricardo Berzoini goes on to suggest that the state has 'urgency' to establish an 'efficient body' with power to punish 'bad journalists' who do not behave 'adequately'.

Despite all the "economic pragmatism" of this government when such totalitarian non-sense like this are spoken, reminds me the real nature of leftist governments: A Wolf in lamb´s disguise...

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Warning of Castro-Chávez-Lula alliance

Dr. Constantine Menges, investigator of the Hudson Institute, professor of George Washington University and Ex-National Security Advisor to the president of the United State Ronald Reagan, passed away in july, 2004.
His precises analisis of what really was happening in Latin America will be missed. Read his thoughts about the real nature of Brazil presidency under Lula da Silva.
Warning of Castro-Ch�vez-Lula alliance: "The political effects of an eventual victory of the leftist Workers Party in Brazil, in the elections next October, could be worse than the economic effects, being that a Castro-Chávez-Lula axis would be formed capable of pushing other South American countries to the left and of establishing a dangerous strategic alliance with communist China, as well as with Iran and Iraq, two terrorist countries', warned Dr. Constantine Menges, investigator of the Hudson Institute, professor of George Washington University and Ex-National Security Advisor to the president of the United State."

Comment: He was absolute right! Excluding Iraq (because of war), all the rest is right. But Saddam deserved a brazilian exile offer from our government.
Can we have a new Constantin Menges to spread what is going on round here?

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Foro de Sao Paulo -The Snake's Egg

The best site with the best conservative / anti-leftist content in Brazil has its english version.
You must read this!

This article shows the influence of the Foro de Sao Paulo in AL politics... And future...
Mídia Sem Máscara "Some bits of the history of the Foro de Sao Paulo
by Carlos I.S. Azambuja on may, 25, 2004

Resumo: What is the Foro de Sao Paulo (Forum of Sao Paulo)? Learn all the details about this body created in 1990 as an International Meeting summoned by the Worker's Party with inspiration from the Cuban Communist Party.


Corruption remains the same in Brazil ?

While Washington Times says that Corruption remains the same in Brazil - (United Press International): "The administration of President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has been plagued by corruption scandals in recent months including a former aide accused of receiving illegal gambling funds connected to the bingo industry to fund certain candidates' campaigns from his ruling Workers' Party during the 2002 election."

Our perception is even worse - far worse - compared to with former presidente Fernando Henrique Cardoso.
Why? Because Worker's Party has a deep sense of controlling the society. When it took control fo the country's administration it gave all the public or confident jobs in the hands of the party.

Given that the party's rows had no strong abilities for managing even a dairy, imagine what happened to the public administration ib the hands of a bunch of socialist militansts. It was chaos..

In the most important hospital for cancer disease care in Rio, a senior medical managing team was changed by partisans. People died because of lack of essencial medicines. According to health (?) minister Humberto Costa, it has to be done because you cannot give a prominent public job to a "enemy".

"According to Dr. Tabak,a renowned oncologist who had been director of the BMT service (CEMO) at INCA for the past 16 years, due to the inexperience of the hospital director, the hospital was thrown into total chaos, has run out of many medicines, and is not able to treat patients properly."

Let's point it clear: Brazil is a country where the public jobs are being fullfilled by partisans and they are chosen to it because of their political influence, not by their skills. If this is occurring in the health field, with many deaths envolving, try to realize what is going on in the other areas of public administration.

Weekly magazine Veja has estimated that more than 20.000 public jobs are been fullfilled by militants.

That's the way the Worker's Party is taking control over the brazilian society - using corruption and lies.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Some reviews....

I found out that I am getting some audience to my simple blog. Here is one of the opinions:

A WESTERN HEART: "Conservative Brazilian blogger Luis Afonso has started a blog in English here. The English is a bit fractured but is perfectly understandable. He wants people to know of the 'Red Tide' that is washing over Brazil at the moment."

That´s bad!! I thought that my english was ok, but it´s "fractured".. OK, here I go again into my third level english book course again... Eheheh.
But thanks for understanding. Some posts are fractured by my rsuh to publish them without any revision...

Let´s go on, there´s a lot to say about this piece of soil on earth...

Monday, October 18, 2004

Rio: the city of cocaine and carnage

This article was first publisheb by the british "The Indenpendent" and had many - bad - reviews down here.

It is not a question to agree or not. It is reality.
Belfast Telegraph: "With fierce turf wars igniting around Rio, many now fear the city is staring into the abyss. Rio de Janeiro has the highest rate of gun-related deaths in the country. Between 1980 and 2000 there were 600,000 murders in Brazil against 350,000 during Angola's 27-year civil war. Earlier this year a stash of eight landmines and 161 hand grenades were discovered in the Coreia favela, in Rio's west."

Comment: This is the result expected of two policies.
The "decriminalization of poor", a socialist euphemism that lead to "decriminalize" crime at all. It was a hard-core policy that was implemented by the first socialist governor of Rio, Brizola - a world acclaimed member of international socialist- during his first period way back 1982. He not allowed to the police to get into favelas to protect the innocent by putting criminal behind bars.
The second one is newer: the ban gun emendment that turned a simple gun ownership into a crime.

That´s the tragedy of this country - as Oscar Wilde said about US , tha went "from barbarism to decadence without civilization in between". We improved the process!! We make it run in reverse, from decadece to barbarism, directly.

Brazil and North Corea: fade away and radiate

It´s been informed in Brazil´s source "Correio Braziliense" that North Corea will open an embassy in Brazil.

It shows how our middle-of-the-road-socialis governmente perceive the world: in black and red.

North Corea is a criminal regime. It´s been accused by illegal use of atomic energy by US. But Corea becomes Brazil´s darling only because of her angry feeling towards US.

This is what Brazil´s foreign policy is all about:priorities of our foreign policy are taken off the US-black-list. It´s simple.

Last year Lula da Silva even uttered such non-sense: He tried to give Saddam a brazilian exile "to avoid war".

I don´t know what is the real purpose of this but I am afraid that given that the americas socialist circle is closed (Cuba, Venezuela & Brazil plus some special guests like Argentina, Bolivia and Ecuador) this little evil empire are tried to attempt an outside link.
That´s pure logic.
The goal? "To recover in America what was lost in Eastern Europe"

Saturday, October 16, 2004

General blames Kerry for Haiti's rising violence

JB Online - O primeiro jornal brasileiro na internet

Brazilian general blames Kerry

BRASILIA - Brazilian general Heleno Ribeiro Pereira, in charge of UN task-force in Haiti, criticized the support given by John Kerry to the former president of Haiti Jean Bertrand Aristide, it was informed friday by a brazilian news source.

Ribeiro considered that this support, occurred in a last march's speech when Aristide resigned in the middle of a deep political crisis, was one of the reasons of the rise of violence in the caribbean island.

On that occasion, Kerry said to NYT that president Bush had sent a "terrible message" on not sending troops to backing Aristide's presidency
Kerry said that he'll be "prepared to send troops immediatly".

Comment: For those who doesn't know, brazilian president Lula da Silva decided to help UN by sending brazilian troops to Haiti (in reality just to look more "multiculturalist" and "UN obedient" in despite of US).
It appeared that it has its fallbacks: it suggest the Bush position was the right position. And this general is very brave and has guts to call things by its name.
Kerry is on the toplist of the "darlings" of brazilian biased media and is not used to be a "good thing" to say bad things about him. Not even "Unfit for Command" will be plublished in Brazil (while there are dozens of Bush haters books on the brazilian's shelves).
And this fact reveal the true motivation of this "useful idiot". Clinton had moved mountains to keep Aristide (a marxist-leninist) with his presidency during the 90 and was clear that Aristide has a strong appeal to democrats.
But it's a pitty that this general is there and not here in Brazil where people like him are missed this days.

Friday, October 15, 2004

Maskless Media: Cuba is worst than Abu Ghraib

Old people suffers in Cuba

See how Cuba's health model treat her old ones: it's more disgusting than those photos from Abu-Ghraib, but none talks about.
Cuba regimen has s strong support by liberal, socialist and social-democrat parties all over the world.
It can be explained by the "embargo"???
This was published first on a swede newspaper

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Socialism: A Highway to hell...

Note: special thanks to John Ray that translated it from the original in portuguese..Thanks!

For over a century Marxism, Communism & Socialism have continued to exert an allure, even on new generations as they come up. It seems that the acolytes don't care about the millions of human beings that have been sacrificed on the altar of these ideologies, rather the ideologies continue to inspire good feelings of humanism and solidarity in millions of young around the world. What is the key to this enigma? How might we open their eyes?

The first thing to be clear about is that the refutation of socialism (from now on I will use the generic term "socialism" to refer to any of the ideologies concerned) via arguments based on economic rationality simply do not work. These arguments do not make any dent in socialist feelings. Socialism has something like a "Teflon effect", ensuring that nothing sticks to it - and its utopian appeal never dies. This nature of socialism was explained by Brazilian philosopher Olavo de Carvalho in his memorable debate with Alaor Caffe: "You can see that Marxism is a philosophy, is a economic theory, is an ideology, is a revolutionary strategy, is a political regimen, is an ethical-moral system, is a cultural criticique, is a
militant political organization. It is all that at the same time"
(Marxism, Right and Society "). It is hard to topple such a row of attributes effectively. Socialism finishes up running away from the debate. It slips between your fingers....

How did we get to this point? Perhaps a good hint, one of the best things produced on the subject comes from John Maynard Keynes (1934): "Communism is not a reaction against the failure of the nineteenth century to organize optimal economic output. It is a reaction against its comparative success. It is a protest against the emptiness of economic welfare, an appeal to the ascetic in us all... It is the curate in [H. G.] Wells, far from
extinguished by the scientist, which draws him to take a peep at Moscow...The idealistic youth play with communism because it is the only spiritual appeal which feels to them contemporary"
What Keynes was driving at was to say that, after the 19th Century had killed God at Darwin's hands and offerered the human salvation associated with him, the scientists had entered the scene. And they started to transform a scientific theory into the only feasible utopia for today. And it had been accomplished by the blood-stained hands of these "social" scientists: The new scientific vision nailed to a new vision of universe.

According to the book "The Sacred Earth" by Brian Leigh Molyneaux the world was born of a "great cosmic explosion" and it has to come to an end -- if man himself does not ruin it first -- in a way described as "to implode, becoming a ball of flames". On the other hand, any of the various utopias had origins in the divine promise to recoup the "lost paradise" for humanity.

Until the 19th century, the world had been created by and for God. And His promises for the human race would be fulfilled, including recovery of the "lost paradise". John Milton (English poet of the 17th century) believed that the "Paradise Lost" was here on earth, not in heaven. For this
purpose, God had created Earth to be a paradisiacal home for humanity. The Paradise had been lost, but it would be recovered by a redentor that "would prize the multitude of the right ones", and Milton concluded that "the Earth has to be a Paradise". This lost hope of one "paradise" to be recovered here on Earth, in a new "golden age" of man, derived from the belief that God
gave to the human race an assurance of it. After 19th century, however, we did not have the same God or the same concept of paradise. We did not have an old paradise to recover anymore, so the Earth would one day be transformed fatally into a cold, barren planet without life. Without God,
with only the material world surrounding us and with economic liberalism having created great economic progress, 20th century man went in search of the "spiritual" and "transcendent" with the help of the same social engineers created by materialism. Thus the communism/socialism becomes the new utopia, substituting the old religiously-based utopias . Everything became based on "transforming" man. Man would have a "new soul" under socialism. It became the "new paradise".

From that moment on, then, it did not matter how many gulags, expurgations, hunger, genocides, forced collectivizations, re-education programs, mass murders there were. Nothing will erase the strong utopian appeal of socialism to the human being. So we have the inherent solidarity of the
socialist utopians. One necessity of the utopian dream, the visionary and the perpetual search of "lost paradise", is a pressing need for human beings to champion the cause of the weak. That the cause might be better served by economic liberalism rather than socialism liberals do not even dream.

Liberalism is not a culture, nor a religion. No liberal -- even those believe in God - assumes to find a "pot of gold" in the end of the rainbow. Humanity will not be recreated or "recovered" by liberalism. No utopia will result from liberalism. Man will continue the same as from the beginning, neither better and nor worse. This lack of climax to the liberal journey it
is what is its tragedy in the eyes of the young socialist dreamers. But also it is what redeems liberalism and places it in its proper context as human. Nothing created by man could be bigger than himself. It is man - the individual - that must have the power to control the process of
progress. No king or prince will be able to do it in his place.
The human dimension of the debate between liberalism and socialism must be found and shown. Keeping in mind the "pseudo-spiritual" dimension of socialist speech is the key to refuting its arguments. Thus we will be able to prove (with some poetical license), that instead of a "stairway to heaven" socialism is a "highway you hell" ...

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

First Post

Hi all!
I decided to start a new blog - in english - just to show to the world the real nature of the government of brazilian president Lula da Silva.
I was surprised by the warm way he's been greeted and cheered all over the world as a poor's defender from the Third World.
He is not what it seems. Is another leftist president whose main task is to recover in the America what was lost in east Europe.
He is the president of a group called "Foro de Sao Paulo" that was formed in 1990 to rethink the left's strategy against "neo-liberalism" all over America. Cuba's Castro is the godfather of this group and some participants are FARC , from Colombia, FMLN from El Slavador and other terrorist groups.
Among other things, one is clear: It is not a debate group....
Read here full-documented website on the subject

Hope you enjoy!!