Thursday, October 18, 2018

The Truth About Jair Bolsonaro, the "populist" brazilian candidate.

It has been a long time since I posted the last time.
My life changed a lot, since I moved to Portugal, but I have never stopped to analyze the Brazil´s situation, but my comments are mostly made on facebook.
Overwhelmed on the wrong comments about the candidate Jair Bolsonaro (for Brazil elections) I have reading on portuguese and even foreign press, I decided to return to blogging.

1) Jair Bolsonaro is populist or extreme-right candidate: Wrong. In Brazil all majoritary parties are all from left, it is so massive that in 2006 elections Lula da Silva complimented that that year election would not have any "right party" running for president. Yes. 
The Brazilian political landscape was very left centered (until this election). The perception from the people perspective was that "PSDB" (brazilian social democracy party) was "right" and "PT" (worker´s party) was left. But in fact is only a  battle inside the same political block.
Since the democracy returned in the 80´s all the major parties become leftist more and more, until the "right" disapperared from the elections in 2006.
But every ups  predicts its downs, from the deep down emerged some angry and revolt against the corruption and recession.
The manifestations against PT, the Dilma´s impeachment was a clear sign that the public was fed up about it.
At the other hand, the results from the operation "lava jato" (Car wash operation) made clear that the corruption was not coming from PT but it spilled into all major parties, including the intented "rightwing" party, PSDB.
From this perspective, emerged Jair Bolsonaro, the only politician that was not involved in any corruption scheme, a visceral (sometimes too visceral) defender of justice and family.
Jair Bolsonaro is tha a truly centered rightwing candidate. Not an "extremist". Don´t trust what you hear about it.
2) Jair Bolsonaro is new Hitler: Everytime a real opposition appeared it was always called "fascist" by the left, cause "fascist" is whatever and whoever  the left wants it to be.
Jair Bolsonaro is very visceral in defense of what he cares the most: family values and fight the criminals, not matter what. All the comments on he as being "mysogynist", "racist", "homophobic" are just because he is against the feminism, race quotas and the gaysism agenda being pushed to the the kids. That´s all. About women, he is the only one in the parliament that defended the "chemical castration" to rapist. Of course all the Hitler comments came from his support laws in favour of the legal right to own and carry guns, in a way to ease brazilians from the burden of nearly 60.000 deaths a year caused by criminals.
3) Jair Bolsonaro is the new Trump: Maybe this is correct only in the way the public perceived his candidacy not the origin and not the way his campaign is being ran. Trump is a billionarie that could  spend millions into his campaign. Bolsonaro almost hasn´t own resources, so his campaign was done by the internet. He become a popular "meme" for his outlandish and boldly remarks against his opposition in parliament and even the press. Here is some similarity, cause  Trump and Bolsonaro were mocked as a "joke" by the official press. The other difference is that Trump reignited an almost dead party, but Bolsonaro had to create his own party, cause no one major party accepted his candidacy. The main differences are: While Trump started as an economic libertarian and social liberal and became more nationalist and conservative, Bolsonaro started as nationalist and conservative, now he is more libertarian in terms of economy but conservative the same.

Hope he is going to win the 28th October elections!