Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Perestroika Deception Update

I was informed that the interview of Christopher Story, taken in 2003 by William McLhany - showed in the last post - got problems.It got freeze after the 29th minute.
So I uploaded the whole interview to Google Video into an one big chunk.
See here


Fui informado que o vídeo da entrevista de Christopher Story, feita em 2003 por William McLhany - mostrada em duas partes no meu último post - tinha problemas. Travava depois dos 29min.

Então eu carreguei o arquivo inteiro no Google Video de uma só vez.

Vejam aqui

Here´s the link.


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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Perestroika Deception

The Cold War was not won by the West. Instead it was a multi-decade long deception strategy from Russian KGB to deceive the West and to defeat U.S. and their allies and to implement a totalitarian-like world government.
This is the overall thesis from the works of Anatoliy Golitsyn, the most important defector from KGB that escaped to US in 1961. He published two books where he explained in details the strategy and even made some "predictions" for the future of URSS and the Iron Curtain. The first one was called "New Lies For Old" and it was published in 1984. The second "Perestroika Deception" came in 1995.
His predictions were independently evaluated as been accurate by the rate of 99% 8in the nineties). He predicted the Fall of Berlin Wall, the coming of Mikhail Gorbachev into power and his policies "Glasnost" and "Perestroika".
Forget all you have been swallowing as "history". Democracy under the Iron Curtain was staged by KGB to work in the shadows.

Here I present two interviews (in two part each) from the English publisher Christopher Story, publisher of "Perestroika Deception" and other books like "Red Cocaine". William Macilhany interviewed Story in 1995 and 2003 on the subject of this deception strategy.
See below.
Thanks Rodrigo Silva Barros for the link

William McIlhany interviews publisher Christopher Story about long term Soviet plans and deceptions.

Mr. Story is the publisher of ... all » several newsletters including "Soviet Analyst", and books including "New Lies for Old" and "Perestroika Deception", both by Soviet defector Anatoliy Golitsyn.

Here´s the updated interview in 2003 (part I):


And the Second Part - 2003:


Here first interview (1995) part I:


And the second part of 1995 interview:


Is Candidate Ron Paul a Leftist Proxy?

Senator Ron Paul has achieving a huge succesful campaign over the internet and the young.

He says things that sound balanced, even odd like to abolish the IRS (yes!) and to return to the gold standard as currency anchor. He is also a "fundamentalist" on the Founding Father´s views.

But he fails terribly on the security issues. He seemed to be over-fed by leftist mantras that say that all the evil that U.S. is proving now is the result of their bad moves on foreign affairs. He even said that US "invaded" so many countries and these invasions created anti-Americanism.

I think Mr. Paul never read authors like Jean-François Revel that explained in books like "The Anti-American Obsession" how it grew inside Europe, specially in France. It is not US fault!

By the coservative side, despite Mr. Paul personal condemnation to abortion and gay marriage, he acts like "a dream come true" as a perfect "conservative" to the radical-left: he is just an AWOL in these questions arguing that these are not questions to be managed by central government, but the local. While leftist always push issues and even distort Constitution emendments to their own advantage, they will be very happy to see a conservative that would alllow them to proceed to destroy America.

It is pittyful that many people has jumped in his badwagon. I myself got suprised by his campaign agenda and initially agreed with his points - in a strictly constitutional terms - but I realized that his views (on National Security, mainly) are so full of naivité that go beyond all reasonable and pragmatical terms. That´s why many conservative bloggers called him a faked conservative.

Be alarmed, among the Republican candidates there are many others faked conservatives.

Here´s Ron Paul being interviewed by Bill O´Reilly.



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Friday, November 16, 2007

In Russia, Software Piracy Crackdown = Abolition of Free Press

In slashdot, an interest article on Russia and Piracy.

"According to a report recently filed by the Washington Post, the Kremlin has finally begun to crackdown on software piracy ... with a twist. The Russian state agency is targetting political enemies with claims of piracy, including independent news media, political parties, and private advocacy groups. In particular, 'the newspaper Novaya Gazeta, one of the last outposts of critical journalism in Russia, suspended publication of its regional edition in the southern city of Samara on Monday after prosecutors opened a criminal case against its editor, alleging that his publication used unlicensed software.'"

This doesn't even take into account our recent discussion of the Kremlin's grip on internet access in that country.

Anatolyi Golitsyn was absolute correct in his books ("New Lies for Old", "Perestroika Deception"), Russian Democracy is fake.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Truth About Communism

On the 90th Anniversary of the infamous October Revolution in 1917, here´s a piece of truth shredding the cover of lies scattered by the communist over the years.

This documentary originally called "Edward Griffin - The Truth About Communism" and features:

- An introduction by an eighty years old Alexander Kerensky, the first President of the Russia post-Tsarist Regime that was ousted by Communist in October.

- Narrator of this is Ronald Reagan.

- Documentary footage of the events, since Russian revolution to the Cold War. Special interest on the Spanish Revolution too.


(click on this link below if yoy can´t see the movie)

The Truth About Communism

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Friday, November 09, 2007

In Cuba, the times they are a changin'

My friend Graça Salgueiro, from "Nota Latina" has sent me this little piece of wonder.
In Cuba, "the times they are a changing" (Chavez and Fidel, let it happens!)

In Cuba, the times they are a changin'

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Thursday, November 08, 2007

U.S. Allied = "Bush´s Lap Dog" ? The Europe-US Alliance

Leftists are so full of hate that they can´t differentiate Bush from

their own country. Anyone that not blames automatically U.S. for all

the evil in the world, is a Bush´s "Lap Dog".
Now it is Sarkozy turn.

But Sarkozy

is not a "lap dog". Nor even all presidents from countries that used to

live under the Iron Curtain after the Second World War. People in

Poland, Albania, Czech Republic knew what it was to live under the

"humanistic" communist rule.


knows that your country , and all Europe as well , is in debt with US. More than

hundred of thousands Americans are buried in French soil. France and Europe

freedom was reconstructed under American blood. The very "freedom" (and money from "Marshall Plan" too) to choose whatever they wanted to be. Even to choose to

turn away from their liberator and embrace the ranks of communism whit "human face" (a.k.a.: Social Democracy).


more leftist labeled anyone that break the ice towards George Bush as

as "lap dog", the more clearer they act as real "lap dogs" of

communist-totalitarian tyrants around the world.

The American-European connection is broke. And I see it as a irreversible.

The work was done during the last 40 years by the communist world,

using communist proxies (useful idiots or disinformation agents) like

unions, social-democrat parties, leftists reporters and newspapers.The

bonds between Europe and US became more and more loosen until it broke

by the time of the invasion of Iraq. French President Chirac

played a major role in this play. While his country was one of the

biggest Saddam´s weaponry supplier, he blamed Bush for the invasion. It

was a matter of business, of course.

The process of using useful

idiots and agents in Western Europe to break the alliance between US

and Europe was described in details by Anatolyi Golitsyn

in his book "New Lies For Old". He said that the long term plan of

deception by the communist had some main goals before to strike the

main enemy in the back: One of them is to isolate US before the World

community. It only could be done with the help of a socialist Europe.

And some "non aligned" (red proxies) , not to mention the UN itself.

The work is done. Sarkozy is only a exception that confirms the rule. That´s why he must be blamed. There won´t be others to follow Sarko´s footprints.

The French connection

Nicolas Sarkozy's cheery U.S. visit has the press howling that he's Bush's new lap dog -- maybe even if it comes to hitting Iran.

By Gregor Peter Schmitz

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Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Actual Status of “The Revolution”

You say you want a revolution / Well, you know / We all want to change the world
You tell me that it's evolution / Well, you know /We all want to change the world
But when you talk about destruction / Don't you know that you can count me out
Don't you know it's gonna be all right / all right, all right” (Lennon-McCartney)

The very concept of the “revolution” is something that one – if studies it profoundly – could find its roots on the Modern Age, during the cycle of “ Discoveries”. Until that time, there was no other civilization to compare to the Europe, so the life of the Europeans was what it was. Then the Spaniards (and Portuguese) gave birth to America.

The shocking discovery of a New Continent and a New Civilization grew within the imagination of many thinkers that begun to describe many scenarios “ what if ?”. “What if “ Europe could put the greed and anger aside and live as the Indians – supposed to live - in America? They believe the peoples in the New World were perfect, happy, live in harmony in a community shared by all. How could Europe follow these steps. No it was not Rousseau that created the myth of the “good savage”. It was created by the wrong presumptions of the first Europeans in America.

Thomas Moore wrote his “Utopia” based on these presumptions. And created a path of thinking that culminated in Karl Marx (Please read “From Dawn to Decadence” by Jacques Barzun, to get full details).

So, it is not wrong to say that “revolutionary” concept emerged with the New World.

Now we are facing the return of the revolution to its home. America, specially the Latin America is now almost dominated by revolutionary leaders. Foro de Sao Paulo (Sao Paulo Forum) is the name of almighty entity (a new comintern, in fact) that rules from Horn Cape almost to the banks of Rio Grande. But it infected the other side too, right into the US.

What I can report is some of my impressions from my last trips to Latin America.

In Argentina, I could face how the mythology surrounding a murder as Che Guevara has turned him into a kind of new Messiah. I even could not use my favorite shirt, where Che appears in his classic pose- but whit Mickey Mouse ears - because I could offend or even get some of Che´s teen-lovers mad at me. With unpredictable consequences. With a president race won by Cristina Kirchner, Néstor Kirchner´s wife, it is clear that Argentina will safely kept in red hands. The penguin couple will profess their accordance with the goals defined by the communist board in Latin America.

One of the Penguin´s last move was a speech at UN where he firmly ask some cooperation from Iran on the investigation of the AMIA terrorist attack in 1994. Don´t get fooled.. It was a divert move. He ask for cooperation when he was supposed to declare Iran as a terrorist state. The people involved in AMIA attacks were people from the government (see here details).

In Brazil, the revolution is going on. It is a multi-faced process that is based upon three legs:

  1. Violence produced by the action of drug-dealers (fight for the drug market monopoly)- represented by the entry of FARC proxies into the Brazilian market blessed by the FSP and Lula da Silva and the violence created by drug users in their “pursue of happiness”. The violence is spread in all country even in areas known in the past as peaceful.

  2. The Gramscian revolution, designed to create a struggle between “ progressives” and “conservatives” to implement free abortion “ rights” to women, gay rights, Indian rights, affirmative actions, where the result is to collapse the society as we know it. The agrarian revolution led by Landless Movement is in fast pace to to turn out this “peaceful” movement into a real guerrilla. Last movements were designed to take control over main roads and areas in the south of Brazil to block it from be used by the farmers to sell their products in local and foreign markets thus leading them to bankruptcy.

  3. The tax persecution: Brazil created an Orwellian structure of financial information that allows the government to copy and log all bank accounts movements every minute. Federal Police uses these informations to arrest who they want. The fiscal and tax laws were so complicated that couldn´t be thought for any other purpose let alone to define “capitalism” as an outlaw activity. Last week many directors from American based company Cisco were arrested for the allegedly crimes such fiscal evasion and fraud. The proofs were obtained by spying illegally phone calls and private e-mails from the company. What in other countries is used to track terrorists, in Brazil is used to track dangerous capitalists for the crime of selling products like routers and other equipment at a lower price.

In Venezuela, it seems that finally “democracy” is just a word. A word so alienated from reality like “virtual reality” or “science fiction”. Even so, s tudents fought in the streets facing tear gases to show their discontent.

The “Revolution” finally has make a final turn in Latin America and it seems that is firmly headed to turn the New World into a new Africa. US is still fighting but like Bible´s Deluge it is a sign that lower areas are flooded before but higher ones will submerge too. It is only a question of time. No one is safe from the Revolutionary Process (?).