Monday, November 29, 2004

U2's new "bomb" : an unforgettable fire

A long time ago, in 1987, I bought a LP *it was called "Long Playing", at the time* of one of my favourite band, the new album called "The Joshua Tree" from the Irish band U2.

When I heard this for the first time, I realize what the expression "instant classic" meant. I never heard an album that caught me completely from teh very start. The opening sequence, starting with "Where the streets..." + "I Still Haven´t found..." + "With Or Without You" was simply outsanding. The rest of the album too.

But never an U2 album made me feel that way again...

Until now. "How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb" is the best U2 album since "Joshua..."! But, of course, I had to listen at least two times before realize its beauty.
Althought it starts very poorly ("Vertigo" is a lousy song!!!) we have a little miracle right after it. "Miracle Drug" is worth the label "new classic". But we have more, "Sometimes You Can´t Make it on your own" is worth too.
At least four tracks has an subtle appeal that raise over and over each time you listen to it...

The soundscape of this album is tottaly eighties for me. It sounds like "Unforgettable Fire" , humble and earnest. It seems that U2 was tired of all masquerade from the 90's..

Bueno, wellcome home, cause HTDAAB is "a Sort of Homecoming"...

Here it goes the lyrics from Miracle Drug

Friday, November 26, 2004

The shocking truth about the discoveries in Fallujah - Iraq

I decided to put on the web this PowerPoint Presentation about the recent discoveries (and neutralization) of terror's network in Fallujah.
I am right that US and Iraqis are doing a good job there... See for yourself!

Friday, November 19, 2004

More on Drugs de-criminalization

This article has a different light on the subject, that I totally agree. Read this. : "Drugs: repression doesn't work?"

My article on MaskLess Midia site

Hello all:
My first article in english "Socialism: A highway to hell" was published in the english version of the main alternative information site in Brazil
Mídia Sem Máscara . Read it!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Lula + drug-dealing colombian guerrilla treaty is charging its price

The big news is much anticipated move of our leftist government: decriminalizartion of drug use in Brazil.
Brazilian President Luiz Ignacio "Lula" da Silva has announced that he will finally sign drug-decriminalization and harm-reduction measures into law next week.

This is the likeable next step. What does one expect of a government that was charged of receiving illegal campaign funds (US$ 300,000.00) from drug-dealing guerrilla called FARC?

It was anticipated in this brilliant article from biggest brazilian philosopher Olavo de Carvalho in 2002 - during the presidential campaign.
Enshrined in an official document, the solidarity unity between Brazil’s Workers’ Party, PT, and the drug-dealing Colombian guerrillas is not a theory, not an interpretation, not a conjecture. It is a fact no one dealing in public affairs in Brazil has the right to deny or hide.

Now it´s a fact: Brazil is aiming to openly decriminalize drug use. The next step is to give official market share to FARC in our country.
The price you have to pay when you are remote controlled by Castro-Farc is this: to betray your own country.

This is all about: treason, but the temperature didn´t reach the boiling point... For us poor frogs. The country still see Lula as a savior..
This is what I call the real "Mandchurian Candidate" !!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Brazil´s Mayor Elections Outcome

As you know it, we have elections for mayor here in Brazil this month. The outcome of this was the ousting of Worker´s Party (PT) from the main cities halls in the country (São Paulo, Porto Alegre) but also won most all other cities halls around the country.

But what I want to show you is the kind of political "debate" that the RESULTS of the election are feeding. This one was written by Janer Cristaldo - a lonely pro-economic-liberalism (capitalism) in Brazil lost in the red sea - that picked up a totally false argument used by biased midia to support voting for government candidate in Sao Paulo election and took conclusions upon it.
Read the comments and you will know about what i said about political "debate".
Here´s the sample of it. For better understanding, "Serra" was the oponent of government´s candidate and "Marta" was the official candidate - running for mayor re-election: “The survey confirms what the geographical vote division already indicated: Serra gets the vote of the more affluent and educated, and Marta doesn’t do so badly among lower income residents with fewer years of schooling.”

Look, in the first round of the election, Serra won by an eight percent margin of votes. Thus, we can infer that, in São Paulo, there are more rich people than there are poor.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

The Marginal Leftist Revolution in Brazil

While thousand of people believe the communist agenda and its fanatical radicals are far away from Brazil, the silent red revolution is in development.
Read this news:

A worker was killed in an ambush, yesterday afternoon (november 9th) in the access area that will be flood by "Barra Grande" dam, in Pelotas river border of Rio Grande with Santa Catarina state (Brazil). Militants of the movement called "Movement of the Affected by Dam" (MAB in portuguese) deny any relation with the episode"

This kind of "eco-activism" hardcore group is the result of the genuine workers needs movements with marxism. After this danger mix the former goals (compensation for the losses) become blurry, substituted by the marxist agenda of criticism towards capitalism (progress) and the will to create chaos within the society.
This kind of redneck-proletarian-eco-marxist revolution was created in the 80´s by Chico Mendes..

This time thy overpassed a limit, killing by gunfire shot an innocent worker as them.

But it´s not the only movement round here. This month the Landless Workers´Movement (MST) has launched what they called "Red Nevember" offensive, that´s simply to take by force private properties from their owners. This is totally illegal in any civilized country. Not in mine.
The "social use" of the soil is a constitution issue!!!

MST is an illegal movement that killed several people and try to launch a marxist revolution here. They were boosted by the "great" former president Fernando Henrique Cardoso that drove millions of financial resources to them... It didn´t calm them down.. In reverse, made them stronger.

Ready to raise its actions with the help of Mr. President Lula, a long time friend of the movement...
What did you expect from a president that mourns dead terrorists?

To know a little bit more about them go here

Brazilian president Lula mourns Arafat

Folha Online - Mundo - Em nota, Lula lamenta a morte de Arafat - 11/11/2004
In the middle of the regular blah-blah of such occasion, Lula da Silva opens his heart:

"Assuring that the Palestinian leaders will keep the ideals of their unbeatable passed-away great leader alive, the Brazilian government reassures its support to the Sovereignity and Free Palestinian State cause and the construction of a peaceful and wealthy future in the Middle East"

Lula believes that supporting terrorists like Arafet is the path to the world peace?
Again it´s a proof that we are in the middle of an Orwellian alternate reality... It´s newspeak in its peak!!!

The real big moron of Americas

Here I post a little suggestion to Daily Mirror, when they would try to put some other country's election under doubt. I offer a real example of what happened when people were completely fooled.
Right here in Brazil, 2002.

How could more than 52M people be so DUMB?
A real hard faith that this man could work our problems out led people to believe in a bogus. Made by the mainstream-media and his powerfull party - the workers party.

I really hope that we're only in two more years ahead we'll be saying goodbye to him...

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

The Friends of Mister Lula da Silva

Remember that old saying "show me who are you with that I'll say who you are" ? Here I show some friends from the not-so-private Lula's orkut network:

Kadhaffi, Chávez and Fidel: What a bunch of outlaws huh? And even so Lula were considered a possible name for the Peace Nobel Prize this year... It seems that we reach what George Orwell named as "newspeak" where the meaning of a given word is exactly the reverse of its actual meaning...

Why is Brazil in Haiti? To avoid US troops there? To play soccer? Both!!

Another phrase from the big-moron-in-brazilian-presidency. This time the subject was our (brazilian) little Vietnam - Haiti.
Lula doesn't lose the occasion to blame on the Americans our prsence there.
Read this stupidity: 'The truth is that, if we not would be there, the marines would be the there, doing what we never will do - a policemen role - because we don't have any plot to perform this kind of action'. Lula still added that brazilian soldiers were in Haiti to 'try to guarantee the peacetime until the elections there'. According to him the Brazilian army in Haiti 'will not lose any opportunity' to prove its value.

Comment: Does anybody know how to promote peace in the middle of a riot like Haiti's WITHOUT acting as a police force there? How can our army promote peace? Playing soccer?
You know that? Lula send our multi-platinum-golden soccer team to a country at war to bring some kind of "self steem" to the people... What a pitty that, despite of the high life risk the government exposed our soccer players, the violence rankings didn't lower..
I just discovered where our president had this lousy idea: from movies!! "Escape to Victory" was the inspirational movie. This movie puts together soccer and war. And the soccer won... I think he thought it could happen again in the real world.... If it wouldn't work, blame on the USA!!!
For those who didn't get this , here's the complete story..
It's not a kind of Pelé movie that the war was decided on a soccer field (remember it

Monday, November 08, 2004

The Reds are angry with Bush....

I have a good time laughing out loud with this cover. It is written: "To the hell with the world" as if an American president candidate has to pass through a "global test" to achieve the presidency..
The name of this magazine means "Capital Letter"...

Brazilian Biased Media on Bush Reelection News

I delayed this posting in a way to see a complete set of thoughts spread out in Brazilian media on the subject of American elections and Bush´s reelection.

Weekend issues of the main newspapers gave me a clear sight of how deep is our media biased towards liberal side.

One example of this is comic showed above: the reelection of Bush represented a clear defection in a "world-peace effort". This is the current opinion through out Brazilian media.

Sometimes it seemed that I was reading some French newspaper...

I believe that is not a problem when a media vehicle assume a side on a electoral dispute. But it must be written in the right place: in an editorial box explaining it to the public in a clear way.
But it is not what happens here. The bias is INSIDE the subject, embebbed as “news coverage”. And they simply lie when caught on action. The results were awful.

Here I list some of the worse exemplos of it in this historic week:

Monday night – Globo Network´s “Jornal Nacional” :
A special bulletin on elections gave special attention to Zogby´s exit polls. The results were given with a demi-laughter smile when was reported that “according to the only institute that was right on 2000 elections”, “Kerry would be the next president”.

Another reporter was sent to cover the election as insider and he was allowed to fly with Bush´s campaign crew while another one tried to take part in one of the democrat entourage rally... The democrats denied his access...
The "home alone" media guy insisted with Kerry later to “speak some words to Brazil”... Kerry denied too.. It was laughable. If Kerry knew how Globo Networks loved him he would give ´em full access. But were the 'baddies' republicans who gave them full access.

Weekend analysis- newspapers (various):
All newspapers delivered lefty bias instead of information. One of theses analysis was that the republicans were helped by the “terror scare” to win the elections. The report even cited the ABC poll that showed that “moral values” was the first issue followed by “economic/ jobs” issue. But it was underrated. It was important to rely the victory of presidency and the senate house solely on “terror”. No facts and no hard evidence.
Another syndicated columnist wrote about “moral values” and how they changed in meaning, because these “moral values” has caused 100,000 deaths in Iraq.
Note that it seems that Saddam never killed anyone. I imagine that this same twisted interpretation wold be given to death polls in WWII related the western effort to topple Hitler.

I wrote myself a letter to one of these columnists. He argued that Rupert Murdoch´s newspapers were not “impartial” and showed a clear pro-Republican bias. Just a week after NYT had opened its vote for Kerry.
He answered me that I was wrong and he was reporting the “truth” about the feeling of American people. It is not necessary to say that he was reporting directly from New York City. His polls were actually street polls, with no consistency at all. I even imagine that he just copied all the subjects from - Soros website effort to "oust" Bush. There is an exact copy of this kind of charge against Murdoch on this website...

But the “grand finale” was even worst: the main newspaper from my state “Zero Hora” (something like “hour zero”) reported yesterday that Bush´s reelection was a good thing to our state´s economy and jobs. It might boost the exports and create hundreds of jobs in Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil.
"ZH" wasted last three years shouting on the contrary ! Bush was the evil´s impersonation, that he was another Hitler and nazi and supported whatever it takes to make him look worse to all brazilians.

Three years later and five days after the election ZH reveals that Bush was GOOD for our economy?? They charged Americans of being bloody-profit-searchers but forgot our own interests. And deny to showed it until the race was won.

It´s what I called "treason".

That´s the way ou media works: We always choose the wrong side – if its against USA – even if it hurts our own interests.

That´s why the world call us “third world”: as we don´t have our own reasons we borrowed it from third parties, specially from Europe..

Wednesday, November 03, 2004 - You Decide 2004 - Bush Camp Declares Victory - You Decide 2004 - Bush Camp Declares Victory

I was very anxious and a little bit disappointed with the results of the exits polls yesterday...
When I came to work today and found out that Bush had 169 votes in electoral college and saw the US map painted in red it was a relief....

Just as here , where the Worker´s Party lost three of the main cities in this mayor election race - because anti-Workers Party voters like me chose for the the best oposition candidate - the exit polls here were a total flaw. All exit pools showed a clear advantage in all main cities in my state for Workers Party, included Porto Alegre - city where I live and the state capital. The exit polls here showed PT (worker´s party nickname, in portuguese) losing the mayor palace for a slight margin of 2%.

The real results were completely different: 6% in favour of the oponent . That´s the dark side: the oponent is a!!!

Yes! I had to vote in a social-democrat to topple the radical workers party from mayor office.

We don´t have any conservative candidate to vote for round here. If this election was a clear signal of that PT has lost... Conservatives don´t win nothing...
The electoral method here is what I call "minimalist-masoquist": We - the right-wing coservatives - have to vote in a candidate that hurt us the lesser....
We´re drowning in a red sea....

That´s because a Bush victory is so important. American people are sending a very important call: there´s good and bad, and there´s who´s with us and who´s against us.
And there´s a clear difference between truth and lie ....

The Soro´s Candidate can return to his yacht....

No more tears ..... Four more years!!!