Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Venezuela: Represion Contra un Pueblo - Repression Against The People

A Venezuela passa para a terceira fase da "revolução". Depois de se travestir de "democrática". Depois de fraudar eleições, agora é a vez de mostrar a sua cara total. Que se dane o apoio popular! Não é mais necessário ter a máscara de "libertador" quanto se tem poder absoluto.
Não adianta mais de 60% da população ser contra o fechamento da RCTV. O povo foi simplesmente usado para mais uma fraude.
E pensar que no Brasil tem desmiolados que acham que o povo que está sendo reprimido indefeso são os "imperialistas" e o outro lado, de bombas de gás e cassetetes são os democráticos.
The third phase of Venezuelan revolution shows her face: after disguising as "democratic" with popular support, after faked elections now there´s no need to cover it anymore. To the hell to the popular support! There´s no need this anymore when you have absolute power.
There´s no use the fact that more than 60% of the popullation is against of the closing of the RCTV. People were used and now is not necessary anymore.
But in Brazil there´s a lot of brainless deluded people that think that the unarmed people in the streets are "imperialists" and the cops with their tear gas bombs and shield are the "democrats".
This is the state of things in LA.
See the video. Thanks for for the link.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Venezuelan TV Remote Control

TV options in Venezuela are pretty few after RCTV was shut....

"The 21´st Century Socialism TV Remote Control"
"Do You Like it? Chavism+Socialism=Death"
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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Venezuela: sobre o fechamento da RCTV / RCTV: closing time..

O jornalista venezuelano Orlando Urdaneta descreve com exatidão o processo totalitário comparando-o com algum filme de suspense: primeiro o criminoso corta a luz e o telefone da casa das vítimas para depois atacar... Pois é exatamente isso que o fechamento da RCTV representa para o povo venezuelano. Este vídeo denuncia esta tentativa de implantar as trevas do totalitarismo na Venezuela.

Venzuelan journalist Orlando Urdanete describes undoubtly the totalitarian process comparing it with some noir film: before attack his victims the criminal cuts the telephone lines and the electrical power from their houses... This is exactly what the closing of RCTV represents to Venezuelan people. This video denounces this attempt to implement the darkness of the totalitarism in Venezuela.

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Monday, May 21, 2007

Feliz Aniversário, Cuba...(Happy Birthday, Cuba)

Yesterday was the Cuba Independence Anniversary.. I could not think a better homage to Cuba and this date than it... Happy Birthday to Cuban... RebelioN!

Ontem foi o aniversário da independência de Cuba... Não consigo pensar em melhor homenagem à Cuba do que isto... Feliz Aniversário à Rebelião Cubana!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Olavo de Carvalho é o mais ouvido dos Blogtalkradio / A Brazilian Political Philosopher Tops the Charts at Blogtalkradio

O talkshow do Olavo no blogtalkradio é o mais ouvido!

Leiam a notícia completa..

We have been seen a nice rotation of the most popular shows on Blogtalkradio. Yesterday, we broadcast 117 shows live and more than 1500 active radio hosts call Blogtalkradio their home.

We air shows
dedicated to the most popular TV show of all time, American Idol. We
air shows hosted by top bloggers covering politics on the right, left
and center. We air sports shows and marketing shows, etc.

But as i write this post, the top show on Blogtalkradio is hosted by Brazilian political philosopher named Olavo de Carvalho. Here
is the link to his show, but it really won’t do you any good
unless you speak Portugese. You see while on air, Olavo doesn’t
utter a single word of English. Olavo’s political ideology is
center right, which is a lonely place to be, given the Brazilian
government is way left.

I am pleased that Olavo is able to use our platform to engage his audience. Obviously his audience is as well!!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Cuban Punk Rock Band Leader in Prison...See Why

Gorki Águila, leader of the a cuban (?) punk band called "Porno para Ricardo" ("Porno for Pyros" tribute?) was jailed by El Coma Andante. The official excuse was drug use, but the ring of Cuban Bloggers told that was this interview to CNN that ignited the action. Liberty for Gorki!!!
Update: Gorki was released today, after have been caught (and beaten) in his home, before his parents. The charge was not on drug use. It was a former accusation.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Advice to MMoore, by Fred Thompson

Actor Fred Thompson giving some advice to Michael Moore on what he must ask Castro next time... Thanks to nopasaran

Espanha em Cuba: Anistia Internacional? Que nada. "Caras"! / Spain in Cuba: International Amnesty? No, "Rich & Famous"!

Vejam esta reportagem da tv espanhola sobre a missão diplomática da Espanha em Havana. Primeiro vem o chanceler espanhol explicando que até os temas mais difíceis, como "direitos humanos" serão discutidos, mas num tom construtivo.
A seguir vemos o que significa isso: drinks, tapinhas nas costas e brindes trocados entre os chanceleres de Espanha e Cuba. Tudo superviosionado pelo dublê do Castro, seu filho, que não desgrudava de um copo. Ao final a sessão "chá das cinco" com personagens, parecem, saídos de algum jantar dos "ricos e famosos".
Um fake, uma armação para justificar que os amigos Fidel e Zapatero coloquem seus governos e países servindo a essa amizade.
Look this report from Spanish TV on the diplomatic trip from Spain Government to La Habana.
First comes the Spanish chancelor explaining that even "human rights" are to be discussed on this trip. Down the curtains...
After that you see what this trip is all about: Party!
Cuban & Spanish chancelors giving toasts each other amid grins and taps on the shoulders. Castro´s son even appeared as a consolation throphy for those who wanted to see the beast themselves..
And the final scene, "A tea for two" makes me angry.
It looked like anything else, not a diplomatic mission to a country that has thousand of political prisioners. Zapatero and Castro are puting their friendship high above the interests of their countries and even their peoples.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

If a fetus is not human....Why not eat them?

The logic is perverse: if a human fetus is not human yet, abortion is not a crime. And if abortion is not crime... Why not eat them?
These headlines came from China and US, countries where abortion is approved by law.

The Epoch Times | Hong Kong Reports Mainland Chinese Eating Infants

The Next Magazine

Mar 29, 2007

You have to be kidding right? Unfortunately this is really happening!

The Next Magazine, a weekly publication from Hong Kong,
reported that infant corpses and fetuses have become the newest
supplements for health and beauty in China. Not only is the placenta
considered a beauty remedy, but also aborted fetuses are much sought
after delicacies. In Guangdong, gourmet body parts are in high demand
and can even be purchased through hospitals. The magazine's
investigations into this form of cannibalism took them to Liaoning

Source for the original here


WorldNetDaily: Abortionist accused of eating fetuses

Kansas City abortionist is out of business after investigators
discovered a grisly house of horrors at his clinic – with fetuses kept
in Styrofoam cups in his refrigerator and one employee accusing him of
microwaving one and stirring it into his lunch.

unsanitary conditions in Krishna Rajanna's clinic prompted legislative
approval of new abortion regulations in Kansas, a bill that was vetoed
by the governor. Rajanna's activities have reportedly been the subject
of law-enforcement investigations for nearly two years.

Pedophiles Now a Protected Group

Blogger Don Laigles warns that a new bill could is passing through the chambers would lead to the protection of any sexual "lifestyle" even from the Bible.

Read on

Pedophiles Now a Protected Group

On May 3, 2007, the House took an important step toward shutting down the First Amendment by expanding the “hate” crimes law to include sexual orientation. Now our nation has accepted the notion that all sexual orientation, including gays, necrophiliacs, adulterers, pedophiles, etc, are seen as special victim groups requiring special federal protection.

The agenda behind this “hate” crimes legislation is the same the world over.

Sweden: Arrest and trial of a pastor for the “hate” crime of preaching against homosexuality based on parts of the Bible that are now forbidden there.

Canada: Pastors and ex-gays arrested and fined up to $17,000 for endorsing the heterosexual lifestyle. Again, the Bible is the weapon found at the crime scene in most cases.

Philadelphia: Eleven Christians arrested for peacefully demonstrating against homosexuals, using the dreaded Bible as their argument.

May 3, 2007 will be remembered by relatively few as a milestone in the loss of religious and speech freedom because the mainstream news media, and even the “conservative” media—Fox News, Rush Sean, the usual suspects—gave it short shrift. Most didn’t even mention it.

O’Reilly says he doesn’t care if gay marriage is sanctioned by our government. But what if he said “I don’t care if your pastor is jailed for preaching from the Bible”?

He’d be finished.

Yet, that is exactly what he and the rest of the neocons are saying by saying nothing. Hannity came out in defense of Howard Stern’s First Amendment rights when Stern was fired. Yet, the rights of us little people to our Christian beliefs apparently mean nothing to him. The Constitution was written for celebrities. We rich and powerful will tell you little guys what to believe. We’ll tell you what the Bible really means.


Monday, May 14, 2007

Vargas Llosa llama Gobierno Zapatero "social pendejo" y "puta triste" de Castro

Mario Vargas Llosa is decided to define Zapatero in terms that he deserves. Using words from another Castro protegé Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Vargas is warning that Zapatero is turning Spain into a kind of Castro´s "melancholy whore" (as the last Marques´ romance).
Here´s the original, in spanish..


Mario Vargas Llosa está decidido a definir Zapatero nos termos que a esquerda conhece bem. Usando as palavras de outro queridinho de Castro, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Vargas está alertando que Zapatero está transformando a Espanha numa espécie de "puta triste" de Castro. Aqui está o original...

En una velada alusión a la última novela de Gabriel García Márquez, 'Memorias de mis putas tristes', el escritor peruano Mario Vargas Llosa pidió que se impida que España se convierta en la "puta triste de Fidel" Castro y criticó al Gobierno de José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, al que calificó de "social pendejo" por promover un acercamiento entre la Unión Europea (UE) y Cuba.

En el artículo 'Piedra de toque', publicado por el diario mexicano 'La Reforma', Vargas Llosa denuncia entre otras cosas los "encarcelamientos masivos", la "represión sistemática, brutal y desproporcionada", los "juicios grotescos" y la "pena de muerte" en Cuba



Here´s the real translaction of Lennon´s lyrics to video."You may say I am a dreamer..But I am not the only one". (Lenin, Stalin, Mao)

Aqui a real tradução da música de Lennon em vídeo "Pode dizer que sou um sonhador .. Mas não sou o único" (Lenin, Stalin, Mao).

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Creating Useful Idiots: Full Video

I could get the (almost) full video of the interview of the KGB defector from the net and put it on Google Video.
Don´t miss it!

Cold War is Heating Up! Blame It to the Global Warming?

Last week, British jets intercepted a Russian Bomber over the North Sea. A Cold War comeback?

Just people naive such as described by the Russian defector Yuri Bezmenov in his video, could believe in such a fairy tale.

If you ever read one of the Golitsyn´s book, you know what is goin on.

Russian played dead over last decade, but now they are spreading their wings- or their fangs? - again.

Brought by once upon a time in the west

Cold War reheated - RAF Tornados foil Russian spy in sky | News | This is London

Cold War reheated - RAF Tornados foil Russian spy in sky

Add your view

It could have been an episode from the dark days of the Cold War.

Britain's air-defence radar system picks up a long-range Russian Bear bomber speeding towards the UK across the North Sea, apparently on a spying mission.

Within minutes, at a windswept RAF base, four airmen race to their fighter jets and roar away to intercept the intruder.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Spanish Premier Zapatero and the Pinochio Effect!

One of the best seller books in Spain is called "Zapatero: El Efecto Pinocho", by Ignacio Villa.
It describes the actual humour of Spanish people towards their premier.

"Decir una cosa y hacer exactamente la contraria. En ello consiste el «efecto Pinocho» que Zapatero se ha acostumbrado a utilizar siempre que lo necesita. Una artimaña que despista a los próximos y agrede a los lejanos."

("To say one thing and to do exactly the opposite. This is what consists the `Pinochio Effect´ that Zapatero uses whenerver he needs. A trick that confuses the ones that are next and please the ones that are far from him")

But no one can accuses Zapatero no to be grateful to his allies: as he was elected by the help of terrorists, he decided to help any terrorist since this moment on.
Was ETA responsable for the Atorcha bombings? Give´em a second chance.

Fidel is a tyrant? Let´s help him to calmy pass through this ill period, not bothering with such things like human rights, political prisioners and so on. "Give peace a chance"..

See it here (by bloggers for cuban liberty ) from Diario de Las Americas:
"The majority in the plenary session of the Chamber was against the motion made by the main opposition party, which asked the Spanish Executive to demand from the Cuban government the “immediate” liberation of 134 “political prisoners” condemned “for defending democracy, freedom and human rights” on the island.The text was rejected by a majority which accused the PP of being the “representative” in Spain of the American “empire."

Why this?

Because of the recent trip to Cuba by the Foreign Minister, Miguel Angel Moratinos.The minister was heavily criticized by the Popular Party because, during his stay in the Caribbean island in April, he did not meet with Cuban dissidents.

Although it was hidden by some disinformation headlines like this one "Spain, Cuba to discuss human rights", while on the body explains

"He said "nothing has been excluded" when asked whether the freeing of jailed dissidents would be discussed at a first meeting on human rights scheduled for the end of May.
The Cuban minister, however, insisted that the release of jailed dissidents would not be the agenda. Perez Roque called them "mercenaries" paid by Cuba's arch-enemy, the United States, to "subvert" the political system born from Castro's leftist revolution in 1959."

It proceeds:

"Cuba rejected EU aid in 2003 after European criticism of Havana for suppressing human rights.
The round-up of 75 dissidents and the summary firing-squad execution of three ferry hijackers in 2003 prompted the EU to shun high-level talks with Cuba and invite dissidents to events at European embassies in Havana, upsetting the Cuban government and leading to a freeze in ties.
Lower-level meetings resumed in 2005 at the encouragement of Spain's new Socialist government, but relations remain cool due to EU calls for the release of political prisoners.
There are more than 300 political prisoners in Cuban jails, according to the Cuban Commission for Human Rights, an illegal but tolerated group."

That´s it: Behind this façade of "democratic" and "multicultural" respect for the "differences" (Fidel, Cuba and terrorists like ETA) co-exists the anger towards the United States. This is what was called - using orwellian words - "double-think. It proves that the long-term strategy on demoralization described by that KGB defectors is still working. Communists and their socialists friends are in charge in so many countries that they act as a group.
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Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Wonders of Cuban Health System

It seems that the new "pork-umentary" from the favourite Democrat pet-hippopotamus (a.k.a Michael Moore) is on the US health system.
I think that he will compare it to the wonders of Cuban health system.
The photos below are from the happy users of the system - all Cubans are the users cause it´s free! By these photos you can see that any avarage Cuban are allowed to have their own private room, specially prepared meals, a place for the acompaniant and - as a plus - a private rest room.

Irony aside, these photos, and some others were published in 2004 by the Sweden newspaper
Brazilian site Unmasked Media published it too, just like me at the time.

Black and Right... A video that´s worth to watch

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Teenage Girl was stoned to death in northern Iraq

Look at this. This is the culture of death praised by the radical muslims. Link brought by Freethoughts

Miss Aswad, a member of a minority Kurdish religious group called
Yezidi, was condemned to death as an "honour killing" by other men in
her family and hardline religious leaders because of her relationship
with the Sunni Muslim boy.

The moment a teenage girl was stoned to death for loving the wrong boy, in northern Iraq.


Monday, May 07, 2007

A French Lesson for Republicans (by Newt Gingrich)

American conservative Newt Gringrich find valuable lessons in Zarkozy win in France to Republicans.

Normally, with the incumbent conservative government so unpopular, the left would have been expected to win the election, probably by a significant margin. But the conservative candidate, Nicolas Sarkozy, won decisively because he is an aggressive, different kind of French political leader. He is a member of the Chirac government -- the Minister of the Interior. But not only is he a man who is willing to stand up and fight for what he believes in, but Sarkozy is also a man who hasn't followed the normal French path to success by going to an elite university, becoming part of the ruling elite and fitting in.

Sarkozy: A Different Kind of Frenchman

Instead, Sarkozy is just the opposite. He was born of Hungarian parents who had fled communism in Eastern Europe. That makes him the first president of France who is a first-generation immigrant. It also means his name doesn't sound very French. And his style certainly isn't very French. He is a tough, confrontational leader -- a man who has been preaching things that don't sound very much like the French establishment.

In the campaign, Sarkozy argued that the French have to work longer hours and, in order to give them an incentive to do so, that they shouldn't pay taxes if they work overtime. He called for tax cuts to encourage investment so the private sector can create jobs. And critically, Sarkozy has said that the people must obey the law, that the creation of law and respect for the law is a central part of any civilized society.

Remember, this is a jarring message for a country that routinely accepts the burning of up to 15,000 cars a year by hooligans who, according to the elites, are simply "expressing their desire to disrupt society." It's jarring for a country that was very proud a few years back to have the first mandatory 35-hour work week in history. Yet an increasing majority of the French believes that without the kind of changes Sarkozy is calling for, France's stature will disappear in a wave of lawlessness and economic decay.


Fanstastic! KGB defector explains Marxist technics on Demoralizating & Brainwashing the West

Yuri Bezmenov, a KGB defector, explains in this interview to Edward Griffin in 1984 how KGB worked. It is not unknown to whom already have read one of the books of defectors like Anatolyi Golitsyn or Ladislav Bitmann. But the impact of an interview such this is totally different.
I guess that, how Bezmenov explained, people that are already caught in the brainwashing machine trap will not believe even if they see the truth with their own eyes..
In Brazil, I feel the work is completely done.
See for yourselves!
Bezmenov even cites Jane Fonda as a genuine "dissident" - a typical product from this kind of demoralization technique.

I could see that many films made in the west to "criticize" the "imperialism" like "The Dawn of the Dead" or other Living-Dead films in fact describe how these "active measures" and "influent agents" controlled by KGB filled the world by "useful idiots" like Moore, Fonda and many others.


Thursday, May 03, 2007

Ann Coulter on Democrat debate

I did not see it, but Coulter comments on democrat debate reminds me Oscar Wilde`s witty phrases.

Here is the exceprt ..

So we finally have an answer to the question: What do Democrats teach their daughters? Is it:

  • (a) integrity
  • (b) character
  • (c) the importance of always telling the truth

The answer is: (d) They teach their daughters to use low-energy
lightbulbs. This is so important that it apparently bears mentioning
during a debate under high-intensity TV studio lights.

(How many kids does it take to screw in a lightbulb? In the Barack household, evidently, it takes two.)


March for Marijuana

Brazil never lets me down in terms of surprises. Someone has told that is a country that came out of barbarism and went down directly to the barbaric decadence without ever had "civilization" in between.

Read below.

These are the masks of the main supporters of free-hemp campaign, that user could use to avoid be jailed : Marcelo D2 (rapper), Fernando Gabeira (former terrorista and deputy) e Sérgio Cabral filho (Rio de Janeiro governor).

Máscaras pra download

March for Marijuana

Schedule: 6th may 2007

Where: Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Hour : 14:00hs, Arpoador beach

Start of the march: 16:20hs.

Starting at 17:00hs: Party with the best Rio´s Sound Systems

Masquerade contest: Join the march, and if you are afraid to be caught on camera, come in disguise. Join our Masquerade and run for the prizes..


Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Idiocy Moves in LA : Fidel´s "Mini me" Pulls Out of IMF...

Blog "Once Upon a Time in the West" has doing a great job informing step-by-step the progress the "world revolution". But let me note that his nick for Chavez and Evo are absolutely hilarious: Fidel´s "Mini Me" (Chavez) and his "Mini Mini Me" (Evo Morales).

Latin America File: Caracas pulls out of IMF, World Bank; Quito expels World Bank envoy; FARC operating in Ecuador; FMLN: Posada base in El Salvador

Fidel Castro's "mini me" in Caracas, Hugo Chavez, and his "mini mini me" in Quito, Rafael Correa, are making good on their rhetoric against the world's bastions of globalism and neo-liberalism/capitalism.


Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Return of the "Idiot", but is not the Prince Mischkin, it´s the "Perfect Latin American Idiot"

Source: O insurgente

Alvaro Vargas Llosa , on Latin America

Throughout the 20th century, Latin America’s populist leaders waved Marxist banners, railed against foreign imperialists, and promised to deliver their people from poverty. One after another, their ideologically driven policies proved to be sluggish and shortsighted. Their failures led to a temporary retreat of the strongman. But now, a new generation of self-styled revolutionaries is trying to revive the misguided methods of their predecessors


Viva la Revolución ?

The Real Propaganda.. in French elections

From ¡No Pasarán!:

While many people charge any pro-capitalist statement as "propaganda", the Big State lovers from French state TV France2 decided to make a real disinformation campaign: Sarkozy´s speech translation to english was totally distorted by the translator!

See the image above.

Why? Because Sarkozy is a conservative in a american way. A classic liberal politician that is virtually non-exists in France. While his opponent Royal is the same-old again.

In an interview to "Le Monde", Jacques Chirac admitted that is
“Nicolas Sarkozy est “spontanément plus libéral que moi“,
souligne aussi le président, portant sur le libéralisme -
qu’il appliqua lors des privatisations entre 1986 et 1988 - une
cinglante condamnation. “Je suis convaincu que le
libéralisme est voué au même échec que le
communisme et qu’il conduira aux mêmes excès.
L’un comme l’autre sont des perversions de la pensée
“, dit-il.”

(is “spontaneously more liberal than me “, underlines as the president,
bearing on liberalism - as it applied at the time of privatizations
between 1986 and 1988 - one shingling judgment. “I am convinced that
liberalism is dedicated to the same failure as Communism and than it
will lead to same excesses. One like the other are perversions of the
human thought “, says it.”)

Chirac is confusing the two terms. Liberalism classic has nothing to do with communism. Liberalism as nowadays` in America yes, is that thing you must be afraid of.

Is Sarko liberal or conservative+libertarian (or classic liberal)?

The answer is here, a page from a socialist supporter of Royal.

"The last the declaration of Nicolas Sarkozy on genes and paedophilia not surprises me. He is a conservative candidate in his
excellence: to lower the violence of the prélévements obligatoires (social taxes) and suppression of the taxes from heritage and fortune, return on the individual rights to strike
and the defense of a natural law or as of the birth
some would be
condemned to be delinquents and others to succeed.
Nicolas Sarkozy does
not believe in progress, it is clear. It is serious for a serious
candidate for the presidency of the republic. The only candidatures of
progress are those of the left and among them, the choice of Ségolène
Royal is essential."

He is a conservative and a classic liberal, that´s why he is so hated by the left.

It is clear to me that if France does not want to go down (lower) in History the option is Sarko.

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Animated Anti-Communism Movie: Be Afraid of the "Doo-Gooders"

This films was made in the 50`s but its message is still clear: Be afraid of anyone who sells easier things. Read between the lines.
Is it "propaganda"? No it is the truth. All democracies must be aware of the size of their own State. Sometimes the "contract" is not so clear for everyone to read first. Specially be cautious from anyone who claims to be a "Do-Gooder".. They want you to become an "Useful Idiot".