Thursday, December 20, 2007

Huckabee: Another "Faux" (or better: a Subliminal) Christian ?

Republican pre-candidate , after a surprising surge last weeks, seems to be shrinking to his avarage size.

When I started to know a little about Huckabee, I was amazed by his feelings towards family values.
But it made me feel odd on his views on the State. He seems to be a "Do-Gooder" , from the right, but a Do-Gooder.

It is very difficult to choose among the actual Republican candidates. I really like Ron Paul´s on economy, but his views on Foreign Affairs and moral values could be described as a dream-come-true for many leftist.

Now Huckabee. Below you can find an excerpt of an acid opinion from Ann Coulter on him.
The most hilarious at all, is that Huckabee has a lot of weak points to be critcized by Republicans, but what arose from public debate this week was his TV ad. Many found "subliminal propaganda" behind Huckabee´s Christmas ad. Just because he seemed to be in front of a cross. My God. Huckabee is christian and believes in Jesus. So what? What could be more direct than a good old "Merry Christmas"?? He could be blamed for many things (as Ann´s points it out) but this accusation is silly.

I, for my part, am still on the search for the  - at least - a  less-worst Republican candidate for 2008. The race will be very, very difficult. Even if Republicans could win, I don´t know if there´s a reason to celebrate...
Happy Xmas...

As far as I can tell, it's mostly secular liberals swooning over Huckabee. Liberals adore Huckabee because he fits their image of what an evangelical should be: stupid and easily led.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Message 2007

Here´s a Xmas Message that I am very pleased to share all of you.
It is from my friend Olavo de Carvalho and  contain wisdom in its more profound sense. Enjoy it!


Christmas  Message 2007


Olavo de Carvalho


"When  questioned about the date of the end of the world, Jesus Christ said it was a  well guarded secret that God the Father kept to Himself (Mt. 24:36). This answer  carries with itself two unescapable logical  implications:

             First, Christ is the Divine Logos, the Divine Reason, that is, the living  eternal system of all the laws that govern the cosmos and every possible  reality. If the knowledge concerning the time for the end of the world belongs  properly to the Father and not to the Son as such, this means that the arrival  of the end will not be determined by any previous law, but by a pure Act of  Will, an expression of the Divine Freedom and not properly of the Divine  Reason.

             Second, if the time for the end is an unsearchable mistery, the  culmination or final purpose of the human historical process is also unknowable,  for any state of progress or decay that can have been attained at a precise date  can be changed by further unforeseen developments the next day or minute. An  eternal decision by God the Father Himself makes that human History is an open  process, not limited by any predetermined ends, not destined to reach any  predefined state of perfection.

             For five or six centuries now, however, many men have been trying to  persuade mankind that they not only can foresee very clearly that state of  perfection, but know the precise social, cultural, political and historical  roads that should be travelled in order to attain  it.

             This is what I call "the revolutionary mind". If the historical results  of its coming to the world took the form of mass killings, tyrannical  governments and undescribable misery and pain, it was not because the  revolutionary mind was betrayed by its own representatives or committed some  little mistakes underway to its promised earthly paradise. It was because the  revolutionary mind presumes to be wiser than Christ Himself. And whoever  presumes to be wiser than Christ refuses also the Holy Spirit. The revolutionary  mind is the sin against the Holy Spirit, a sin that will not be forgiven during  this life or in the hereafter.

             One should never believe that following the destruction of such or such  revolutionary regime the revolutionary mind was forever expelled from human  history. Under thousands of new disguises, many of which very subtle and hard to  recognize, it reappears again and again in our hearts and minds, for it is the  specifically modern version of the great temptation.  

             Today, as we prepare ourselves to contemplate once more the Divine Child  in His humble craddle, please remember: He is the source and the limit of our  knowledge. He is the measure, the ruler and the scale. He is the Alpha and the  Omega. Beyond these limits, there is only the unsearchable mistery of Divine  Freedom."

Monday, December 17, 2007

U.S. General Says Iraq Violence at Lowest Levels Since 2004

It seems that Iraq finally is turning into a little island of democracy surrounded by an ocean of Islamo-Fascist sates.

Is a little odd that while Iraq seems becoming better, Pakhistan is getting worse...

I´ve read that the coalition guidelines to the region were : to let Iraq to U.S. and U.K. and Pakhistan to U.N. I think people at U.N. just wanted to keep out from Iraqi chaos and terror and preferred the Talibans (afterall their forces  were severe damaged by the  2001-2002 attacks). Hence, the fight against Talibans would seem easier (it was a question of maintain the ground gained) than Iraq (insurrection?).

But, four years later, the situation seems worsened for Pakhistan.

It proved two points: Yes, the U.S guidelines for Iraq were wrong in operational level. Yes, U.S. needed to put MORE men in Iraq (despite all the cry from the left). The much "total failure" of Iraq was turned aside in 2006.

I don´t think Iraq is still an issue for 2008 election. Not for democrats.

Final thought: Althought many Portuguese casualities have been reported in Pakhistan, I do not share the feeling that this war is wrong. What is not right is not the war, but the operational direction of it. It was clear in Iraq. United Nations are not skilled to that. Whenever U.N. is involved, you can expect failure.

Brazilians are suffers the same sort of casualities in Haiti (where Brazilians troops are located to try to impose some order in that country), under the U.N. wings. The overall picture is wrong. That´s the point: In Pakhistan or in Haiti - U.N. policies are failed.

BAGHDAD — Violence in Iraq is at its lowest levels since the first year of the American invasion, finally opening a window for reconciliation among rival sects, the second-ranking U.S. general said Sunday as Iraqi forces formally took control of security across half the country.

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Friday, December 14, 2007

Updates on Latin America, Portugal...

I do not have much time to keep up with the facts, so I doing this big chunk o small perceptions, news on Brazil-Portugal affairs and Latin America.


Th big fact of these past weeks was Venezuelan referendum on new Bolivarian (sic) Venezuelan Constitution. Every dictator has to claim its "rights" to do whatever they do. The best way is  - if you´re regime is far from the Constitution - is to change the Constitution.
Chávez is treating "Constitution" - a Nation Statement on Her Intentions and Values - just like an ISO 9001 process to the industry. Let me explain. In industry, ISO processes in its first level is just a confirmation of the business processes practices already on the run. That is exactly what Chávez intented. His Constitution was an affirmation of the practices already carried out by the Venezuelan government.

It was rejected by the approval of Chávez. It is has to be clear for all. Some Venezuelan friends told me story: Former Chávez supporter Gen. Baduel reunited with Chávez warning that, if the election was to be faked again, the Army would not try to stop people´s manifestation on the streets. Chávez must recon the defeeat out and loud.

But he will try again...

Venezuela - Portugal

While Chávez is received as a "hero" by the far left (to the sound of leftist deceased singer "José Afonso", the lyricist that rocked the Carnation Revolution in 1974) and even by the Portuguese Prime Minister (José Socrates) , many Portuguese people are being kidnapped and even murdered in Venezuela. It is unexplainable. Chávez regime is supported by many revolutionary and criminal organizations like FARC, Hezbollah  and Cuban regime - that sent hundreds of agents to spy over the country) and it is unthinkable that these organized crimes could be done without his permission.


More on the "unstoppable march of Brazil to the Revolution":
a) Now, by an aberrant interpretation of the Constitution (abherrant enough for itself)  any  African-Brazilian t that claimed  to be descendent of slave fugitive communities (called "Quilombo") can declare the owner of the land formely occupied by them. No matter where is located the area. There´s no need  a formal recognition research or approval to such claims. The fact that is just a  i-llegally form of  withdrawing property from people.

b) There´s a new law proposal that impose a "national" reserve on cable tv: By this new law, Cable tv stations are obligated to broadcast 50% of national programs. I wondered, if the national programs were good enough there´s no need to people buy cable tv plans.

c) Lula´s defeat: The provisory "contribution" (a new name for robbery) created more than a decade before - that steals 0,38% of every bank transfer made in Brazil - was terminated in a surprisal Chamber Session, last wednesday. It was like the referendum defeat for Chávez. A brief relief to the Brazilian Tax Inferno. But Lula will try again.. Don´t dream about it.


My friend Jose Reyes from Cubanology has sent me his  newest video "Cubans , Fight For Your Rights!" . See here :