Monday, December 05, 2011

Clinton has 'serious concerns' on Russia... JPost - International

Clinton has 'serious concerns' on Russia... JPost - International: Clinton has 'serious concerns' on Russia vote

Wow, if it was Jimmy Carter, he would "approve" the elections in Russia, as he did for Hugo Chávez.

But I don´t trust Hillary. If she said she has "serious concerns", what it means?

"US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Monday she had "serious concerns" about the conduct of Russia's parliamentary elections and Russians deserved a full investigation of all reported irregularities"

The campaign for Sunday's election was marked by "limited political competition and a lack of fairness," observers from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and the Council of Europe's parliamentary assembly said.

The vote count "was characterized by frequent procedural violations and instances of apparent manipulation, including several serious indications of ballot box stuffing," the monitors said in their preliminary report.

Maybe it is time for the mantra "The communism is dead" along with "Russia is a democracy" to put aside.. Enough was allowed to Russia to oavertake its previous dominance over its former "satallite" republics...

The west turned aside to many things Russia did over the last years:

1) The bombings in Moscow - 1999. It was an FSB "job", according to
deceased agent Alexaner Litvinenko.
2) Russia supported Saddan Hussein - It helped him to hide wmd in Syria
3) The invasion of Georgia and Ukraine, in 2008
4) The assassination of Polish PM in 2010, in a fabricated plane "accident"

Friday, December 02, 2011

Cuba: two women arrested; People started unrest

Cuban people is starting a riot? It was amazing that people tried to impede the guards to arrest these two brave women that dared to protest against the government in Cuba.