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The Philosopher and The Murderer

Olavo de Carvalho is the Brazilian philosopher that predicted years ago what we are facing now in Brazil.

He was the first in Brazil to denounce the Foro de São Paulo as a new comintern, made up to conquest Latin America for the left. The problem is not if it was only that. No “the left” is not only legallt approved leftist parties on their countries of origin, but also all the drug-smuggling communists terrorists and guerrillas of the continent.

Yes, it was odd that a party like Workers Party (PT) in Brazil – the one that declared publicy that had changed its objectives and turned to democratic-capitalist field during the 2002 elections – was not only the founder of Foro de Sao Paulo in 1990 but it stills participated actively on it, despise its “change”.

Can you “change” but still be friend of Fidel Castro, Colombian FARC & ELN, Nicaraguan Sandinistas, Chávez, El Salvador´s FMLN, Spanish ETA?

Evidently not.

But Olavo was the one that claimed that PT “change” was only a deception made to whitewash the real objectives of Lula´s party: to act as an shadow member of Foro de Sao Paulo, pretending to be the “moderate” one among radicals in LA, in a way that would make the world feels secure because Brazil – the biggest country and the biggest economy – would be a counter-balance power against Chávez (Fidel´s proxy) influence in Latin America.

Last week two facts changed the tide.

First, a internal video from PT – a preparation for the third PT´s congress to be soon take place in São Paulo – showed that Olavo was right. This video explains what is the “PT´s Socialism” proposal, afterall. And it is exactly as the old communism. This video also shows that Foro de São Paulo not only as a debate forum on the consequences of the “Berlin Wall Fall” (18 years after that!) but instead an organization to lead the radical left to the power of all LA countries and to form a new “Confederation of Socialist Countries” there.

You can see the video VNPjm0qfByc ) ">here.

The other fact is that an former terrorist João Moral Carlos Kfouri Quartim gave an interview to the communist website “vermelho” ( assuring that “before the historical memory of the Brazilian people, we would commit the worst of the infidelities to the memory of our deceased if we assented in paying, for the good relations with the military of today, the price of forgeting of the crimes committed for the dictatorship”

Olavo published an article explaining that this attitude is the very objective of the radical left. While the military assured by the Amnesty of 1979 that even the crimes of Quartim were overlooked, the left will never forget the crimes of the military.

And what was the crime of Quartim?

He and many others assassinated an American citizen and Navy official called Captain Charles Rodney Chandler in 1968 in a “revolutionary trial” in Sao Paulo under the accusation of being a CIA spy. Chandler was a Vietnam War veteran that came to Brazil to study socilogy. He was murder while trying to drive his car off the garage. They shot him 14 times by a gun-fire and many others by a gun. It was done in front of his wife Joan and his three children.

He was arrested and judged guilty for his crime. He was released by the Amnesty gave to all political prisioners (but in the time a rude debate over the issue if guilty of a blood crime would be allowed to be amnestied) and his sentece commutted.

Now Quartim is a “professor” in Unicamp (College at Campinas, SP) and it seems to be very important to the revolutionary process in Brazil.

See further details here and here (thanks to google translate)

Leftists, unable to whitewash the history invented a “petition” to accuse Olavo of being a hatred rightist and a mccartyst. Even the most prominent state ministers and influent persons in the Lula cabinet signed the petition.

Olavo denouced the ridicule of create a petition to refute a criminal record. Many Olavo´s admirers (me included) signed the petition putting the truth, but as soon as the “rightist” avalanche invaded and ridiculed the petition, they erased all “dirty” signatures over and over.

It´s the Stalinist process using the internet. If you know a little of portuguese you can see that the signaturers are “sociologists”, “philosophers” and the avarage crowd of useful idiots.

That is why my country is on the one-way to communism. So help us God.

Here the criminal record of Quartim de Moraes, translated by Google translate:


  • Formed in Right and Philosophy for the USP, she was militant of the Laboring Politics (POLOP)
  • In 1968, after to return after two years of studies in France, was one of the founders of Vanguarda Popular Revolucionária (VPR), where it arrived to participate of some armed actions.
  • In Sept 68, it integrated the “Revolutionary Court” who condemned to the death the CAP Chandler, “executed” in 12 Out 68 (to see “Justiçamento, the murder of the CAP Chandler”), (to see “the Great Humbug”).
  • In Dec 68, for divergences politics, it was I banish from the VPR. Four months later, with false name, ran away for Uruguay.
  • In Oct 70, it was for Paris, where it lived ten years, but also passed for England, Italy, Iugoslavia and Chile.
  • In Feb 70, Chile, it was one of the founders of the magazine “Debate”, later also edited in the Europe and that it defended, basically, the constitution of a “platform for the union of the Brazilian Communists”.
  • With the 1979 amnesty, it returned to Brazil, where it started to act in the ABI/SP and was contracted to be professor of the UNICAMP. In 1983, Secretary of the Press of the government of São Paulo was nominated, for governor Franco Montoro.
  • Currently, he is titular professor of the Institute of Philosophy and Sciences Human beings of the UNICAMP.

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Washingotn Post Protects Bill Clinton Era. No News.

It just came out from Washington Post. Finally the truth is becoming clear. But no so clear. Despite that the main efforts of counter-terrorism efforts were during Bill Clinton presidency he is not cited even in a slighest manner.

Bush on the contrary is cited as the main responsable for the “imcompetence” of the Intelligent Services.

Why do not refer to the war between CIA-liberals-minded top management and the White House´s under Bush administration?

The only good job CIA has made since 9/11 was to provide gasoline to the Bush-bashing bonfire.

I conclude that this report was made solely as an escuse to continue the Bush-bashing. But this has at least some truthfull sources, mixed with some poison pills. Where´s Bill guilt?

It was clear that Clinton had information in 1998 to catch Osama Bin Laden, but he and the “intelligence” decided to play dead.

CIA Finds Holes in Pre-9/11 Work

Agency Reluctantly Releases 2-Year-Old Document Critical of Tenet

By Joby Warrick and Walter Pincus

Washington Post Staff Writers
Wednesday, August 22, 2007; Page A01

Former central intelligence director George J. Tenet and his top lieutenants failed to marshal sufficient resources and provide the strategic planning needed to counter the threat of terrorism in the years before the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, according to a summary released yesterday of a long-secret CIA report.

Despite promises of an all-out war against terrorism in the late 1990s, leaders of the spy agency allowed bureaucratic obstacles and budget shortfalls to blunt the agency's efforts to find and capture al-Qaeda operatives, said the report, by the CIA's inspector general. It also faulted agency leaders for failing to "properly share and analyze critical data."

The 19-page document -- a redacted executive summary of a classified report given to congressional intelligence committees two years ago -- called for the creation of a special board to assess "potential accountability" for Tenet and other former CIA leaders. Its stark assessments triggered a sharp response, with Tenet and other former and current intelligence officials denouncing the inspector general's conclusions.

"The IG is flat wrong," Tenet said in a lengthy statement.

The CIA reluctantly released the report summary after Congress demanded that it be made public. Congressional leaders had requested the study specifically to determine whether individual CIA officials should be held accountable for intelligence failures before Sept. 11. or, alternatively, rewarded for outstanding service.

"Agency officers from the top down worked hard" against al-Qaeda but "they did not always work effectively and cooperatively," the investigators concluded. While finding no "silver bullet" or single intelligence lapse that might have prevented the Sept. 11 attacks, the report identified numerous "failures to implement and manage important processes" and "follow through with operations."

The report said Tenet bears "ultimate responsibility" for the CIA's lack of a unified, strategic plan for fighting al-Qaeda. The intelligence community "did not have a documented, comprehensive approach" to al-Qaeda, the document said, and Tenet "did not use all of his authorities" to prepare one.

Congress requested the investigation after a 2002 joint House-Senate intelligence probe that examined intelligence failures leading to the Sept. 11 attacks. Members of the joint panel asked the CIA inspector general to review the panel's own findings and to begin a narrow investigation of the issue of accountability.

The report, overseen by CIA Inspector General John Helgerson, states that Tenet became "actively and forcefully engaged" in counterterrorism efforts before Sept. 11 and had even declared in 1998 that "we are at war" with global terrorism. But neither Tenet nor his deputies followed through by pushing for adequate resources and sharing of information among intelligence and law enforcement agencies, it said. Helgerson, a 36-year CIA veteran, was appointed inspector general by Tenet in 2002.

Tenet said that the report is factually inaccurate and that it does not place his actions in the context of the times. In his statement, Tenet emphasized his repeated efforts to sound alarms about al-Qaeda before Congress and inside the White House in the months before the attacks.

"There was in fact a robust plan, marked by extraordinary effort and dedication to fighting terrorism, dating back to long before 9/11," said Tenet, who served as CIA chief from 1997 to 2004 and now teaches at Georgetown University. In December 2004, President Bush awarded him the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

In his recent memoir, "At the Center of the Storm," Tenet recounts his long campaign to persuade Bush administration officials to take terrorism more seriously. "The bureaucracy moved slowly," he wrote.

Tenet also said that he inherited an intelligence agency "in shambles," with declining budgets and plummeting morale. There was "no coherent, integrated and measurable long-range plan," he wrote. "That's where I focused my energies from day one."

CIA Director Michael V. Hayden, in a statement addressed to the agency's employees, said he had opposed releasing the inspector general's report, fearing it would "distract officers serving their country on the frontlines of a global conflict."

"It will, at a minimum, consume time and attention revisiting ground that is already well plowed," Hayden said. Both he and predecessor Porter J. Goss have rejected calls for an "accountability board" to assess the responsibility of individual CIA officials.

The limited focus was one reason that Tenet and his successors fought releasing the report. They argued that CIA leaders were being unfairly singled out in an investigation that deliberately ignored the role played by other intelligence agencies and administrations.

Despite the narrow scope, the document sheds new light on several controversies and conflicts in the months before the attacks.

It describes, for example, a little-known clash between the CIA and National Security Agency over surveillance activities and authorities. According to the report, the NSA had long refused to share raw transcripts of intercepted al-Qaeda communications with the CIA but finally relented and allowed one CIA officer to review the intercepts at the NSA for a brief period in 2000.

The report summary also reveals that CIA analysts, before Sept. 11, had trained their sights on Khalid Sheik Mohammed, who was later determined to be the chief planner of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. At the CIA's Counterterrorism Center, the man known as "KSM" became a high priority for capture because of his connections to the organizer of the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center. But CIA analysts did not recognize that he was also a senior al-Qaeda planner, despite "reporting from credible sources," the investigators concluded.

The report also sheds light on the agency's failures to identify Nawaf Alhazmi and Khalid Almihdhar, two al-Qaeda operatives who became part of the Sept. 11 hijacking plot. In the early months of 2000, as many as 60 intelligence officials saw agency cables concerning the two men's travels.

Yet they were never placed on a watch list that might have resulted in their capture before the attacks, the report states.

Staff writer Glenn Kessler and research editor Alice Crites contributed to this report.

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Forget Moore: Portuguese TV Presents The Real Cuba

Portugal´s state RTP TV has made this documentary on Cuba, that show the good (health and education "for free") and the band sides of the country.
After a start that seems to be another propaganda, the balance weighs to the last.
No other documentary in portuguese (yes it´s in portuguese with spanish subtitles) could go so deep: RTP interviewed some of the 75 oppositors of the regime, arrested in what bacame known as "Primavera Negra".
You can hear and watch Guillermo Fariñas talk about his hunger strike for liberty on the internet access in Cuba, for example.
But this dare was not rewarded: they were pressed by Cuban agents to reveal what they had recorded in a popular market.

Some of the dissidents received even death threats over the phone because of the RTP´s interviews.
It´s a brilliant piece of documentary. For real. Forget Michael Moore.
It was sended to me by a friend and was caught on Martha Colmenares´ page.
Sorry: It´s in european portuguese with spanish subtitles.

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The Photo of the Year?

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"How Catholic Church..": Free Chapter

How Catholic Church Built Western Civilization is the name of the book from Thomas E. Woods Jr that shows some – completely unknown for most of the people – achievements accomplished by the Church in many areas suchs as culture (the concept of charity, women´s right), achitecture, agriculture, science, international law (indigenous rights, the “fair war” concept), economy an many others that definitely shaped the Western Culture. Clicking on the picture you can download a full chapter from the book, called “ How the Monks Saved the Civilization

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Brazilian Lies to Conduct Two Refugees Back to Prison

Another crime to be listed among the other crimes of Mr. Lula da Silva: to make Brazilian Federal Police act as a leg of the Cuban Intelligence services. They persecuted, put two boxers in jail and invented a story so full of absurdities that is beyond any trace of intelligence.

Accordingly to the interview published in Granma by Ringodeax and Lara where they - according to Fidel Castro´s article in the same newspaper - use absolute "frankness" (a joke!), they were intoxicaded with Redbull and Vodka by bad guys. And decided no to return to the Cuban delegation because they would be with weight in excess. I imagine that they wanted to test if Redbull really gives you wings..

The collaboration between Fidel (or the entity called Fidel that still runs the Island) is something like Petáin and Nazis during the WWII in France. Lula will always do the trick to help their friends and to look as a "balanced" leader to useful idiots like Bush, that went back to Washington believing that created a crack between Venezuela and Brazil on the issue of green fuel). Right now he wanted to believe that Cubans wanted to return to Cuba at their own will.

I said several times that Brazil is getting worser day by day but only in an absurd comedy like this that it could worse than Cuba.

They were arrested and sent back during the weekend just to avoid that opposition (Is it still exist something resembling such thing in Brazil?) to claim for their liberty as refugees.

The episode is far different from the episode involving "father" Oliverio Medina that were supposed to be deported to Colombia due to his criminal poll. But FARC requested and Brazil made him an official refugee.

For his friends, Brazil obeyed the international rules of refugee rights but treated the Cubans as criminals.

Oliverio is a criminal in Colombia, was suspected to give one million dolllars from Colombian FARC to Lula's party in the 2002 elections.

This is the way Brazil is getting closer to a soft soviet regimen.

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Uribe is Defeated by FARC´s Friends, a.k.a Democrats

The only and the lonely conservative president in Latin America, Álvaro Uribe is being abandoned by US when he needs her the most.

FARC´s and their friends create a photo-shop work that showed Uribe shaking hands with a para-militar activist.  It was a fraud, by the democrats make such a noise (Al Gore ran away from the office where Uribe was meeting some US politicians) that is seems that Washington will abandon Uribe.

Uribe is a president with more thatn 80 % of approval in Colombia. He is winning the war against drug-dealing terrorist guerrilla. But now FARC´s friends are forcing him to "negotiate" with a bunch of terrorists as they are any other political player.

I don´t know why Al Gore went so mad, cause his party is the winner in the terrorist ass kissing in history, since Jane Fonda went to Vietnam. Right now another useless idiot Sean Penn went to Venezuela to exchange anti-Bush gossips with Chávez. The list of democrats or democrats sympathizers that supported red tyrants is so imense that it makes Gore´s reaction so theatrical  that it had to be not noticed at all.

If Gore stopped to think just for one moment, he will realize that his son´s drug addicting problem is one of the consequences of Democrats disguised support to FARC. Making the other side so evil is just a theather play not to show the real face of FARC.

Another Foro de Sao Paulo  victory in Latin America, with the support of Democrats.
Here´s Alberto Montaner article on the subject.


U.S. abandons Colombia


Colombia must prepare to stand starkly alone. It is very likely that military aid from the United States will vanish in the near future, as Republicans and Democrats do battle.

President Alvaro Uribe may be winning the war in the Colombian jungles, but he's losing it in Washington.

It is not true that the two U.S. parties unite patriotically when faced with major foreign-policy challenges. That's part of the American mythology. If there's any electoral advantage in throwing overboard a foreign ally (or supporting him), Republicans and Democrats will do it. The only immovable principle is that elections must be won at any cost and under any pretext.

Nor should Colombians expect the slightest solidarity from their ''Latin American brothers.'' That's another myth. The feelings that prevail in the region are either indifference or satisfaction over the dangers that loom over Colombian democracy.

The countries in the southern cone are indifferent. Brazil -- despite the refinement of its ruling class -- is a giant with feet of clay and a soccer ball for a head.

The governments of Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua and, of course, Cuba are happy. Panama, which once was a Colombian province, fears the consequences but, given its limited specific weight, can do little or nothing.

Mexico, under the Estrada Doctrine of ''nonintervention in the affairs of another state,'' achieved total insignificance in foreign-policy years ago and has defended it stubbornly.

Hugo Chávez is rubbing his hands. He has a plan, and Colombian intelligence is aware of it. It seems he convinced the drug-trafficking, communist-leaning guerrillas to collaborate in a strategy that will lead the so-called Democratic Pole to victory in the next elections.

The Venezuelan colonel is willing to spend whatever is needed: $10 million, $50 million, $100 million. The gush of petrodollars is enough to bankroll those imperial spasms. After the triumph in Colombia, Peru will fall of its own weight in the next elections, maybe by the hand of Ollanta Humala -- and the conquest of the Andean arch will be complete: 100 million people.

In sum, after amending the views of Lenin and Fidel Castro, Chávez proposes to repeat the Venezuelan experience in Colombia. That experience has become a universal theory for the seizure of power: You win the elections, write a Constitution that destroys the foundations of a republican structure and wipes out all vestiges of individual rights, gradually silence the opposition, nationalize the means of production and militarize the population under a deluge of revolutionary slogans.

Then you become part of the glorious 21st-century socialism, a guayabera-and-red-beret version of the Soviet madhouse that was mercifully torn down last century.

Can Colombia resist, without allies, the hurricane that approaches? It all depends on the common sense of the democratic political class. Previous experience has not been very encouraging.

In Venezuela, Ecuador and Nicaragua, the democratic political class committed suicide. It irresponsibly walked into the slaughterhouse. It chose to go blind as long as it could poke its political rival in the eye, even though both belonged to the same democratic family. Finally, when both were blind, the enemy of republican values leisurely took over the presidential palace and began the demolition.

The theory heard most often in Colombia is optimistic. People think that ''it cannot happen in this country.'' Why not? Supposedly because of the country's political tradition and society's adherence to the rule of law; and because Colombians know the meaning of a triumph by the left, with the drug-trafficking, communist guerrillas standing in the shadows. That is why Uribe retains 70 percent of the popular support: He represents what Colombians really want.

I don't believe that theory. Colombia, too, can fall.

In 1989, Venezuelans gave Carlos Andrés Pérez the greatest endorsement at the polls of any president in the nation's history. In 1991, surveys showed that he enjoyed 70 percent of the popular support. In 1992, one day after Chávez attempted to overthrow him by a military coup, it was learned that 65 percent of the Venezuelans sympathized with the putschist officers.

The conclusion is obvious: Democratic values are hanging by a thread in Latin America -- and Colombia is no exception. There are too many problems, there is too much poverty, and the governments have been thoroughly clumsy in the search for solutions. Our countries are within the grasp of any populist, leftist adventurer who will promise people the moon.

They're waiting for it.

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Brazil: Cuban Refugees Will Be Deported To.. Cuba

Brazilian conservative Reinaldo Azevedo reports in his blog:
"Cubans: Brazil is about to committ a political crime. Act now !
  Brazil is on the verge to do a little favour to the dying dictator (it seems that even the hell rejects him), Fidel Castro: Federal Police announced that will deport the Cuban boxers  Erislandy Lara (24) and Guillermo Rigondeaux  (25) , that abandoned Cuban delegation during the Pan American Games in Rio de Janeiro- Brazil. The reason? They have "no documents". Is it so? Where is the PT (workers party) senators like Eduardo Suplicy to intercede in favor to the Cubans? Where´s the opposition? To send them back to Cuba is like to send two innocents to life prison of a hard dictatorship. Is clear that they deserve the status of political refugees."

I have send an e-mail to all the Brazilian deputies, through the link link:

Here´s my message:

"I want to denounce that Federal Police is about to deport Cuban athletes that escaped from Castro´s dictatorship during the Pan.American Games in Rio. The reason is that they have "no documents"..
Where´s the deputies and senators that always defend the "innocent"? Where´s who defended Oliverio Medina, FARC (FUERZAS ARMADAS REVOLUCIONARIAS DE COLOMBIA) from expulsion and gave him the political refugee status to not be deported to Colombia? Where´s his supporters?
Please is time to do something to save these two young men.
Luís Afonso"

Fahrenhype 911: Debunking Michael Moore :: Refutando Michael Moore

Hi! I was warned that the video of "Fahrenhype 911" shown in one of my last posts was freezing after 30 min. I reloaded it to Google video and it is fixed!

Enjoy this, now that Moore has another package of controversy in theathers again (sicko).


Olá! E fui alertado que o vídeo de "Fahrenhype 911" que eu coloquei no Google video estava com problemas. Eu refiz o upload e está resolvido!

Apreciem este documentário refutando os argumentos de Moore em "Fahrenhype 911", agora que Moore tem outro pacote de "controvérsias" nos cinemas (sicko).

If you can´t see it, click here

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Leader of Brazil Homosexual Movement Under Investigation for Pedophilia

Julio Severo

Homosexual movement tried to silence a christian pro-family activist Julio Severo in Brazil. He is a friend of mine. After google had shown a warning that his blog was under "evaluation of `abuse`" a group of conservatives (me included) like Brazilian philosopher Olavo de Carvalho started to ask google for Severo´s blog return. We succeded! And the homosexual militancy was backfired by the explicit liasons with pedophilia on their websites and blogs. LOL!!
Here´s the full article.

BRAZIL, July 30, 2007 ( - A recent attempt by Brazilian homosexuals to silence two weblogs failed when Google, the hosting service, restored them after blocking them for several days. Now the contents of the blogs have drawn the attention of Brazilian prosecutors, who are investigating Luiz Mott, the leader of Brazil's homosexual movement, for pedophilia.

The first blog, by the anonymous author Jael Savelli, was blocked for only a few hours several weeks ago, but the second, authored by Brazilian Christian activist Julio Severo and hosted by Google's "Blogger" service at, was blocked from July 16 to July 19.

The site's contents were removed andLuiz Mott with young boy replaced with a statement that read: "This blog is being reviewed for possible violations of the Blogger Terms of Service, and can only be opened by the authors." Although Severo states that Google never informed him of its reasons for blocking the site, the removal occurred after a bitter campaign against him by homosexual activists on Google's partner service, The service is widely used by Brazilians to socialize and exchange information, and became an organizing point for opposition to Severo and his site.

Three days after Severo's site was suppressed, the eminent Brazilian philosopher Olavo de Carvalho blasted the campaign against Severo in his regular column for the newspaper Jornal do Brasil.

"A group of militant gays has secured the removal of the site,"; wrote de Carvalho. "The method was to spread through Google a storm of denunciations against the author of the blog, the writer Julio Severo, accusing him of preaching violence against homosexuals. 'He wants us to remain masked, without the right to defense,' bellows one of those who incited the attack in the Orkut community used as the headquarters of the initiative. 'He wants us to be subject to beatings without our aggressors paying for it.'"

"The accusation is manifestly false," Carvalho continued. "Anyone who reads the blog without deformed lenses perceives that. Severo limits himself to arguing against homosexuality based on Christian morality, which doesn't command that anyone be beaten. I defy the militant gays to show where he affirms that homosexuals should subject to such violence without the right of protection of the laws."

Carvalho went on to point out that, if anyone had violated the laws, it was the homosexuals attacking Severo based on his religion: "It is they who committed against him the crimes defined in articles 240 and 251 of the Penal Code: publicly defaming and ridiculing a citizen because of his religious belief. They added to this the crime foreseen in article 138: false imputation of a crime."

De Carvalho encouraged protestant church groups to support and defend Severo. "Julio Severo, as a reprisal against his moral crusade, now has his social and professional life totally destroyed. He is the most discriminated against and persecuted of Brazilians. He cannot confront, alone, a gigantic mass movement subsidized by billionaire foundations, that, having made itself out to be a victim persecuted by a solitary and poor adversary, now shows a monstrous, cynical, and perverse dishonesty."

According to Severo, numerous individuals responded by submitting complaints to Google. The day following Carvalho's article, Google restored Severo's website, again without any explanation.

Luiz Mott with young boyThe actions taken against the two blogs, however, drew attention to information contained in one of the blogs against Luiz Mott, the self-described "dean" of the homosexual movement in Brazil. The blog of "Jael Savelli" (the pseudonym of the blog's anonymous author), had published an article entitled "Pedophilia Now!", containing evidence that Luiz Mott is a pedophile.

The article, which was linked to by Julio Severo's blog and republished on another website called Midia Sem Mascara (Media Without a Mask), quoted an essay on Mott's own website, "Meu Moleque Ideal" (My Ideal Boy).

In the essay, which is displayed at Mott's site at, Mott states that, "fundamentally, all of us gays (and non-gays) feed in our imagination on a type of ideal person that we would like to love and have at our my case, to tell the truth, if I could choose freely, what I would like for myself would not be a man but a boy, an 'adolescent' of the type that the nobles of ancient Greece said was the thing most handsome and pleasurable to be loved and [expletive]."

Mott's essay, noted Savelli's blog, is praised by users of the pedophile website, who call it "a marvelous text" and "Sensational. An article that manages to summarize my desires."

The same website contains another essay attributed to Mott ("Pedophilia and Pederasty") in which he says that, "in my opinion, the taboo and repression of sexual relations between adults and youth is supported by two prejudices, that sex has a particular legal age to begin and that every relationship between someone older and younger always implies violence and oppression. Studies prove that even in the uterus a baby already has an erection..." The essay goes on to give examples of children in sexual relationships with adults in various tribal societies, and advocates as a struggle against the "hypocrisy" of those who "deny the inalienable right of children and adolescents to receive respect for their free sexual orientation and their sexual freedom."

Mott also maintains what he calls Brazil's only "erotic museum", which contains various paintings and figurines depicting human body parts and sexual acts. As he discusses his "erotic museum" in a video displayed on YouTube, Mott stands next to a statue of a naked child, with his arm around its waist. During part of the video, as Mott continues to talk, the camera moves down and focuses on the genitals of the statue.

In the backlash against Mott's militant homosexual movement, information from Savelli's site has been given to prosecutors in the states of Bahia (where Mott lives) and Juiz de Fora.

The Christian Apologetics Study Center (CACP) reports that a prosecutor in the Federal Attorney General's office in the state of Bahia, responded to their complaint with an assurance that he would initiate procedures to begin a criminal investigation and to remove the offending sites from the internet: "I immediately decided to institute an Administrative Procedure to investigate and remove the site, as well as a representation for the opening of a Police Investigation against those responsible. Thank you very much."

Second part:

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