Thursday, December 20, 2007

Huckabee: Another "Faux" (or better: a Subliminal) Christian ?

Republican pre-candidate , after a surprising surge last weeks, seems to be shrinking to his avarage size.

When I started to know a little about Huckabee, I was amazed by his feelings towards family values.
But it made me feel odd on his views on the State. He seems to be a "Do-Gooder" , from the right, but a Do-Gooder.

It is very difficult to choose among the actual Republican candidates. I really like Ron Paul´s on economy, but his views on Foreign Affairs and moral values could be described as a dream-come-true for many leftist.

Now Huckabee. Below you can find an excerpt of an acid opinion from Ann Coulter on him.
The most hilarious at all, is that Huckabee has a lot of weak points to be critcized by Republicans, but what arose from public debate this week was his TV ad. Many found "subliminal propaganda" behind Huckabee´s Christmas ad. Just because he seemed to be in front of a cross. My God. Huckabee is christian and believes in Jesus. So what? What could be more direct than a good old "Merry Christmas"?? He could be blamed for many things (as Ann´s points it out) but this accusation is silly.

I, for my part, am still on the search for the  - at least - a  less-worst Republican candidate for 2008. The race will be very, very difficult. Even if Republicans could win, I don´t know if there´s a reason to celebrate...
Happy Xmas...

As far as I can tell, it's mostly secular liberals swooning over Huckabee. Liberals adore Huckabee because he fits their image of what an evangelical should be: stupid and easily led.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Message 2007

Here´s a Xmas Message that I am very pleased to share all of you.
It is from my friend Olavo de Carvalho and  contain wisdom in its more profound sense. Enjoy it!


Christmas  Message 2007


Olavo de Carvalho


"When  questioned about the date of the end of the world, Jesus Christ said it was a  well guarded secret that God the Father kept to Himself (Mt. 24:36). This answer  carries with itself two unescapable logical  implications:

             First, Christ is the Divine Logos, the Divine Reason, that is, the living  eternal system of all the laws that govern the cosmos and every possible  reality. If the knowledge concerning the time for the end of the world belongs  properly to the Father and not to the Son as such, this means that the arrival  of the end will not be determined by any previous law, but by a pure Act of  Will, an expression of the Divine Freedom and not properly of the Divine  Reason.

             Second, if the time for the end is an unsearchable mistery, the  culmination or final purpose of the human historical process is also unknowable,  for any state of progress or decay that can have been attained at a precise date  can be changed by further unforeseen developments the next day or minute. An  eternal decision by God the Father Himself makes that human History is an open  process, not limited by any predetermined ends, not destined to reach any  predefined state of perfection.

             For five or six centuries now, however, many men have been trying to  persuade mankind that they not only can foresee very clearly that state of  perfection, but know the precise social, cultural, political and historical  roads that should be travelled in order to attain  it.

             This is what I call "the revolutionary mind". If the historical results  of its coming to the world took the form of mass killings, tyrannical  governments and undescribable misery and pain, it was not because the  revolutionary mind was betrayed by its own representatives or committed some  little mistakes underway to its promised earthly paradise. It was because the  revolutionary mind presumes to be wiser than Christ Himself. And whoever  presumes to be wiser than Christ refuses also the Holy Spirit. The revolutionary  mind is the sin against the Holy Spirit, a sin that will not be forgiven during  this life or in the hereafter.

             One should never believe that following the destruction of such or such  revolutionary regime the revolutionary mind was forever expelled from human  history. Under thousands of new disguises, many of which very subtle and hard to  recognize, it reappears again and again in our hearts and minds, for it is the  specifically modern version of the great temptation.  

             Today, as we prepare ourselves to contemplate once more the Divine Child  in His humble craddle, please remember: He is the source and the limit of our  knowledge. He is the measure, the ruler and the scale. He is the Alpha and the  Omega. Beyond these limits, there is only the unsearchable mistery of Divine  Freedom."

Monday, December 17, 2007

U.S. General Says Iraq Violence at Lowest Levels Since 2004

It seems that Iraq finally is turning into a little island of democracy surrounded by an ocean of Islamo-Fascist sates.

Is a little odd that while Iraq seems becoming better, Pakhistan is getting worse...

I´ve read that the coalition guidelines to the region were : to let Iraq to U.S. and U.K. and Pakhistan to U.N. I think people at U.N. just wanted to keep out from Iraqi chaos and terror and preferred the Talibans (afterall their forces  were severe damaged by the  2001-2002 attacks). Hence, the fight against Talibans would seem easier (it was a question of maintain the ground gained) than Iraq (insurrection?).

But, four years later, the situation seems worsened for Pakhistan.

It proved two points: Yes, the U.S guidelines for Iraq were wrong in operational level. Yes, U.S. needed to put MORE men in Iraq (despite all the cry from the left). The much "total failure" of Iraq was turned aside in 2006.

I don´t think Iraq is still an issue for 2008 election. Not for democrats.

Final thought: Althought many Portuguese casualities have been reported in Pakhistan, I do not share the feeling that this war is wrong. What is not right is not the war, but the operational direction of it. It was clear in Iraq. United Nations are not skilled to that. Whenever U.N. is involved, you can expect failure.

Brazilians are suffers the same sort of casualities in Haiti (where Brazilians troops are located to try to impose some order in that country), under the U.N. wings. The overall picture is wrong. That´s the point: In Pakhistan or in Haiti - U.N. policies are failed.

BAGHDAD — Violence in Iraq is at its lowest levels since the first year of the American invasion, finally opening a window for reconciliation among rival sects, the second-ranking U.S. general said Sunday as Iraqi forces formally took control of security across half the country.

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Friday, December 14, 2007

Updates on Latin America, Portugal...

I do not have much time to keep up with the facts, so I doing this big chunk o small perceptions, news on Brazil-Portugal affairs and Latin America.


Th big fact of these past weeks was Venezuelan referendum on new Bolivarian (sic) Venezuelan Constitution. Every dictator has to claim its "rights" to do whatever they do. The best way is  - if you´re regime is far from the Constitution - is to change the Constitution.
Chávez is treating "Constitution" - a Nation Statement on Her Intentions and Values - just like an ISO 9001 process to the industry. Let me explain. In industry, ISO processes in its first level is just a confirmation of the business processes practices already on the run. That is exactly what Chávez intented. His Constitution was an affirmation of the practices already carried out by the Venezuelan government.

It was rejected by the approval of Chávez. It is has to be clear for all. Some Venezuelan friends told me story: Former Chávez supporter Gen. Baduel reunited with Chávez warning that, if the election was to be faked again, the Army would not try to stop people´s manifestation on the streets. Chávez must recon the defeeat out and loud.

But he will try again...

Venezuela - Portugal

While Chávez is received as a "hero" by the far left (to the sound of leftist deceased singer "José Afonso", the lyricist that rocked the Carnation Revolution in 1974) and even by the Portuguese Prime Minister (José Socrates) , many Portuguese people are being kidnapped and even murdered in Venezuela. It is unexplainable. Chávez regime is supported by many revolutionary and criminal organizations like FARC, Hezbollah  and Cuban regime - that sent hundreds of agents to spy over the country) and it is unthinkable that these organized crimes could be done without his permission.


More on the "unstoppable march of Brazil to the Revolution":
a) Now, by an aberrant interpretation of the Constitution (abherrant enough for itself)  any  African-Brazilian t that claimed  to be descendent of slave fugitive communities (called "Quilombo") can declare the owner of the land formely occupied by them. No matter where is located the area. There´s no need  a formal recognition research or approval to such claims. The fact that is just a  i-llegally form of  withdrawing property from people.

b) There´s a new law proposal that impose a "national" reserve on cable tv: By this new law, Cable tv stations are obligated to broadcast 50% of national programs. I wondered, if the national programs were good enough there´s no need to people buy cable tv plans.

c) Lula´s defeat: The provisory "contribution" (a new name for robbery) created more than a decade before - that steals 0,38% of every bank transfer made in Brazil - was terminated in a surprisal Chamber Session, last wednesday. It was like the referendum defeat for Chávez. A brief relief to the Brazilian Tax Inferno. But Lula will try again.. Don´t dream about it.


My friend Jose Reyes from Cubanology has sent me his  newest video "Cubans , Fight For Your Rights!" . See here :


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Perestroika Deception Update

I was informed that the interview of Christopher Story, taken in 2003 by William McLhany - showed in the last post - got problems.It got freeze after the 29th minute.
So I uploaded the whole interview to Google Video into an one big chunk.
See here


Fui informado que o vídeo da entrevista de Christopher Story, feita em 2003 por William McLhany - mostrada em duas partes no meu último post - tinha problemas. Travava depois dos 29min.

Então eu carreguei o arquivo inteiro no Google Video de uma só vez.

Vejam aqui

Here´s the link.


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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Perestroika Deception

The Cold War was not won by the West. Instead it was a multi-decade long deception strategy from Russian KGB to deceive the West and to defeat U.S. and their allies and to implement a totalitarian-like world government.
This is the overall thesis from the works of Anatoliy Golitsyn, the most important defector from KGB that escaped to US in 1961. He published two books where he explained in details the strategy and even made some "predictions" for the future of URSS and the Iron Curtain. The first one was called "New Lies For Old" and it was published in 1984. The second "Perestroika Deception" came in 1995.
His predictions were independently evaluated as been accurate by the rate of 99% 8in the nineties). He predicted the Fall of Berlin Wall, the coming of Mikhail Gorbachev into power and his policies "Glasnost" and "Perestroika".
Forget all you have been swallowing as "history". Democracy under the Iron Curtain was staged by KGB to work in the shadows.

Here I present two interviews (in two part each) from the English publisher Christopher Story, publisher of "Perestroika Deception" and other books like "Red Cocaine". William Macilhany interviewed Story in 1995 and 2003 on the subject of this deception strategy.
See below.
Thanks Rodrigo Silva Barros for the link

William McIlhany interviews publisher Christopher Story about long term Soviet plans and deceptions.

Mr. Story is the publisher of ... all » several newsletters including "Soviet Analyst", and books including "New Lies for Old" and "Perestroika Deception", both by Soviet defector Anatoliy Golitsyn.

Here´s the updated interview in 2003 (part I):


And the Second Part - 2003:


Here first interview (1995) part I:


And the second part of 1995 interview:


Is Candidate Ron Paul a Leftist Proxy?

Senator Ron Paul has achieving a huge succesful campaign over the internet and the young.

He says things that sound balanced, even odd like to abolish the IRS (yes!) and to return to the gold standard as currency anchor. He is also a "fundamentalist" on the Founding Father´s views.

But he fails terribly on the security issues. He seemed to be over-fed by leftist mantras that say that all the evil that U.S. is proving now is the result of their bad moves on foreign affairs. He even said that US "invaded" so many countries and these invasions created anti-Americanism.

I think Mr. Paul never read authors like Jean-François Revel that explained in books like "The Anti-American Obsession" how it grew inside Europe, specially in France. It is not US fault!

By the coservative side, despite Mr. Paul personal condemnation to abortion and gay marriage, he acts like "a dream come true" as a perfect "conservative" to the radical-left: he is just an AWOL in these questions arguing that these are not questions to be managed by central government, but the local. While leftist always push issues and even distort Constitution emendments to their own advantage, they will be very happy to see a conservative that would alllow them to proceed to destroy America.

It is pittyful that many people has jumped in his badwagon. I myself got suprised by his campaign agenda and initially agreed with his points - in a strictly constitutional terms - but I realized that his views (on National Security, mainly) are so full of naivité that go beyond all reasonable and pragmatical terms. That´s why many conservative bloggers called him a faked conservative.

Be alarmed, among the Republican candidates there are many others faked conservatives.

Here´s Ron Paul being interviewed by Bill O´Reilly.



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Friday, November 16, 2007

In Russia, Software Piracy Crackdown = Abolition of Free Press

In slashdot, an interest article on Russia and Piracy.

"According to a report recently filed by the Washington Post, the Kremlin has finally begun to crackdown on software piracy ... with a twist. The Russian state agency is targetting political enemies with claims of piracy, including independent news media, political parties, and private advocacy groups. In particular, 'the newspaper Novaya Gazeta, one of the last outposts of critical journalism in Russia, suspended publication of its regional edition in the southern city of Samara on Monday after prosecutors opened a criminal case against its editor, alleging that his publication used unlicensed software.'"

This doesn't even take into account our recent discussion of the Kremlin's grip on internet access in that country.

Anatolyi Golitsyn was absolute correct in his books ("New Lies for Old", "Perestroika Deception"), Russian Democracy is fake.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Truth About Communism

On the 90th Anniversary of the infamous October Revolution in 1917, here´s a piece of truth shredding the cover of lies scattered by the communist over the years.

This documentary originally called "Edward Griffin - The Truth About Communism" and features:

- An introduction by an eighty years old Alexander Kerensky, the first President of the Russia post-Tsarist Regime that was ousted by Communist in October.

- Narrator of this is Ronald Reagan.

- Documentary footage of the events, since Russian revolution to the Cold War. Special interest on the Spanish Revolution too.


(click on this link below if yoy can´t see the movie)

The Truth About Communism

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Friday, November 09, 2007

In Cuba, the times they are a changin'

My friend Graça Salgueiro, from "Nota Latina" has sent me this little piece of wonder.
In Cuba, "the times they are a changing" (Chavez and Fidel, let it happens!)

In Cuba, the times they are a changin'

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Thursday, November 08, 2007

U.S. Allied = "Bush´s Lap Dog" ? The Europe-US Alliance

Leftists are so full of hate that they can´t differentiate Bush from

their own country. Anyone that not blames automatically U.S. for all

the evil in the world, is a Bush´s "Lap Dog".
Now it is Sarkozy turn.

But Sarkozy

is not a "lap dog". Nor even all presidents from countries that used to

live under the Iron Curtain after the Second World War. People in

Poland, Albania, Czech Republic knew what it was to live under the

"humanistic" communist rule.


knows that your country , and all Europe as well , is in debt with US. More than

hundred of thousands Americans are buried in French soil. France and Europe

freedom was reconstructed under American blood. The very "freedom" (and money from "Marshall Plan" too) to choose whatever they wanted to be. Even to choose to

turn away from their liberator and embrace the ranks of communism whit "human face" (a.k.a.: Social Democracy).


more leftist labeled anyone that break the ice towards George Bush as

as "lap dog", the more clearer they act as real "lap dogs" of

communist-totalitarian tyrants around the world.

The American-European connection is broke. And I see it as a irreversible.

The work was done during the last 40 years by the communist world,

using communist proxies (useful idiots or disinformation agents) like

unions, social-democrat parties, leftists reporters and newspapers.The

bonds between Europe and US became more and more loosen until it broke

by the time of the invasion of Iraq. French President Chirac

played a major role in this play. While his country was one of the

biggest Saddam´s weaponry supplier, he blamed Bush for the invasion. It

was a matter of business, of course.

The process of using useful

idiots and agents in Western Europe to break the alliance between US

and Europe was described in details by Anatolyi Golitsyn

in his book "New Lies For Old". He said that the long term plan of

deception by the communist had some main goals before to strike the

main enemy in the back: One of them is to isolate US before the World

community. It only could be done with the help of a socialist Europe.

And some "non aligned" (red proxies) , not to mention the UN itself.

The work is done. Sarkozy is only a exception that confirms the rule. That´s why he must be blamed. There won´t be others to follow Sarko´s footprints.

The French connection

Nicolas Sarkozy's cheery U.S. visit has the press howling that he's Bush's new lap dog -- maybe even if it comes to hitting Iran.

By Gregor Peter Schmitz

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Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Actual Status of “The Revolution”

You say you want a revolution / Well, you know / We all want to change the world
You tell me that it's evolution / Well, you know /We all want to change the world
But when you talk about destruction / Don't you know that you can count me out
Don't you know it's gonna be all right / all right, all right” (Lennon-McCartney)

The very concept of the “revolution” is something that one – if studies it profoundly – could find its roots on the Modern Age, during the cycle of “ Discoveries”. Until that time, there was no other civilization to compare to the Europe, so the life of the Europeans was what it was. Then the Spaniards (and Portuguese) gave birth to America.

The shocking discovery of a New Continent and a New Civilization grew within the imagination of many thinkers that begun to describe many scenarios “ what if ?”. “What if “ Europe could put the greed and anger aside and live as the Indians – supposed to live - in America? They believe the peoples in the New World were perfect, happy, live in harmony in a community shared by all. How could Europe follow these steps. No it was not Rousseau that created the myth of the “good savage”. It was created by the wrong presumptions of the first Europeans in America.

Thomas Moore wrote his “Utopia” based on these presumptions. And created a path of thinking that culminated in Karl Marx (Please read “From Dawn to Decadence” by Jacques Barzun, to get full details).

So, it is not wrong to say that “revolutionary” concept emerged with the New World.

Now we are facing the return of the revolution to its home. America, specially the Latin America is now almost dominated by revolutionary leaders. Foro de Sao Paulo (Sao Paulo Forum) is the name of almighty entity (a new comintern, in fact) that rules from Horn Cape almost to the banks of Rio Grande. But it infected the other side too, right into the US.

What I can report is some of my impressions from my last trips to Latin America.

In Argentina, I could face how the mythology surrounding a murder as Che Guevara has turned him into a kind of new Messiah. I even could not use my favorite shirt, where Che appears in his classic pose- but whit Mickey Mouse ears - because I could offend or even get some of Che´s teen-lovers mad at me. With unpredictable consequences. With a president race won by Cristina Kirchner, Néstor Kirchner´s wife, it is clear that Argentina will safely kept in red hands. The penguin couple will profess their accordance with the goals defined by the communist board in Latin America.

One of the Penguin´s last move was a speech at UN where he firmly ask some cooperation from Iran on the investigation of the AMIA terrorist attack in 1994. Don´t get fooled.. It was a divert move. He ask for cooperation when he was supposed to declare Iran as a terrorist state. The people involved in AMIA attacks were people from the government (see here details).

In Brazil, the revolution is going on. It is a multi-faced process that is based upon three legs:

  1. Violence produced by the action of drug-dealers (fight for the drug market monopoly)- represented by the entry of FARC proxies into the Brazilian market blessed by the FSP and Lula da Silva and the violence created by drug users in their “pursue of happiness”. The violence is spread in all country even in areas known in the past as peaceful.

  2. The Gramscian revolution, designed to create a struggle between “ progressives” and “conservatives” to implement free abortion “ rights” to women, gay rights, Indian rights, affirmative actions, where the result is to collapse the society as we know it. The agrarian revolution led by Landless Movement is in fast pace to to turn out this “peaceful” movement into a real guerrilla. Last movements were designed to take control over main roads and areas in the south of Brazil to block it from be used by the farmers to sell their products in local and foreign markets thus leading them to bankruptcy.

  3. The tax persecution: Brazil created an Orwellian structure of financial information that allows the government to copy and log all bank accounts movements every minute. Federal Police uses these informations to arrest who they want. The fiscal and tax laws were so complicated that couldn´t be thought for any other purpose let alone to define “capitalism” as an outlaw activity. Last week many directors from American based company Cisco were arrested for the allegedly crimes such fiscal evasion and fraud. The proofs were obtained by spying illegally phone calls and private e-mails from the company. What in other countries is used to track terrorists, in Brazil is used to track dangerous capitalists for the crime of selling products like routers and other equipment at a lower price.

In Venezuela, it seems that finally “democracy” is just a word. A word so alienated from reality like “virtual reality” or “science fiction”. Even so, s tudents fought in the streets facing tear gases to show their discontent.

The “Revolution” finally has make a final turn in Latin America and it seems that is firmly headed to turn the New World into a new Africa. US is still fighting but like Bible´s Deluge it is a sign that lower areas are flooded before but higher ones will submerge too. It is only a question of time. No one is safe from the Revolutionary Process (?).

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Guevara is Dead Again: Monument Destroyed in Venezuela

Che Guevara is Dead. But it seems irrelevant to all useful idiots that insist in wearing Guevara shirts around the world.
From Madonna to Maradona (?!!) there are a bunch of brainless socialist that love to praise a murderer.

This year is the fortieth anniversary of Che´s death.

As a homage to the "butcher" here some real news on the theme..

Che´s monument in Venezuela (Mérida) was vandalized and destroyed by a group called "Frente Patriótica de Paramo" that wrote this note:
"We Do Not Want Any Monument for Che, he is not an example to our children:
Industry Minister (and finished the Cuban industry)
Chancelor (and isolated Cuba from the rest of the world)
Cuba´s Bank Director (and broke the island)
A cold blooded murderer
Then, if Jorge Rodriguez (vice-president) and Chavez want their children to look alike Che, our no. In El Páramo NO.
"If you want to build a monument, that must be for J.F. Sánchez (teacher), an example of humility, love and wisdom. This one, put on Sabaneta" (Chavez´ hometown)
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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Trip Report: Cordoba, Argentina

Trip Report: Córdoba, Argentina

I´ve spend two last weeks working in Córdoba, Argentina. It was my second time there.

My first impressions: forget all you used to know about Argentina and the Argentinians. Why?

In Cordoba the spanish (in fact "castellano") has little relation to the strong and almost not understandble Buenos Aires´accent (also known as "porteño", that consists in spelling "y" and "ll" as "ch") . "Cordobes" is understandble. I am about to say that for a southerner Brazilian like me, it is more understandble than European Portuguese!

Forget the "porteña" arrogance too: Cordobean people are nice and unbelievably good hosts.

If you are male, you´ll notice another local richness: female beauty. Córdoba is a city of beautiful women.

Food: you can eat well and cheap (speciallity: lots of cow meat -“parrillada” - & italian cuisine).

The city never sleeps: by the fact that Cordoba has a huge college popullation (12% of the popullation) there are neighborhoods where the animation is non-stop. "Nueva Córdoba" is one of these "barrios" where you can find supermarkets opened 24 hours, laundry shops and, of course noisy bars, dance clubs and cafés all night long.

Archithecture: there are lot of churches, museums and even a Jesuitic site from 16th century preserved.

But there is the dark side.

Córdoba was the city where Che Guevara lived many years (he was born in Rosario) It is known that Che broke off with a beautiful and rich local heiress girl to run across the Latin America on a motorcylce. The house that Guevare lived was turned into a museum dedicated to him. In Córdoba Che is an absolute idol, where his fanatical lovers seem to know nothing about the murderer of the Caribbean.

Signs of abandon: although her beautifil architecture, Córdoba suffers from public adandon. The city deserve to be better treated by her mayors. It is dirty with deteriorated streets and sidewalks.

The last bad news is that it seems that Cristina Kirchner, Nestor ("The Penguin") Krichner´s wife will be the next Evita, ooops, President of Argentina. It is clear that if it is so, Foro de São Paulo will keep its power in Argentina...

Los Andes (from Santiago de Chile to Córdoba)

Me, in front of the Hotel in Córdoba.

Córdoba´s Artwork Fair ("Artesania")

Gardel, Argentinian symbol

Capuccino´s Church, gothic style, built in the 30´s.

Meeting: Raquel Consigli and Horacio Martínez Paz (columnists at the site “ La Historia Paralela”)

Room with the view

More photos on my Picasa´s Album :

Córdoba at Wikipedia

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Aviso de Ausência / Out of Office Message

Este blog não terá novas atualizações (actualizações) até 30 de Setembro. No momento estou em outro continente! (Córdoba, Argentina). See ya!

There´ll be no updates in this blog until sept, 30th, cause I am out of office and the continent! (Cordoba, Argentina). See ya!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Truthers Debunked: KSM Confessed "I Was responsible for 9/11 from A to Z"

My friend James DeMeo from brought me this.

"I was responsible for 9/11 from A to Z," Mohammed said in a written statement read at the closed court session. "I decapitated with my blessed right hand the American Jew, Daniel Pearl in Karachi."

Mohammed portrayed himself as Al Qaeda's most active operational planner, confessing to playing a central role in 30 other attacks and plots in the U.S. and worldwide that left scores dead.

'I was responsible for the bombing of a night club in Bali, Indonesia, which was frequented by British and Australian nationals,' the statement said. "I was responsible for the assassination attempt on President Clinton during his visit to the Philippines in 1994 or 1995."

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Brazilian Red Revolution Manifesto: Lula´s Party Unmasked

This video leaked to youtube. It is supposed to be an internal video created to warm-up PT´s (Workers Party, the Brazilian President Lula´s Party) militants.
The video reveal the real face of this party. It´s like to see in Dorian Gray´s mirror his real face.
And the real face of PT is very different from what they sold to the country to gain the presidential elections.
In 2002 Lula denied before the country that his party was engaged with drug-smuggling terrorists FARC besides Castro, Chávez and others.
His party denied even the existence of "Foro de Sao Paulo" the mean leftist organization in Latin America.
PT has "changed" its views and beliefs in the sight of the country. They declared in a document called "Open Letter to the Brazilian People" that Worker´s Party no more was engaged in undemocratic or anti-capitalistic objectives. That they have abandoned their Utopian communist.

See this video the real objectives of this party.
It explicit cites that they want "overpass capitalism", "change the society", even the "Foro de Sao Paulo" is explicitly cited as the main force in Latin America, bringing together the leftist efforts (legal and illegal) to take over the power.

And there are many Americans and Europeans that believe Lula da Silva is a "light" social -democrat that could keep Chávez off from total communist lunacy.

See it. With english subtitles!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

American 9-11 "Truthers": the New Holocaust-Deniers

A friend of mine has sent me these amazing videos regarding to 9/11.
They debunked all the common "truthers" theories and found out their origins: the Arab world.
They first cheered Osama for the hijacking and the attacks and after carefully created "inside job" theories that were parrotted by leftist media outlets as "truth".
And these cover-up stories came from US´ "friends" countries like Saudi Arabia and Egypt.
One of the videos is presented by the actor Ron Silver. See it. Here´s the message I received.


Debunking Racist 911 Jewish Conspiracies t/gm.asp?ClipMediaID= t/gm.asp?ClipMediaID=&ak=null

also some of this is on YouTube (at least temporarily)

Six Years in Reverse?

Six Years in Reverse?

Today is September the eleventh. Six years ago I was on a client and people that worked on the finance department started to call us, at the IT department, to see the unbelievable images they saw at bloomenberg´s and CNN.

What I saw was odd, a “little plane” crashed into on of the towers of World Trade Center.

But what started as an “odd news” turned into a pure terror, as the second tower was hit and both tumbled down, taking 2996 persons with them.

Was in shock that US emerged from the “Mall Culture” to the “Global Terror Threat”.

For me, as a Brazilian, is difficult to understand a poll that showed that almost half of democrats voters and ten of republicans believe 9/11 was an “inside job” (read a site that debunks all of these theories here).

But “ Little Green Footballs” gave the hint: during last six years, the security measures adopted by Bush administration, eliminated the risk of another terror attack in the US. There was not a single attack, although many attempts were reported.

For me it makes all the foreign policy sounds right. I think that Iraq was the nest of terror, indeed. As Afghanistan too. Many people tell me that the terrorists were Saudi Arabians but US invaded Iraq. This is not an old war style between nations.

Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor; US attacked Japan. Islamic terrorists that were born in Saudi Arabia drove three jetliners like bomb-cars killing almost 3 thousand people in US soil. It was mean to be a war between US and Saudi Arabia? No.

Nationalities do not count when you´re dealing with Islamic terrorism. You must attack and destroy their training camps. That´s where they planned those attacks. So when they begun to be attacked in their own “sanctuary” , they have no plans at all. K, there were attacks in Spain, Malasya, England, but not in US.

So I must believe that the policies facing terror threat were right.

But this success lead to the impression that there were no terrorist threat at all... If in six years you don´t have it anymore, the terror fear vanishes. As it vanished. And everybody returned to the mall culture again. Submerged in this, all the efforts against terror without terror attacks must have seemed to be excessive and “authoritarian”. So, this lead to the core: government created 9/11 to implement a “ totalitarian state”. That´s the key of understanding.

In the moment that America could be aware of the whole threat and who are their real enemies, they submerged into self-indulgence again.

These developments were described two decades ago in books that America must read like “New Lies for Old” and “Perestroika Deception” (written by Russian defector Anatolyi Golitsyn). You can read what it´s all about in blogs like “ Once Upon a Time in The West” and “ Final Phase”)

In his fake “ documentary” called Fahrenheit 9/11, Michael Moore repeated over and over “There is no terrorist threat”. He was right, but not for the reasons he presented. (See Moores´s rebuttal here in my blog “ Celsius 41.11” and “ Fahrenhype 911”).

I think that left had (as many times before) succeeded in their attempts to twist the history and facts and use this as a tool for their agenda. It pays homage to the creator of this kind of thought Hegel, that used to say that “ If the facts don’t agree with my theory, all the worse for the facts”.

American people is in a detour: or they return to “the mall” and try to deny reality as an “conspiracy theory of the government”, or they open their eyes and see what is the real world, where old enemies still enemies, even in lamb´s fur.

Here´s my tribute to 9/11 victims: Their lives would be in vain if America keep her eyes opened...

Friday, September 07, 2007

"The Revolutionary Mentality" by Olavo de Carvalho

Here´s the english translation of superb Olavo de Carvalho´s article. A must.

Read it and spread.

The Revolutionary Mentality

Olavo de Carvalho

Translated by Tiago Tondineli from "A mentalidade revolucionária", Diario do Comercio, August 13th , 2007

Since word got out that I am writing a book called "The Revolutionary Mind", I have received many requests for a preliminary explanation of such phenomenon.

The revolutionary mind is a perfectly identifiable and continuous historical phenomenon, whose developments over five centuries may be traced in countless documents. This is the subject of an investigation that has occupied me for several years now. It is not exactly a "book", as I have presented some of the results from my studies in classes, conferences and articles, and I am not sure if one day I will be able to reduce this huge material to a specific printed format. "The revolutionary mind" is the name of the subject, and not necessarily of one, or two or three books.

I have never worried much about the editorial format of what I have to say. I investigate the issues that interest me and, when I arrive at some conclusions that seem reasonable to me, I pass them on, orally or in writing, as the occasion permits. To render my conclusions in a book format is a nuisance that, if I could, I would leave for an assistant to take care of. As I have no assistant, I am postponing this work while I can.

The revolutionary mind is not essentially a political phenomenon, but a spiritual and psychological one, though its field of expression and its fundamental instrument is political action.

To make things easier, I use the expressions "revolutionary mind" and "revolutionary mentality" in order to distinguish between the concrete historical phenomenon, with its varied manifestations, and the essential and permanent characteristic that enables one to grasp its unity throughout time.

The "revolutionary mentality" is the permanent or transitory state of spirit in which an individual or a group believes himself capable of remodeling the whole society – if not human nature in general – through political action. As an agent or bearer of a better future, he considers himself to be above all judgment by present or past humanity, being accountable only to the "court of History". But the court of History is, by definition, the very future society that this individual or group claims to represent in the present. So, as future society is only able to bear witness or to judge through this same representative, it is clear that he thus becomes not only the sole sovereign judge of his own acts, but the judge of all past, present and future humanity. Able to accuse and to condemn all laws, institutions, beliefs, values, traditions, actions and works of all epochs without being subject, in his turn, to the judgment of any of them, he lies so much above historical humanity that it would not be inaccurate to call him Superman.

As the self-glorification of Superman, the revolutionary mentality is totalitarian and genocidal in itself, independently from its ideological content in different circumstances and occasions.

By refusing himself to be accountable to anything except a hypothetical future of his own invention, and firmly disposed to destroy by cunning or by force every obstacle to the remodeling of the world to his own image and likeness, the revolutionary is the worst enemy of the human species, compared to whom the worst tyrants and conquerors of Antiquity impress us by the modesty of their aims and by a notable circumspection in the use of their means.

The advent of the revolutionary to the foreground of historical scene – a phenomenon whose origins can be traced to around the XV th century, and which manifests itself with all clarity at the end of the XVIII th century – inaugurates the era of totalitarianism, world wars, and permanent genocide. Over a period of two centuries, revolutionary movements, the wars they undertook and the slaughter of civilian populations necessary to consolidate their grip on power have killed much more people than the sum of all wars, epidemics, earthquakes, and natural disasters of any kind since the beginning of world history.

The revolutionary movement is the worst scourge to befall upon the human species since its advent on Earth.

The expansion of genocidal violence and the imposition of ever more suffocating restrictions to human liberty have followed pari passu the dissemination of the revolutionary mentality among ever growing segments of the population. This way, entire masses attribute to themselves the role of avenging judges, appointed by the court of the future, and grant to themselves the right to practice infinitely bigger crimes than all those which the revolutionary promise purports to end.

Even if we do not take into account deliberate killings and consider revolutionary performance only from the economic point of view, no other social or natural cause has ever generated so much misery and brought about so many deaths due to malnutrition as the revolutionary regimes in Russia, China, North Korea, and several African countries.

Whatever the future of the human species and whatever personal conceptions we may have about it, the revolutionary mentality must be radically expelled from the repertoire of admitted social and cultural possibilities before, by so much forcing the birth of a supposedly better world, it turns it into a gigantic abortion, rendering the millennia-old journey of the human species on Earth a meaningless history crowned with a bloody ending.

Although the different revolutionary ideologies are, all of them, in greater or lesser degree, menacing and wicked, their evil does not rest so much in their specific content or in the strategies to bring it about, as in the very fact of them being revolutionary in the sense defined here.

Socialism and Nazism are not revolutionary because they propose supremacy of a social class or of a race, but because they turn these goals into principles for a radical remodeling not only of the political order, but of all human life. The evil that they foreshadow becomes universally threatening because they do not present themselves as local answers to momentary situations, but as universal commandments instilled with the authority to remake the world according the mold of a hypothetical future perfection. The Ku-Klux-Klan is as racist as Nazism, but it is not revolutionary because is does not have any worldwide project. For this reason, it would be ridiculous to compare it, in terms of its dangerousness, to the Nazi movement. The KKK is a simply a police problem.

That is why it must be stressed that the meaning here given to the term "revolution" is at once more encompassing and more precise than the one generally attributed to it by historiography and by the current social sciences. Many socio-political processes usually called "revolutions" are not actually "revolutionary", because they do not partake of the revolutionary mentality, they do not aim at the total remodeling of society, culture and the human species, but work only to modify local and momentary situations, ideally for the better. For example, the political rebellion to severe ties between a country and another is not necessarily revolutionary, and neither is the mere overthrow of a tyrannical regime with the goal of bringing a nation to the level of freedoms already enjoyed by neighboring peoples. Even though such undertakings may employ large scale warfare resources and may cause spectacular transformation, they are not revolutions because they do not aspire to anything other than the correction of immediate evils or even the return to a previous situation.

What truly characterizes the revolutionary movement is that it imposes the authority of a hypothetical future on the judgment of all the human species, present or past. By its very nature, the revolution is totalitarian and universally expansive: there is not a single aspect of human life that it does not intend to submit to its power, there is no region of the world where it does not wish to extend the tentacles of its influence.

So, according to this definition, if on one hand the concept of "revolution" must exclude several politico-military movements of vast proportions, it must, on the other hand, include several apparently peaceful movements of a purely intellectual and cultural nature, whose evolution over time may turn them into political powers aimed at universally imposing new patterns of thought and conduct through bureaucratic, judicial and police means. In this sense, the Hungarian rebellion of 1956 or the overthrow of the Brazilian President Joao Goulart in 1964 were not, in any way, revolutions. Neither was the American Independence, a special case that I will have to deal with in another article. But there is no question that Darwinism and the set of pseudo-religious phenomena known as New Age are indeed revolutionary movements. All these distinctions will later be subject of separate explanations and are mentioned here only as a sample.

* * *

Among the confusions that this study allows to elucidate is the one that dominates the concepts of the political "Left" and "Right". This confusion stems from the fact that these two words are used to designate two orders of entirely different phenomena. On one hand, the Left is the revolution in general and the Right is the counter-revolution. There seemed to be no doubt about this when these terms were used to designate the two wings of the États Généraux in revolutionary France . But later developments led the revolutionary movement itself to appropriate both terms, and to use them to designate its own internal subdivisions. The Girondins , who sat to the left of the king, became the "right-wing" of the revolution, in the same way that, once the king was decapitated, supporters of the Ancien Régime were banned from public life and had no right to their own political denomination. This retreat of what is admissible as "right-wing" by labeling as such one of the wings of the Left itself, became later a habitual device of the revolutionary process. At the same time, the remaining genuine counter-revolutionaries were often forced to ally themselves with the revolutionary "Right" and to assimilate themselves to it in order to preserve some means of action in the aftermath of the victorious revolution. To complicate things even more, once counter-revolution was excluded from the repertoire of politically admissible ideas, counter-revolutionary resentment continued to exist as a psycho-social phenomenon, and was many times used by the revolutionary Left as a pretext and a rhetorical appeal to win for its cause sectors of the population who, though deeply conservative and traditionalist, revolted against the revolutionary "Right" dominant at that moment. The appeal of the Brazilian Landless Workers' Movement (MST) to rural nostalgia or the pseudo-traditionalist rhetoric employed here and there by Fascism make us forget the strictly revolutionary disposition of these movements. Mao Zedong himself was for some time considered to be a traditionalist land reformer. It is needless to add that, in the internal disputes in the revolutionary movement, the warring factions often accuse each other of being a "right-winger" (or "reactionary"). As with the Nazi rhetoric that intended to destroy at once "reaction" and "Communism", the Communist side employed a double and successive discourse which first treated the Nazis as primitive and anarchic revolutionaries and then as members of the "reaction" devoted to "saving Capitalism" against the proletarian revolution.

The terms "Left" and "Right" only have a meaning when used in their original sense of revolution and counter-revolution respectively. All their other combinations and meanings are occasional arrangements that do not have any descriptive power, but retain casual usefulness as symbols of the unity of a political movement and as demonizing signs of its objects of hatred.

In the U.S., the term "Right" is used to describe both conservatives in a strict sense, who are viscerally anti-revolutionary, and globalist Republicans, the "right-wing" of world revolution. But much worse is the confusion reigning in Brazil, where the counter-revolutionary Right does not have political existence and the word "right-winger" is used by the ruling (leftist) party to designate any opposition it encounters, even within leftist parties, whereas the leftist opposition uses it to label the ruling party itself.

It is clear for me that it is only possible to return some objective descriptive power to these terms if we take, as a delimiting line, the revolutionary movement as a whole, and oppose to it the counter-revolutionary Right, even where it does not have political expression and is only a cultural phenomenon.

The essence of the counter-revolutionary or conservative mentality is the aversion to any project of encompassing transformation, the obstinate refusal to intervening in society as a whole, the quasi-religious respect to regional, spontaneous and long-term political processes, the denial of all authority to the spokesmen of the hypothetical future.

In this sense, the author of these lines is strictly conservative. Among other motives, because he believes that only the conservative viewpoint can provide a realistic view of the historical process, as it is based on past experience and not in conjectures about the future. All revolutionary historiography is fraudulent from its foundation, because it interprets and distorts the past according to a mold of a hypothetical and indefinable future. It is not a coincidence that the greatest historians of all time have always been conservative.

If, considered in itself and in the values it fights for, the counter-revolutionary mentality must be appropriately called "conservative", it is obvious that, from the point of view of its relations with the enemy, it is strictly "reactionary". To be reactionary is to react in the most inflexible and hostile fashion to the devilish ambition of dominating the world.

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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Are You Vote Republican or Commie ?

My friend Jose Reyes analyzes the American political landscape and what led to the nowadays "split" into Republican and Democratic.

The new Clinton presidential atmosphere at the white house was about youthfulness and change, starting with the song played when the final results came in and Clinton and Gore came up on stage, it was that corny Fleetwood Mac song, "Don't Stop". On the other hand, representing the Republican party, you had a stubborn George Bush who was close to the edge of becoming a tyrant, so this made it much easier to vote Clinton's way. Clinton found the right tactic and was able to win, but it wasn't because he was loved by the American people, that's for sure. Clinton then proceeded to split the country in two, where one was forced to, by public opinion to think as a liberal or as a conservative. This was the main goal and the main objective of the Clinton camp right from the very beginning and was probably planned for many years before he even became a candidate. Clinton was the one who initiated this separation and has created a big problem and an enormous concern in the Patriotism department in America. The Conservative image makers are as much to blame, for they fell into the tender trap constructed by the Clinton Party. Although it was a big mistake by the Republican party, I think it was done in a defensive and protective manner, but contributed in the separation of the people. The exact thing happened with the US media, for this was their big chance to obtain more control of their misinformation network of reporting. Now, what is the result of Liberal and conservative thinking and what about those who do not want to be identified with either group? Before I continue, to clear things up for those who are not sure of Conservative thinking and Liberal thinking, I have the dictionary definitions and description of both here "in general"

Being so far from U.S. maybe I could give an outside view on this issue.

Recently I have read a book (The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History" by Thomas Woods Jr.) that made me understand a little the political twists in American history between these two political visions. "Republican", "democrats", "whigs", "tories" are just labels that cristalyzed the real battle: small government versus big government and now national interests versus global government.

The strange phenomena is that Republicans, once the fortress against big government, was not even engulfed by the thesis that the "welfare state" is something that it cannot be reduced anymore - because it got deeply rooted in public sense - but many of them try to use it to push for a "conservative" agenda. Worst : many Reps, has fell in love for the "new world order" Utopia. It seems that Woodrod Wilson "spirit" still floating in the air.

They are so entertained by their own dreams that they do not see that they old nightmares are still real: while they push for world government, they undermine local government. And the old enemies, now acting together as always do (even while they seemed to be splited) are seem to finally raise from the dust of the fallen communist empire (China and Russia).

Can you see a worse picture than that? Yes. If Republican party lost most part of his "soul", Democratic party is now totally departed from the national interests. They are in fact an American enemies´ official embassy. They are used and still be using by American enemies as its proxy.

These are the things as I can see being so far from America.

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