Monday, October 30, 2006

Lula's re-election: The Crowning of Lie and Deceit

Some folks tried to blame Lula's victory on economics.
They say:
- We are growing
- We don't have to import petroil anymore
- We do not need IMF help
- We have a strong democracy
- We have electronic voting machines...

Sorry folks, but it is all folklore.

This election is not based in economics. But if it was - it was another reason to Alckmin to win. Brazil does not deserve to form the infamous "BRIC" acronym anymore. Is the developing country that does not grow!! Last year we only passed Haiti in development. This year we will fall behind her...

This election was about moral values. And we lost. All people that believed that having a president that "did not know nothing" about corruption in his government while could appoint in details all presumed corruption scandals from others was a little too much for democracy.

This election prove that propaganda could solve everything. We are a people that do not care for reality, just for appearences.. I don't know where all the people that got angry on Lula and PT after all the scandals went. They seem to evaporated when last year finished, to reencarnate as a hard PT militants again.

Note what happened in my state - Rio Grande do Sul.
PT's candidate- Olívio Dutra, the former "ministry of cities" from Lula's government - only entered in the second round of election with a small lead of some thousand votes. Olivio Dutra was governor from 1999-2002 and was the worst governor ever - according to the facts and to the polls in the first round elections.
Just to mention. During the years of PT in Rio Grande do Sul we had:
- Big business companies like Ford Motors were ousted to another states - after contracts been have signed with former governor were broken - carrying thousand of employees with them. All because they are against "capitalism".
- Oívio Dutra had an official meeting with a FARC (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia) representative inside the official palace of Rio Grande do Sul government.
- Tenths of Journalists were persecuted by the government because they are critic of Olívio. Some of them are responding to the justice until now for "opinion crimes".

The list is so long that I could keep numbered them for hours.
Well, this tragedy called "Olívio Dutra government" achieved a high positive polls in the second round election!!

Just some days after the first round, people started to change their minds... Why??

Because the PT's propaganda machine (speciallized in lies ) throw the "privatisation scared" against the public, as I mentioned before.

At least in my state, PT did not win. We have now as governor a woman called Yeda Crusius from the same party from Alckmin - PSDB.

But, returning to the point. It was not on economy. All Brazilians says we have too much taxes. But to cut taxes does not represents to cut budget. Alckmin proved - in Sao Paulo - that when you cut taxes you could even raise money!!! People starts to have more money to spend, they buy more things, they drive economy to bloom. No, the elections were not on economics.
They were on Moral and Ethics.
And we all lose.
Lose because our institutions are afraid to use the Rule of Law when it is has to be. We have a president that joins terrorist groups at Sao Paulo Forum - no newspaper nor electoral debate it was asked. We have a president that instead of defending his country prefers to help his "comrades" like Evo Morales, Chávez and even Fidel.

We lose because of this. Opposition staged a "democracy" play and make believe its all ok.
Yesterday a heard some opinions on the elections and a columnist said that Brazil is the champion of electronic vote. That our country is ahead of any other because of our "voting machine".
This stupid fool could not see that an election that has no way of recounting is not really democratic??
That's why there'll be no e-vote in the USA.

In the end: We lose. That's all.

And nobody will do nothing to stop Lula. How can you evaluate an "opposition" man like Fernando Henrique Cardoso that said that will be no impeachment processes against Lula? Now, with the reelection the big thief is totally in safe.

The next phase of Lula's government is the corner: "The Social Control of the Means of Communication". Goodbye freedom...

Olavo´s censored article (developments)

Good morning:

These are the recent developments of the affair Olavo-Zero Hora newspaper.
As you know from here, an article from Olavo to Zero Hora was rejected by the board of Zero Hora newspaper because cited sources with "lack of credibility" - here the full story and article here.

First: Revision
Due to the lack of time, I used the services from google to translate the article. Something got wrong:

" A student, Mirian Macedo, sent the Louise Caroline, vice-president of JOIN, a letter against the abortion program from PT."

Comment: JOIN not exists, the real word is UNE and it means the "National Join of Students" (or National Joint of Students...), so the phrase must be:

'A student, Mirian Macedo, sent the Louise Caroline, vice-president of UNE (National Join of Students - an institutuin controlled by Communist Party of Brazil - PCdoB), a letter against the abortion program from PT. He received the following reply, that I transcribe in the originary orthography: " therefore you are going to lose everything, dear… even your books and the disgusting cleanness of your little children... Take care... Our alliance with Chávez and Fidel will arrive any day at you happy house. And will be a delight ." Louise Caroline, whose level of instruction is more or less equal of Lula's mother at her birth, compensates this handicap with a truculent surplus. She is the ideal college student created by PT's education.'

Second: Olavo was fired
Yes, after he exposed the double standards of Zero Hora, he received a letter from the Editor asking him to stop sending new articles, due to a "ethics code"...

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Censored article from Olavo de Carvalho in Brazil: "Conscientious Vote"

Here´s the message I´ve received from Olavo, yesterday.

He supposed to have an article published on newspaper "Zero Hora" from Porto Alegre, RS.

Today´s article was censored. Read below.


"Dear Friends,


My Zero Hora´s articler (29/10) was simply censored, thus you can forward it  from now on, in this version and with the following warning -    

Olavo de Carvalho´s article censored by "Zero Hora"


The followin article "Conscientious Vote", was censored by the the board of Zero Hora, a newspaper from Porto Alegre- Brazil, because it allegedelly hurted its ethics code.

I don´t have any idea what the word 'etichs' could mean inside this context, without being the obligation to hide facts that could point the real graveness of the Brazil situation. These facts  are being absent from the news pages from the "gaucho" (Brazil's southern state) newspaper for years, not having any reason to not be withdraw from my column. An additional explanation by the page editor - Nilson Souza - was less explainatory. The motiv to suppress the article, he said, was that the information came from a blog with no credibility. The premise for this is that a newspaper that hides the truth not only acquire an higher level of credibility in doing it, but acquires it in a such level that enable this newspaper to judge others (that publish truth). Furthermore, I mentioned this blog on a random mode, hence the sources of this information are abundant and even I have been quoting enough to be labeled as 'obsessive' for this.
But, if the directors from "Zero Hora" are playing fools, it is for a serious reason: they are really fools. Unfortunately, they will finally understand it, but  it will be too late, what Lula means when he says  about 'democratization of the means of communication'
Olavo de Carvalho".

  Conscientious Vote 

Olavo de Carvalho

Data obtained from the blog

Maurício Hernandez Norambuena, the agent of the Chilean MIR that led the kidnapping of Washington Olivetto, has as lawyer Iberê Bandeira de Mello, that was Lula's defender and today he is the defender of Silvio Pereira (PT) and Klinger Luiz de Oliveira Sousa (PT). While Norambuena was in jail and the PT's elite made everything to take off it of there, Lula and his ortographic (ghost writer) guru Luiz Dulci reunited with representatives of the MIR at the XXII Meeting of the Forum of São Paulo, in July of 2005, at the Perseu Abramo Foundation , in São Paulo, to plan common strategies between the Chilean group, the leftist PT and other organizations, among them MST, MSLT, FARC, MIR, CUT, PCB, PC of B, ELN, Chilean Communist Party, MAS and Cuban Communist Party. Norambuena was imprisoned in President Bernardes with the leaders of PCC (first capital commando – the criminal terrorist group) , whose maximum leader, Marcos William Herbas Camacho, is brother of Gabriel Herbas Camacho, representative of MAS (Movimiento al Socialism), the party of Evo Morales and an active participant of the Forum of São Paulo.

With ten percent of these good relations, Lula and his gang already must have been expelled from the decent politics a long ago. The story is well documented in the documents from the Forum of São Paulo and even in the website of the Perseu Abramo Foundation. An especially charming detail can be added to this: the Civil Policy of Santo André (SP) informs that Jilmar Tatto, Arselino Tatto and Enio Tatto, all from PT-SP, are liked to criminal faction PCC. Jilmar Tatto was secretary of Transports in the Marta Suplicy(former PT's São Paulo mayor) government as the city mayor of Sao Paulo.

As nothing of this was cited in the electoral debates, the Brazilian people goes today to the ballot boxes certain that the such of "conscientious vote" is being practising.




         The NGO "Net 13", from the state of Santa Catarina, was established in April of 2003, collected twenty million from the government, gave them to Lula's daughter (Lurian is her name) and, fulfilled to this its noble purpose, it was closed in August of the same year. The operation was co-ordinated by the presidential barbecue-maker Jorge Lorenzetti (link:$defaultview/6CDFE26CA1BF526683257209003BBA7B?OpenDocument)



         The half-state telecom "Brasil-Telecom" already have a software called "Narus Insight Discover Suite", that is capable to read our e-mails, to search our banking accounts and to hear our conversation through Skype. It means: good bye, privacy. For the Lula dynasty, however, this it can be good news. This was the company- according to weekly magazine "Veja" - the fortunate son Fábio "Little Lula" was trying to buy, not making it thanks to legal impediments. But these are, are clearly, removable. If everything works out, the future Brazil's official stamps will exhibit the ear of "Little Lula", that one that everything hears.




A student, Mirian Macedo, sent the Louise Caroline, vice-president of JOIN, a letter against the abortion program from PT. He received the following reply, that I transcribe in the originary orthography: "therefore you are going to lose everything, dear… even your books and the disgusting cleanness of your little children... Take care... Our alliance with Chávez and Fidel will arrive any day at you happy house. And will be a delight." Louise Caroline, whose level of instruction is more or less equal of Lula's mother at her birth, compensates this handicap with a truculent surplus. She is the ideal college student created by PT's education.

I do not want "to 'alvorar' myself" (presidentially speaking) as a prophet, but I think that Louise, Little Lula and Lurian are the future of this country. Or better: dêfte paíf. (Lula's way to speak "this country")




In time: The Chilean MIR is one of the signataries of the manifesto emitted for the "Congreso Bolivariano of los Pueblos", in day 3 of October, in favor of Lula's candidacy. The gratitude is the mother of all the virtues."


Friday, October 27, 2006

Lula´s second term started: anti-abortion protestants arrested

It seemed that Lula´s second term has already started.
According to the blog Sou conservador sim, e daí?:
"Jovens são presos em BH por distribuirem folhetos ligando Lula ao aborto "
"Young people were arrested in Belo Horizonte city because distributed anti-abortion / anti-Lula folders".

Lula did not want to people to know his free-abortion plans to Brazil in his second term.

He is using the electoral law to shut the mouth of the people.

It seems to have hard times ahead...

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Olavo de Carvalho al Grupo Folha : ¡No encubran la verdad sobre Lula!

FUERZA Solidaria

(26 de octubre de 2006)

1. Olavo de Carvalho al Grupo Folha: ¡No encubran la verdad sobre Lula!

Caracas, 25 de octubre (Tips Revolucionarios).- El reconocido filósofo brasileño Olavo de Carvalho ( escribió una carta abierta al heredero del grupo editorial Folha, Otavio Frias Filho, donde le reclama ocultar sistemáticamente los vínculos de Luis Ignacio da Silva "Lula" con la organización criminal Foro de Sao Paulo.
    Según Olavo, este ocultamiento deliberado se hizo aún más incomprensible después de que Lula, siendo Presidente de Brasil, pronunciara un discurso el 2 de julio de 2005, con motivo del quinceavo aniversario del Foro de Sao Paulo (FSP)(, en donde alaba a esa organización.
    "No hay ninguna razón decente -explica Olavo- para que su periódico siga ocultando sistemáticamente los hechos...  El Foro de São Paulo y sus crímenes fueron meticulosamente omitidos a lo largo de muchos años y siguen omitiéndose en un momento en que eso significa inducir a los electores a confirmar en la presidencia de la República un hombre cuya verdadera historia ignoran por completo. Usted, como muchos otros empresarios de los medios de comunicación, está apostando su periódico, su carrera, su reputación y su fortuna contra una verdad muy bien confirmada. Algún día esa verdad será fatalmente revelada a los ojos de todos, probando la cobardía y la desonestidad de aquellos que escurrieron la obligación de mostrarla a tiempo".

(link: )

The PT-PSDB agreement decides the victory against Brazil

According to web-journalist Jorge Ferrão, owner of the website called "". Geraldo Alckim´s flopped second turn election campaign against Lula was staged to guarantee PT´s victory.

"In this campaign Geraldo Alckmin, a catholic man  (that some say to be member of Opus Dei),  was instructed by the PSDB leaders not to mention sensitive matters to PT´s candidate such as abortion (PT is intended to submit a new law ensuring the "right" to abort) , the mineral resources law, decrimination of drugs (on the run right now in Brazil) , gay marriage, gun ban and the poor Brazilian Armed Forces budget. The silence of Geraldo on these issues during the campaign debates prove that PT and PSDB had an agreement. In the next debate - at Globo Network - the same lil´ play will be acted again".

According to Serrão, "a global power entity "Centro Tricontinental" (headquartes in Belgium)
, that represents the european economic monarchy, invests on Lula in Brazil and the candidates belonging to the Sao Paulo Forum to rule the countries of Latin America."

In the name of a division of globalised business, this obscured group had sealed the deal with Interamerican Dialogue (that Fernando Henrique is a member and Lula is admited) to garantee that PT´s government
have continuity and would not be "toppled" or "impeded"  by the  opposition represented by PSDB. The other group  connected to European interests is the  CFR (Council of Foreign Relations - USA), that makes the link between "Tricontinental" and the Sao Paulo Forum (founded by Castro and PT in 1990 joining 153 leftist parties and guerrilla armies)".

Read the whole story below. Sorry but is portuguese...

My thoughts: in 2002 the opposition candidate, Jose Serra, knew all the facts on Sao Paulo Forum and Lula to make a severe damage to PT´s campaign. He did not say a word on these subjects. He helped Lula to be elected, undoubtfully!!

It is explained as the scissors´s  strategy: one party represents the left, the other, the right (a staged right, made by a lesser leftist party - but with the same global interests in common) . One cut on one side, the other on the other side. And they cut all in the middle...
It´s a matter to our friend Perilous Times and his blog Once Upon a Time in the West..

Edição de Quinta-feira do Alerta Total

Ouça também o Alerta Total no seu computador.
Edição em áudio a partir de Meio-dia.

Adicione nosso blog e podcast a seus favoritos do Internet Explorer.

Por Jorge Serrão

A eleição presidencial brasileira não será decidida pelos 125 milhões 913 mil 479 eleitores aptos a comparecer às urnas no domingo. O resultado do pleito já foi resolvido, em acordos secretos, nos bastidores dos centros de poder mundial, por grupos que governam o mundo de verdade. O Centro Tricontinental (sediado na Bélgica), que representa a nobreza econômica européia, investe na reeleição de Lula, no Brasil, e aposta em candidatos ligados ao Foro de São Paulo, para governar os países da América Latina.

Em nome da divisão dos negócios globalizados, este pouco conhecido grupo fechou um acordo com o Diálogo Interamericano (do qual o tucano FHC é membro, e onde Lula da Silva é aceito) para que o governo do PT tenha continuidade - e não seja "derrubado" ou "impedido" por sua pretensa oposição tucana. Outro grupo de poder ligado aos europeus, o CFR (Council on Foreign Relations dos EUA), faz a interface com o Foro de São Paulo (organismo fundado pelo PT, em 1990, que congrega as esquerdas do continente e mais 153 organizações narcoguerrilheiras na América Latina).

Quem cometer a ingenuidade de pensar que tal acordo seria uma "teoria da conspiração" deveria dar uma olhada em provas objetivas dos fatos. No distante 1º de junho deste ano, o Alerta Total denunciou a armação dos tucanos e petistas para a sucessão presidencial. No dia 18 de maio, em Nova York, depois de um prato de talharim e um cafezinho, os tucanos digeriram um acordo político-econômico de não-agressão entre o PSDB e o PT, caso se confirmasse a vitória reeleitoral do presidente Lula. Na estratégia tucana, Geraldo Alckmin entrou na disputa para perder. Sua chegada ao segundo turno foi um acidente eleitoral.

Os controladores do poder mundial apostam, agora, na continuidade do governo petista. Basta que Lula siga seu programa, dando seqüência ao subfaturamento na exportação de minérios, à concessão para a gestão de florestas (principalmente a pobre Amazônia) e à adoção de uma política de controle da natalidade (via privatização do futuro negócio do aborto descriminalizado, para a venda de placenta para a indústria das células tronco). Nesta campanha eleitoral, o católico Geraldo Alckmin (que uns juram ser membro da prelazia papal Opus Dei) foi proibido pela cúpula tucana de tocar na questão do aborto, na questão mineral, na descriminalização das drogas, na união civil e religiosa de homossexuais, desarmamento da população e não tocar no tema Forças Armadas brasileira (em 153º lugar em termos de orçamento em relação ao PIB, se comparadas aos demais exércitos do resto do mundo. O silêncio de Alckmin nos debates sobre todos estes temas essenciais comprova tal acordo entre PT e PSDB. No debate da Rede Globo, marcado para amanhã à noite, o mesmo teatrinho eleitoral vai se repetir.

Também faz parte do pacote dos controladores para a continuidade de Lula o processo de sucateamento das Forças Armadas e a criação de uma Guarda Nacional, uma Guarda Costeira e uma Guarda Aeroportuária para substituir, gradativamente, o Exército, a Marinha e a Aeronáutica – que estariam operando com valores de soberania que não interessam ao modelo da globalização. Militares atuais poderão optar pela transferência para as novas forças, ganhando salários quase duas vezes maior. Pelo projeto dos controladores, teríamos milicos de segunda classe, porém bem remunerados como funcionários públicos fardados.

Em 2010, o candidato dos controladores é Aécio Neves. O governador mineiro reeleito (e que já saiu publicamente em defesa da "governabilidade" no próximo governo Lula), foi lançado à presidência, em Londres, no dia 17 de junho de 2004, durante um jantar com a nobreza econômica européia, do Centro Tricontinental e do Clube dos Bildelberg, no castelo dos banqueiros Rothschild. Em seu projeto de manter o PT no poder por mais tempo, em seu segundo mandato, Lula tem tudo para sofrer nas mãos dos controladores, agora "aliados", mas que lhe farão oposição, a partir do segundo ano do próximo governo, mesmo que faça todo o dever de casa direitinho.

Por trás do pacto não-escrito, firmado entre petistas e tucanos, o próximo governo petista se comprometeria a não alterar as atuais bases econômicas que interessam ao sistema financeiro internacional – e ao nacional. Dirigentes do Banco Itaú presenciaram o encontro secreto entre o tucano e o petista na "Big Apple" - a mais cosmopolita cidade do planeta. Existem fotos do encontro deles para comprovar tal fato. Tal pacto político-empresarial de intenções foi selado entre o ex-presidente Fernando Henrique Cardoso e o senador Aloízio Mercadante, nos Estados Unidos. O tratado político informal foi sacramentado pelo senador Tasso Jereissati e pelo governador de Minas Gerais, Aécio Neves. Mas o acordo foi desenhado pelo Centro Tricontinental e pelo Diálogo Interamericano. Os políticos brasileiros apenas obedecem aos "parceiros" dos quais são dependentes.

A contrapartida ao esquema de não-agressão dos tucanos no segundo governo Lula viria com o apoio do governo federal a um mega-projeto de concessões e parcerias público-privadas em rodovias, que movimentaria R$ 30 bilhões. Tal negócio foi montado pelo publicitário Paulo Henrique Cardoso, filho de FHC, que fechou uma parceria com um poderoso grupo de empreiteiros canadenses. Em troca das "privatizações" nas estradas, os tucanos apoiariam a reforma da previdência que será tocada por Luiz Gushiken, e que vem sendo elaborada desde o primeiro governo FHC. Em 2002, a empresa do petista (na época, Gushiken Associados, e, agora, sem o japonês de Lula na sociedade, se chama Global Previ) elaborou, para o Ministério da Previdência de FHC, o livro "Regime Próprio de Previdência dos Servidores: Como Implementar? Uma Visão Prática e Teórica".

Os dois partidos, na questão previdenciária, defendem um modelo que favorece o grande capital. O modelo previsto utilizaria os bilhões da máquina arrecadadora da Previdência Social e os outros bilhões dos Fundos de Pensão de Estatais. Tudo montado por sindicalistas ligados à "Articulação Bancária" e que atualmente ocupam alto escalão do governo Lula, como Gushiken e Sérgio Rosa (presidente do Previ, Fundo de Pensão dos funcionários do Banco do Brasil). Todos têm o aval tecnocrático dos petistas e da equipe que serviu aos oito anos de FHC no governo.

Patrocinados pelos banqueiros, que querem cuidar do lucrativo caixa da Previdência, eles fabricam manobras técnicas que criam a impressão de que a previdência é "deficitária", quando não é. Os gestores tucanos e os petistas que o sucederam trabalham para provar que o governo não tem competência para gerenciar a Previdência, cujos gastos globais representam 8% do Produto Interno Bruto. Os dois lados patrocinam e defendem a "incompetência do Estado", por eles induzida e fabricada artificialmente, como falsa evidência de que o governo não consegue inibir os sonegadores e nem cobrar o que devem os maiores devedores da Previdência. O Tribunal de Contas da União calcula que a sonegação anualmente atinge 30% da presumível arrecadação previdenciária. Bate na casa de R$ 30 bilhões que deixam de ser arrecadados.

Para resolver tal problema, tucanos e petistas têm a fórmula mágica. Entregar o sistema para a gestão dos bancos, "mais competentes", e que também vão cuidar da nova modelagem dos Fundos de Pensão de Estatais que o governo atual não pode promover, em função da falta de condições políticas geradas pelos escândalos do mensalão. Petistas e tucanos defendem uma continuidade do regime de repartição (em que o trabalhador ativo paga a aposentadoria do inativo), que prevalece hoje.

Mas os grandes bancos estão de olho no sistema de capitalização (em que cada assalariado paga por sua própria aposentadoria no futuro). Apenas a transição do sistema atual para o novo modelo movimentaria o equivalente a três PIBs: R$ 3 trilhões e 300 bilhões de reais – segundo cálculos do Ipea (Instituto de Pesquisas Econômicas Aplicadas do Ministério do Planejamento). O ministério da Previdência estima uma movimentação um pouco menor, porém expressiva: R$ 2 trilhões e 750 bilhões de reais.Os banqueiros querem gerenciar o processo e lucrar cada vez mais. Mas quem vai pagar a conta é o cidadão que é vítima da atual derrama tributária, que nos obriga a trabalhar 145 dias do ano só para pagar impostos.

Especialistas temem que a transição do modelo de "Repartição" para o de "Capitalização" inviabilize as contas públicas do País, com a emissão gigantesca de novos títulos e a expansão da dívida pública decorrente deste processo. Os bancos – e seus ex-funcionários sindicalistas – vão sair ganhando na operação. E isso é o que importa para eles. E PT saudações, no segundo mandato, com o apoio de alguns tucanos de rapina, na sociedade para fazer mais fortuna e poder aparente.

Bastidores do acordo tucano-petista

O triunvirato tucano e o senador petista Mercadante (que concorreu, para perder, ao governo de São Paulo) estiveram em Nova York, no dia 18, para participar da homenagem da Câmara de Comércio Brasil-Estados Unidos ao presidente da Vale do Rio Doce, Roger Agneli.

O acordo de negócios políticos foi sacramentado no luxuosíssimo Hotel Waldorf Astoria, onde ocorreu a mega-festa.

O candidato tucano ao governo de São Paulo, José Serra - que também estava nos Estados Unidos (só que em tratamento médico) - não participou dessa negociação com Mercadante, seu adversário (combinado para perder) na corrida ao Palácio dos Bandeirantes. No entanto, certamente, Serra tomou conhecimento de tudo.

O mesmo aconteceu com o ex-ministro da Educação de FHC, Paulo Renato, outro que estava em Nova York.

Versões para estar em na Big Apple

Todos os envolvidos na estória têm explicações oficiais para sua estada em Nova York.FHC e Tasso estavam lá para a homenagem a Agneli, da Vale.

O governador mineiro estava lá para assinar contratos para empréstimos de US$ 330 milhões junto ao Banco Interamericano de Desenvolvimento (BID) e Banco Mundial.

O senador Mercadante porque participou de em evento do Banco Itaú, ao qual esteve presente também FHC.

Ambos podem ser vistos em uma foto oficial na qual aparecem ao lado de Roberto Nishikawa, Alfredo Setúbal, Olavo Setúbal, Roberto Setúbal, Alexandre Tombini e Candido Bracher.

Lema dos controladores

A família dos banqueiros Rothschild, que cumprem o papel de controladores dos negócios da nobreza econômica européia (e que tem um projeto de exercer a hegemonia sobre os Estados Unidos) tem um lema que define bem sua atuação junto aos governos dos países do Terceiro Mundo:

"Let me issue and control a nation's money, and I care not who writes its laws".

("Deixe-me emitir e controlar o dinheiro de uma nação, e eu não me importarei com quem escreve suas leis").

Contando com a invasão no C...

Confiante na reeleição de Lula, o MST rompeu ontem a trégua eleitoral.

Os radicais invadiram três fazendas no Pontal do Paranapanema (SP).

A previsão, que o líder do MST José Rainha anunciara, ainda no período eleitoral, era de que a trégua acabaria no domingo.

Mas como seu aliado Lula já ganhou a eleição previamente, o MST avaliou que poderia invadir as terras antes, que não prejudicaria o candidato.

Jogo de cena tucano-petista

Com discursos agressivos, os candidatos à presidência Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) e Geraldo Alckmin (PSDB) fizeram ontem os últimos comícios de campanha, ambos em São Paulo.

Mas foi tudo jogo de cena, para inglês ver, literalmente.

No Vale do Anhangabaú, ao lado de seu "aliado" (entre aspas) José Serra, Alckmin chamou o adversário de mentiroso, por se dizer contrário às oligarquias, mas ter apoio de velhos coronéis da política, como José Sarney:

"Vamos varrer a corrupção e a praga da roubalheira. O PT e o governo viraram um Código Penal ambulante".

Sobre a desvantagem nas pesquisas, o tucano garantiu ter levantamentos mostrando que ela não passa de um dígito e que vai tirá-la até domingo.

Humildade falsificada

Em um reduto petista, no largo do socorro, na Zona Sul de São Paulo, Lula criticou o PSDB, lembrando que "no tempo deles" o FMI mandava no país e que agora não dá mais palpite – como se isso fosse verdade, pois Lula obedece ao banqueiro controlador inglês, tanto que antecipou o pagamento da dívida externa.

Ao lado da primeira-dama Marisa Letícia, Lula até se fingiu de humilde candidato:

"Humildemente, reconheço que erramos. Mas o país melhorou. Fizemos muito mais do que nos oito anos deles ".

Farra de gastos eleitoreiros

Os dois candidatos à Presidência apresentaram ao Tribunal Superior Eleitoral um pedido de revisão da previsão de gastos da campanha.

O total foi estimado em R$ 210 milhões, 110% a mais que a quantia consumida em 2002, em valores já corrigidos pela inflação.

Na prestação de contas referente a 2002, o total declarado por Lula e Serra ficou em R$ 73 milhões, praticamente um terço do teto de R$ 210 milhões estimado pelo PT e PSDB para este ano.

Quanto pretendem gastar?

O presidente Lula vai gastar até R$ 115 milhões; Geraldo Alckmin, R$ 95 milhões.

O presidente do TSE, Marco Aurélio de Mello, admitiu que "há um descompasso a ser esclarecido" porque esperava-se redução de gastos.

Caso os dois candidatos utilizem todo esse dinheiro, este será o embate presidencial mais caro de que se tem notícia no País.

O curioso é que os mais ingênuos esperavam um gasto eleitoral bem menor, principalmente depois das supostas medidas para reduzir a influência do poder econômico nas eleições, como a proibição de outdoors dos candidatos, de showmícios e da distribuição de brindes a eleitores.

Teve gente até que acreditou em Papai Noel, supondo que o caixa dois eleitoral iria diminuir...

Efeito privatização

A associação do PSDB e do candidato Geraldo Alckmin às privatizações, feita pelos petistas, explica em parte o crescimento da candidatura do presidente Lula na campanha do segundo turno.

Uma pesquisa Ipesp/Valor mostrou que a venda de Caixa Econômica Federal, Banco do Brasil e Petrobras é repudiada por 70% dos eleitores.

Só 18% aprovaram a venda dessas estatais, percentual que se repete mesmo entre os eleitores de Alckmin.

FHC reprovadíssimo

A avaliação das privatizações realizadas no passado, concentradas no governo Fernando Henrique, é ruim: 45% dizem que foram mais negativas e 33%, mais positivas para o Brasil.

Os eleitores de Alckmin também não se colocam de forma clara em defesa das privatizações já feitas: 37% as classificam como negativas e 36% como positivas.

O uso extensivo do dossiê pela campanha de Alckmin teve pouco efeito.

Os eleitores não diferenciam os dois candidatos no quesito honestidade: cada um consegue 36% de identificação com essa qualidade.

O Alerta Total alerta

O Editor-Chefe deste blog está de saco cheio de receber críticas de petistas alegando que somos um "blog tucano", que defende o PSDB.

E estamos também de saco cheio de receber críticas dos tucanos sugerindo que somos um blog que age em favor da extrema direita.

O Alerta Total será crítico de quem não defende a Soberania do Brasil, nossa Autodeterminação como Nação e a Paz Social - que são nossos objetivos nacionais permanentes.

Nosso lema é " Brasil, Acima de Tudo".

Nossa linha editorial é patriótica.

Quem estiver contra o Brasil – em vez de nos mandar e-mails anônimos, com ameaças idiotas, palavrões e críticas sem fundamento objetivo – deveria repensar sua postura como brasileiro.

Quem estiver contra a defesa do Brasil está a favor do governo do crime organizado, que é a associação, para fins delitivos, entre criminosos de toda espécie, a classe política e o poder de estado, para assaltar as riquezas da nossa Nação.

A linha editorial de nosso blog defende a Democracia, cujo conceito é:

Democracia é a Segurança do Direito.

Todo o resto a nosso respeito é conversa fiada. E PT saudações (sem trocadilho infame).

Mão alternativa

Sugestão de um famoso apresentador de tevê, leitor do Alerta Total, criticando a decisão do TSE de impedir qualquer propaganda da mãozinha de quatro dedos, com o sinal de proibido, contra o presidente Lula:

"É proibido atacar a deficiência física do presidente. Então, vamos atacar a deficiência mental, moral e ética".

O PSDB, em conluio com o PT, não poderá cumprir tal papel... Azar do Alckmin, que foi feito de otário na disputa presidencial.

O retorno de Collor

A Casa Civil da Presidência será obrigada, por lei, a oferecer ao ex-presidente Fernando Collor de Mello dois automóveis com combustível pago pelos contribuintes e oito funcionários com salários próximos a R$ 5 mil.

O senador recém-eleito por Alagoas requisitou os benefícios em ofício encaminhado à Presidência da República.

Collor, que é milionário, não se dá por satisfeito com o mandato ao Senado, que lhe garante apartamento funcional, servidores, carro e dinheiro farto para tocar suas atividades.

Culpa da Justiça

Collor está exigindo seus direitos com base em uma decisão judicial.

A Justiça Federal do Distrito Federal reconheceu, ainda antes das eleições, que Collor tem os mesmos direitos de ex-presidente, apesar de ter sido derrubado pelo Congresso por meio de um processo de impeachment.

Em 1993, a Consultoria-Geral da República admitiu que Collor tinha os mesmos direitos que os demais ex-presidentes.

No entanto, uma ação popular movida por uma pessoa física suspendeu a concessão dos benefícios.

Agora, a Justiça Federal considerou a ação improcedente.

Leia mais informações no Blog Alerta Total

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

New conservative audio blog (2)

But here in Brazil we started an audioblog too.
Called "comentario conservador". It is in portuguese.
The first pod is an exclusive interview with Olavo de Carvalho - directly from Virginia, USA, taken on 15th, october, by me and some friends .

Here's the link to the new site...Olavo de Carvalho on « Comentário Conservador
A matéria que segue é composta pelos melhores trechos do último comentário do filósofo e jornalista, Olavo de Carvalho, diretamente da Virgínia, EUA, concedido no domingo passado, 15 de outubro de 2006. O filósofo faz uma análise espetacular das últimas notícias envolvendo os recentes acontecimentos da política nacional, da disputa presidencial e de fatos de conteúdos relevantes do cotidiano brasileiro, estabelecendo links, com o costumeiro brilhantismo, para assuntos espinhosos de ordem internacional.

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A new conservative audio blog

The mega-site has started a new audio/video site, called "FreeSpeech Audio" -

You can hear the first podcast, from Tomas Estrada Palma. Check it out!!
Thanks Jose Reyes for the initiative..

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Monday, October 23, 2006

Lula and the Sao Paulo Forum

Pronto! Agora o Foro de São Paulo decidiu que se deve censurar qualquer informação sobre ele, principalmente as ligações de Lula e o PT com terroristas conhecidos.
Leiam o último item (em vermelho).
Isto é uma vergonha!!!

Now the Sao Paulo Forum has decided to censor any massage from Peña Esclusa denouncing the the "foro" , Lula and its liasons with terrorist groups in Latin America.

Please, spread the word...
Subject: Tips Revolucionarios Nº 112 (23 de octubre de 2006)

FUERZA Solidaria
(23 de octubre de 2006)


1. Guerrilla colombiana hace estragos en Venezuela

Caracas, 20 de octubre.- Grupos de 15 hombres con armas largas y cortas, ropa de camuflaje, sombreros y pañuelos que les cubrían la parte inferior del rostro, entraron en las poblaciones fronterizas venezolanas de Santa Inés el 11 de este mes y en Caño Gaitán la noche del miércoles pasado. Su misión: desalojar de sus viviendas a los venezolanos residentes de esas zonas en un lapso de 24 horas. Su método: asesinar a un miembro de la comunidad frente a los lugareños o eliminar a un civil que supuestamente funge como colaborador de un grupo irregular contrario.
    Las denuncias sobre la presencia en el país de las Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (conocidos por los habitantes de la frontera como "guerrillos"), o de los miembros del Ejército de Liberación Nacional (llamados "elenos") datan de tiempo atrás.
    La población fronteriza de Santa Inés, de 32 familias integradas por 100 personas, se vio obligada a abandonar casas y cultivos para salvar la vida. Los guerrilleros le dieron 24 horas a los habitantes para salir del lugar, luego de matar a uno de los vecinos en plena plaza pública, frente al resto del pueblo, como medida de presión. A petición de los lugareños el plazo se extendió hasta el primero de noviembre.
Nota del editor: Tanto las FARC como el ELN son fundadores del Foro de Sao Paulo, organización a la cual también pertenecen Hugo Chávez, Evo Morales y Lula da Silva, sin embargo, a pesar de los desmanes que cometen en Venezuela, Chávez no se deslinda de ellos; al contrario, los protege, como denunció Uribe.

2. Uribe dice que guerrilleros se esconden en Venezuela
Bogotá, 20 de octubre.- El presidente Alvaro Uribe aseguró el viernes que jefes guerrilleros se refugian en Ecuador y Venezuela, sin el beneplácito de sus respectivos gobiernos, a los que pidió solidaridad para combatir el terrorismo.
    En un discurso que pronunció en el complejo militar en el que jueves estalló un carro bomba que adjudicó a las Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC) y dejó 23 heridos, Uribe afirmó que el vocero y miembro del secretariado de esa organización rebelde Raúl Reyes "cobardemente se esconde en la selva ecuatoriana, contra el consentimiento del Ecuador".
    "Desde allí se lucra del negocio de la coca, cínicamente desconoce su condición de terrorista para posar de vedette internacional, de fantoche", agregó. En varias oportunidades Colombia denunció antes que tras lanzar ataques, las FARC usan como retaguardia zonas fronterizas del Ecuador.
    Luego denunció que Iván Márquez, otro miembro de la cúpula de las FARC, "cobardemente se esconde en la selva fronteriza de Venezuela, en contra del consentimiento de Venezuela, y posa de escritor con editoriales en la página de internet de las FARC".

3. Chávez dona helicópteros a Fuerza Aérea de Bolivia
La Paz, octubre 21 (DPA).- Venezuela donará a Bolivia dos helicópteros que se destinarán a tareas de rescate y búsqueda, informó el comandante de la Fuerza Aérea Boliviana (FAB), general Luis Trigo.
    Las naves, cuyas características no fueron precisadas de inmediato, llegarán al país en los próximos días, previó el oficial, quien destacó la cooperación venezolana.
    Anteriormente, la administración del presidente Hugo Chávez envió a Bolivia, en calidad de préstamo, dos helicópteros Súper Puma que son utilizados para apoyar programas de asistencia humanitaria, de salud y educación, así como los traslados del mandatario Evo Morales.
    La agencia estatal ABI indica que esa ayuda forma parte de los convenios de cooperación de la Alternativa Bolivariana para los Pueblos (Alba) y el Tratado de Comercio de los Pueblos (TCP), que firmaron los presidentes Chávez, Fidel Castro, de Cuba, y Morales.

4. Evo Morales reparte tierras expropiadas

La Paz, 20 de Octubre. (AFP).- El presidente izquierdista Evo Morales repartió 16.000 hectáreas a 600 familias campesinas sin tierra en el rico oriente boliviano, en el marco de la revolución agraria que instrumenta contra viento y marea en Bolivia. El gobernante dotó de posesiones a la mitad de las familias de indios guaraníes y yuracares que se habían asentado hace poco en la novísima localidad de Pueblos Unidos, a más de 1.000 km al este de La Paz.
      Morales distribuyó las posesiones que hace menos de dos meses confiscó a  dos terratenientes bolivianos.

(link: )

5. China comunista invertirá millones en la Venezuela de Chávez
Caracas, 22 de octubre.- El ministro de Relaciones Exteriores, Nicolás Maduro, informó que la República Popular China aportará 4 mil millones de dólares para la conformación de un fondo de financiamiento, el cual será destinado a la construcción de la red ferroviaria en el país.
    En la plaza Bolívar de Caracas, durante un homenaje realizado al presidente del Banco de Desarrollo Chino, Chen Yuan, Maduro indicó que en la visita del representante del país asiático que se extenderá hasta el martes, se concretará dicho fondo en el cual Venezuela aportará 2 mil millones de dólares.
    "Este fondo permitirá el inicio de la construcción de la red ferroviaria nacional, porque el país a mediados de esta década será un país moderno y avanzado en ferrocarriles de toda América Latina", añadió el canciller, según ABN.
    Asimismo, durante la visita de Chen Yuan se concretará el financiamiento para 100 mil viviendas además de las 20 mil que ya se han firmado, así como un financiamiento de todo el plan de telecomunicaciones.

6. Foro de Sao Paulo intenta contrarrestar escritos de Peña Esclusa
Caracas, 21 de octubre (Tips Revolucionarios).- El Foro de Sao Paulo está circulando una "carta abierta al pueblo brasileño", firmada entre otros por la dirigente comunista Marta Harnecker, de formato idéntico -pero de signo contrario- a las cartas dirigidas al pueblo brasileño, escritas por Alejandro Peña Esclusa, editor de este servicio informativo.
    Las cartas originales de Peña Esclusa -que circulan masivamente en idioma portugués en la redes de internet brasileñas- advierten el peligro que significa votar por Lula, denunciando sus vínculos con el Foro de Sao Paulo, Chávez y las FARC. La carta del Foro de Sao Paulo, plantea exactamente lo mismo, pero con respecto a Alckmin, relacionándolo al capital internacional.
    Evidentemente, los escritos de Peña Esclusa han golpeado duramente a la campaña de Lula, que pensaba ganar en primera vuelta. Recientemente, el comando de campaña de Lula se quejó en su página web de escritos que circulan por internet, vinculando a Lula con el Foro de Sao Paulo (ver Tips Revolucionarios Nº 108)
    Marta Harnecker es chilena de orígen, fundadora del Foro de Sao Paulo, esposa del fallecido Comandante Manuel Piñeiro "Barbarroja", quien fue por muchos años jefe de la inteligencia cubana .

Tips Revolucionarios es una breve publicación electrónica escrita desde Venezuela cuyo objetivo es mostrar día a día el preocupante avance del castro-comunismo en la región, así como la resistencia que algunos sectores le ofrecen

Brazil elections: From the "Caligari´s Cabinet" ( Privatisation = "bad" / Corruption = "inevitable")

Finantial times explains the weapons of Mr. Lula (and his friends from Sao Paulo Forum) to gain the elections in Brazil: "the privatisation scare"...

Even the opposition candidate, from the party (PSDB) that implemented a very succesful reformation and privatisation plan in the 90´s that afforded anyone to buy a cellular phone for around R$ 1,00, while you have to got in the line for almost ten years to get a line at that period(or pay US$ 5.000,00 to get it on the black market).

It is what Olavo de Carvalho tells us when he said the left has gained the cultural debate, and the right or even what is perceived as "right" feels obligated to follow the new "consensus".

In public mind "privatisation" is a bigger evil than corruption. "Privatising" seems to be a robbery of the "public assets" bigger than to use "public assets" to your - or your party - own good.

Public must be taught that only privatising can exterminate corruption, because the tyrant could not use "public assets" as their own assets.

But this is a very complicated matter to explain to an hypnotized mass. Opposition must have to break the spell before. But they - belonging to the rosy-left - did not want to discredit the saintity from the left...

Mediocrity in the cultural debate, low development and poverty are the fruits from it.

Yesterday I saw a german-classic expressionist film called "Cabinet of Dr. Caligari" that explains many things regarding to the actual revolutionary process in Brazil.

In wikipedia you can read it:

Siegfried Kracauer's From Caligari to Hitler postulates that the film can be read as an allegory for German social attitudes in the period preceding the Second World War.
He argues that the character of Caligari represents a tyrannical figure, to whom the only alternative is social chaos (represented by the fairground).

It feels like the whole country is hipnotyzed by a new, leftist disguised evil called "Dr. Caligari".

But now, read the Finantial Times report. / Americas / Latin America Agenda - October 22: Privatisation is a dirty word
When Mr Alckmin forced the second round against all odds, he seemed to have secured a real chance of winning the presidency. That chance has evaporated quickly and Mr Lula da Silva now has a lead of at least 20 points in opinion polls. How has he done it? By painting the PSDB as a far right party intent on privatising everything in sight.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Colligated Blogs

I - as the webmaster from Colligated Blogs page ( - thanks Klauber, the playmaker of the Coligados/Colligated team - have implemented some new features to this blog.
Now this blog is a mix of good-old group authoring blog - where various editors write their own stuff - and a clipblog or feed blog - that means a blog that aggregates informations from other sites/blogs.

The first posts are posts from a variety of Latin American, North American bloggers discuting themes that we all stand for , like democracy, liberty and the threat to this represented by the re-emergence of leftist government in LA lately.

Hope you enjoy!!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Lula's corruption scandal laundrymat is working

The battle of second turn election in Brazil has turned from blue to red.
In the first round, when Lula "peace and love" believed that he will win easily, all were flowers...

But now, the "lose scare" made Lula put his best man (Marco Aurélio Garcia - executive secretary from the infamous terrorist-league called "Foro de Sao Paulo") as his campaign manager and the "terror" begun.

Thousand of militants are spreading old and relived lies about a future Alckmin's government: from privatization to cuts in the social programs. From Alckmin's daughter liasons with a fancy  shop  with  problems with the IRS (the girls was only a  employee of that store!!) to all kind of character assassination schemes available.

And carefully hiding his own crimes.

Here is one of this. Below is a copy from the government page with the total expenses of the presidency.

The highest expense of this year  - from the Republic Presidency secretary - is three million!!!
This is the expense with Lula and his family in the period.
The information of who used the money was blocked, censored from the public with a warning

"Information protected by secrecy in the terms of the law, to garantee the security of the society and the state" - value R$ 3.583.342,64

See below...

Presid�ncia da Republica - Controladoria Geral da Uni�o
Snapshot of
Informações protegidas por sigilo, nos termos da legislação, para garantia da segurança da sociedade e do Estado. 3.583.342,64

What Lula has bought of such importance to enter a classified label? A North-Korean weapon???

No, is just the prove that he and his family is mocking at our very face...

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Alckmin: Lula's Nemesis??

Sunday nigth - 08.10.06 - on "Bandeirantes TV" there was the first presidential (second round) debate between Lula da Silva and  PSDB's (the party from former Brazilian President Fernando Henrique Cardoso) Geraldo Alckmin.

From the very start Alckmin was transformed into a honest-people's Nemesis to Lula: "Look into the eyes of  the people, candidate Lula, and tell us where the money came from?" - in a question on the money found with Lula's friends (prepared to buy a faked dossier against PSDB).

From this moment on, Lula, the first president of Sao Paulo Forum, was reduced to his real height. He melted away.

Lula did not expect the virulent attack from Alckmin. I bet he was used to a kind of debate equal from 2002 election, where no candidate asked nothing relevant to another. Of course 2002 election was a circus, prepared to make the public act as a clown - all parties were from Sao Paulo Forum, except PSDB, but even Serra - Jose Serra, the presidential candidate of PSDB- seemed to be very occupied in making Lula the president [I will explain in detail later].

Yes , Lula is not used to be pushed to the limit. He is not prepared to be criticized. He lose his temper when it occurs. And this is what happened.

The election is only at 29th and Lula still at top of the polls, but something happened. Lula is not in charge of this campaign anymore.

Are we facing the rise of a new president??

I hope so, even that it is going to represent just a pause in the Gramscian-revolution on the run in Brazil, because PSDB is not a real opposition.

This is the other side of the story and perhaps explains why Lula got so surprised by Alckmin's behavior.

It was told - and a  PT's congressman  talked to the Folha de Sao Paulo reporter Monica Bergamo confirmed - that PT and PSDB has a secret agreement  where the they pretend to be the other's opposition just to guarantee eight years in power to each of them. This agreement explains the odd ram-behavior from Fernando Henrique and Jose Serra that election. They seemed to lose the election on purpose.

Cutting scene: Yes, the PT's congressman was furious with Alckmin because he broke this agreement!!

Maybe Alckmin could be another Fernando Henrique - a socialist man in a neo-liberal disguise - a man that enpowered Landless Workers Movement to the nowadays paquidermic size. The man that advanced the Political Correctness agenda to its peak. The man raised taxes to the infinit. The man tha elected Lula, a the final kiss of betrayal..

Maybe Alckmin could be this, but the rumour the he broke a deal with a scumbag from PT, leads me to support him. Everyone that betrays criminals deserves our respect.

"The Economy of Trust" , Brazil and the elections is a site dedicated to explain the unbreakble links between capitalism and christian ethics.
"Capitalism" is a term that has lost its real meaning along the years. Today "capitalism" is explained as the capacity or how free are the goods traded on a market. Thus, China could considered "capitalist" or even a capitalist-like Russia too.
But it missed the hidden part of any capitalist organization to bloom: moral and ethics values.
These are the real foundation of a market, not just people, money and needs.

This article explains it for good. Read this excerpt.
The Economy of Trust: "What can the world of religion and ethics contribute to economics?

The market has deficiencies of a kind for which ethics is a remedy. For example, the world is really filled with private information. There is inside information on products and in contracts. In these situations, there is a very strong possibility of one person using this information to take advantage of the other. If this happens frequently, a market may not exist at all because the buyers know that they don’t know certain things, and that the sellers can exploit them. Therefore, it’s not so much that there are potential unfair gains, but that such uncertainties about private information can make the market inefficient. In fact, if the problem is pronounced, the market may not exist at all."

And how is Brazil towards this vision???

Brazil, as a socialist experiment engaged to input a socialist soul into the body of the society without changing its economy - called Gramsci´s revolution (Antonio Gramsci), has proved that socialism, in any degree, has only one side-effect: to take moral and ethics values from people.

Socialism is a form o government made to make people "equal". But how to make unequal equal? People are different in their views, their needs, their minds and their talent. It´s impossible to put everyone in the same level.
What socialism do? Put everyone below an "avarage" . We become "avarage" people - a standard to socialistic society engineering measurement.
In the pursue of this "avarage" man, socialism transfer all moral values to the regime. But "moral" values to a regime based on Darwinism at on hand and Marxism on the other means the moral that the the "end justifies the means".

In the end, trying to take these values from the people to the regime, socialism steals the soul of a real market.

If the regimen has moral values, people do not have it - that´s the logic. If the govenrment collect higher taxes to do the "good", people does not have to be good.

This is the current chain of thought deeply spread into the body of Brazilian society.

If the ethics is no longer a personal matter - due to the "social justice" goals - people are free to think in what really matter: them.

The ascenciong of Worker´s Party was the climax of this tide. But where it led us: more corruption, crimes and death.

To justify the corruption, this government says that everyone is corrupt too, in Brazil.

Lula is right, but it hides the mean part from the public: they only won because of their "ethic" speech. But their own "ethic", not what the public expected. Brazilian society has a strong will to change. I don´t know if we could pay the price of changing.

But it has to be a change, and I think that the only chance is to topple worker´s party from power.

But who to put in charge ?
I had little hope - or no hope at all. I think it´s all a question of gaining some time until the unreversable end, but after sunday´s presidential campaign debate between Lula and Alckmin (opposition), something started to glow.

Despite his bad moves (to receive public support from corruption scandal accusees; to speak the his in the left of Lula) what I saw is a candidate full of passion and values: moral values that got angry by this government. And a deep defense of free market;

If he doesn´t know in the side of who he is , it´s clear is not the left side of Lula´s. And I am on his side.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Alckmin opinions: This guy does not know who supports him!

Alckmin declares on interview to "Folha de Sao Paulo" (03/10/06 - biggest Brazilian newspaper) that he is " leftier than Lula on the respect to the democratic values and in the economic sense"

That´s what I call the "Red Tide" in Brazil: the glamour of the left is so appealling that even conservative-supported politics - like Alckmin, that won the right to dispute the second roundelection by the anti-Lula, anti-left, pro-free-market and conservative people - when it´s time to firmly stands with who supports them ...Prefers to flirt with the left.

Does the left love democracy? Ask Fidel.
Does the left love free-market? Ask North Korea. Just in the Chinese meaning of the world - but don´t put democracy in the same phrase!

Who does he want to obtain support from? Landless Workers Movement? Heloisa Helena´s  terrorist-fueled party?

This is a real "shot-in-the-foot"

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Lula on second round campaign: After the Crazy , Devil Comes (AC/DC)

After the forgered dossier "affair" where Brazil´s president campaign men were caught with millions-in-a-suitcase trying to buy some "evidence" against his oppositors and were sent away from the campaign (after labeled as "lunatic") , Lula called Marco Aurelio Garcia - the Satanic Majesty from the Sao Paulo Forum - to help him as his campaign manager.

Marco Aurelio Garcia (or MAG) is the competent executor of Lula´s foreign policy. With MAG, Lula play his better card to win the second turn election.

But it unveils a danger for Lula - MAG is a central character of a very-carefully-hidden secret from Lula´s government: His liasons with Cuba and Sao Paulo Forum.

MAG was personally in charge of the operation that helped Chavez to handle the petroil workers strike.

MAG represents the Devil side of Lula´s government. He started very well, indeed. Lying. He pretended that "intelligence headquarters" of Worker´s Party were disbanded ("they never appeared to be intelligent, after all"). This is a lie so faked that could not be taken into account.
PT will never stop their spionage and sabottage operations. This is just password to a coverup task. "Intelligence" must be erased from the news.

The "intelligence" gained pages and pages of Brazilian newspapers last days (PT´s intel was responsable of the infamous "dossier" operation). Their methods and sucessful tasks were shown - surprinsingly they started in 1990, exactly the same year of the Sao Paulo Forum kickoff!!! - president Collor was ousted from presidency, scandals & more scandals were created against PT´s enemies. See the list here (unfortunately in portuguese cause I did not have enough time to translated - sorry folks!) .

The list of intel operations were so quickly exposed by the media that proved that it was not a secret: Everyone in the leftist media in Brazil knew it , but only a few dared to accused them - Olavo (again) was one of the few.
The other outcome of it is that new "intel" operations must be launched on this new election round. With an expert in charge, and now in the "stealth" mode.

See below an excerpt from Olavo de Carvalho´s page with some history on the SPF (Sao Paulo Forum ), the "New Komintern".
And here , a link to my google notebook page on MAG.

Don´t be fooled, on this second round, Lula will not admit to lose what he and his party so carefully created along these 16 years!!

Neocommunist rise -- excerpts
Far from being a possible U. S. ally in any political effort intended to stop the neocommunist rise in Latin America, Brazil has been for many years the real strategical center wherefrom communist action spreads to the neighbouring countries. The very decision to found the São Paulo Forum was taken by Fidel Castro in a meeting where, to his own exception, everyone present was a Brazilian: Lula, Frei Betto and Bernardo Kucinsky. Lula, a Brazilian, presided the organization for twelve years. The Forum's official magazine, America Libre , is run by a Brazilian, Emir Sader, while in the editorial board most of the members are Brazilian. The main political articulator of the Forum's meetings is also a Brazilian, Marco Aurelio Garcia. If Lula is right to say that the many victories obtained by the Left in the continent are due to the Forum's secretive actions, so they are, in substance, a result of Brazilian political planning.