Thursday, September 28, 2006

Virtual Reality in Brazil: Lula da Silva pretends he´s bigger than Kofi Anan at UN.

Even Lula´s speech at UN was remixed for his video reelection campaign on TV!

Lula´s toughest enemy is not the opposition. In fact, is the reality!!


See here the original exceprt from Lula´s speech at UN

See how this speech appeared in sept. 21, 2006 on his electoral program on TV - reedited.

Here, after the press alerted the public on the forgery, what was seen in sept. 23, 2006

The applause used in the forgery was originally directed to Kofi Anan!!


Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Lula's Brazil: the real "Kraus' Catalogue"

During the inbetween wars in Germany, an intellectual called Karl Kraus - surprised by the degradation of the germany national language by the socialists and nazis - created a catalogue of what was more grotesque in terms of misuse of the language.
This catalog, known as "Krausian Catalogue" was the most terrific example of how you can subvert a nation starting it by the language.

This site, called "retrospectiva brasil" shows some headlines that must have been included in the Kraus' list.
In the one that is showed here, Lula compare himself as Christ - he pretends to be "betrayed" by his assessors (again).

The craziness that my country is passing through is uncomparable to any other time in our history. For such much less than these facts, the military had acted - in the sixties . Unfortunately, while Lula pretends to be blind to his friends' crimes he goes on with "New Komintern" plan to overthrow the democracy - in a democratic way.

This country is a phallacy!

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Sunday, September 24, 2006

One more scandal for Lula: and he stills "knows nothing"

This is the cover from this weekend issue of "Veja" magazine: a silent representation of our president as he pretends to be - a blind man.
He still ahead on the polls and may win in the first run of the election but it seems that his vantage is draining away due to the fact that another of his assessor (and friend) was caught trying to buy a forgery material to link opposition candidate Alckmin and Jose Serra (São Paulo governor candidate) on a corruption scandal. He had 1.7 million reals with him and worked in the presidential palace next to Lula's office.

It's time to Brazil to prove that if the president is blind, the country is not!!!

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Thursday, September 21, 2006

"La historia paralela" website with a special guest

My friend Graça Salgueiro was the special guestfor the 20th , september issue of "La Historia Paralela" website/newsletter.
Graça is infatigable is her strength to expose communists and crypto-communist in Latin America.
Saludos desde "swimming"!!

Columnista invitado de La historia paralela
Graça SalgueiroLa Columnista Invitada de hoy: Graça Salgueiro
Graça es una periodista brasileña independiente, estudiosa del Foro de San Pablo y de los avances del castro-comunismo en América Latina, fundamentalmente en Cuba, Argentina, Venezuela y Brasil. Columnista del portal brasileño Media sin Máscara, dirige el sitio Notalatina, sus artículos son publicados por numerosos medios gráficos y electrónicos internacionales, pero lo más importante, es nuestra amiga y a quien hoy agradecemos hoy ocupar este espacio

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Poll Numbers on Iraq You Haven't Seen

I have just received this. I found out very interesting to spread the word.


Kurds Grateful for U.S. Support

A delegation of Iraqi Kurdish officials is currently traveling through the United States right now. The mission is to build upon the great friendship between the Kurdish people and the United States of America.

Most specifically, the people of Iraqi Kurdistan wish to invite American businesses to come and help invest in the rebuilding of Kurdistan. It's a win for the people of Iraqi Kurdistan to have help in building a brighter future, and it's a win for American businesses seeking promising new opportunities.

We have launched an advertising campaign called "The Other Iraq" because there is a story to be told about Iraqi Kurdistan that most Americans have not heard. We hope you've taken a moment to watch not just our television ads - but the documentaries that tell the full story at

In fact, a poll taken earlier this year provided results that will likely surprise you. We hope you will review these results, and share them with others. And if possible, we'd like to hear from you about your feedback on our public relations campaign for "The Other Iraq" in the U.S.

If you, or someone you know of, can help play a role in the rebuilding of our region's future, or wish to learn more information on investment or business opportunities, please email us at

The following poll was conducted by and their Program on International Policy Attitudes. The poll was fielded by KA Research Limited/D3 Systems and was conducted among 1,150 Iraqis. The views of Iraqi Kurds in particular are highlighted below

>>> Thinking about any hardships you might have suffered since the US-Britain invasion, do you personally think that ousting Saddam Hussein was worth it or not?

Iraqi Kurds: 91% said it was WORTH IT.

>>> Do you think that Iraq today is generally headed in the right direction or the wrong direction?

Iraqi Kurds: 76% said RIGHT DIRECTION.

>>> Do you think that the government to be established by the newly-elected parliament will or will not be the legitimate representative of the Iraqi people?

Iraqi Kurds: 81% said WILL BE.

Despite a "negative" bias in some of the questions, Iraqi Kurds remained optimistic and resolute in supporting a better future for their country and their people and resisted attempts to "bash" the United States.

>>> It is offensive to me to have foreign forces in my country?

Iraqi Kurds: 0% said it was offensive.

>>> Do you approve of the U.S. being involved in Iraq - assisting with the economic development of Iraq?

Iraqi Kurds: 87% APPROVE of U.S. involvement.

>>> Do you approve of the U.S. being involved in Iraq - assisting with the development of Iraq's oil industry?

Iraqi Kurds: 87% APPROVE of U.S. involvement.

>>> Do you approve of the U.S. being involved in Iraq - training Iraqi security forces?

Iraqi Kurds: 96% APPROVE of U.S. involvement

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

New excerpts from the book "Trips of the President" shows Lula in a very-low-profile

For those who imagined that the harsh words published here in my last article, including the alleged defense from Chile´s embassador - that was present in the infamous "Brazilan Embassy Dinner" in Tokyo, were mistakes, words taken out of context or something like that, from the same book here are more ten reasons to believe they were true.

Down with Lula!!

Ten excerpts from the book "Trips of the President"

The book was written by two journalists - Eduardo Scolese (from newspaper "Folha de São Paulo") and Leonencio Nossa (from "O Estado de São Paulo") that works in the Planalto Palace Press Comitteeque  (a pool of journalists that cover internal affairs of the government).

These episodes occurred tenths of times along the book  that covers some of the 423 (! Yes, four-hundred-twenty-three!) Lula´s trips from 2003 until past april, out of 91 of them were to foreign countries. During 36 months of government, Lula has visited, an avarage of one city in each four day.

1. In the international trips, when he was beginning the return to Brazil, Lula used to call the Minister (Foreign Affairs) Celsoduring and an Air Force official to his cabinet where, with the help of a big World Map, plans his next international trips. The routine in these cases is to ask Amorim on the countries´ features and to the military he asks about technical  issues involving flight scales, shortcuts and so on.

2. In a hot afternoon, President Lula was sweating, kissing and hugging admirers in a small northeastern city and asked a towell, urgently. The president´s assessor heard it and went off , in a clumsy and slow way. Lula, bothered replied: " Look the big ass ('bundão' in Brazil means a lazy & incompetent pesron). There goes the big ass to pick me up a towell" . Nobody cared. Lula´s government was much initiated but the  disregardness for good manners was a routine on the Planalto Palace.

3. " Where are the fucking folders?" Madly shouted the President. The assessor tried to apologize. The President acted like a beast, raising his voice in front of all the crew. In a red rage he screamed at the employee: "How did'nt you bring me the folders, You imcompetent?!

4. "Got it? I don´t have bachelor degree, but those who brings the papers for me, have it... All of them have it." ,  said Lula to a minister, after receiving a speech from the hands of an assessor.

5. During an audience with the minister of the environment - Marina Silva - in a time when the government begun to discuss the transposition of the part of the stream of the São Francisco river (north-northeast), the president heard carefully the pro-con arguments. After heard them, Lula advised the minister:

- " Marina, this environment stuff is just like prostate examen. You can´t keep virgin for the rest of your life. There will be a time that they will put their fingers into our asses. So, camarade, if they have to ram it in you, do it as soon as you can".

6. At the end of his first year, Lula gone to Egypt and visited the Cairo Museum. His first comment occurred when it was informed that the Tutankhamon pharaoph tomb was the only one - among the tombs of the Egyptian Emperors - that resisted the tomb raiders attacks.

- "Look since when the organized crime has been active!"

Following his husband, the fisrt-lady Mariza gave his appreciation on the information that Egyptian must had to follow seventy commandments, not just ten:

- "Imagine it, seventy... Is a lot of sin!"

7. Lula, during a trip to Japan, to an assessor that wanted to inform  him on the Parlamentary Commision of Investigation (CPI) of the National Post Office affair, on that day:  " Let me tell you something, my dear. If you have to give bad news to a comrade, don´t do it at night, for Christ sake. If it´s past nine o´clock , the first thing is that  there will not have enough time to solve anything that day. The second is that you would be going to spoil the rest of the comrade. He will not spleep that night with that thing hammering on his head".

The president dropped another one:  - " Oh, and please do not give bad news in the morning too. Don´t give it. Don´t give it. It will make the comrade to begin the day in a huge bad humor. It is horrible."

8. During a trip to Bolivia, January, 2006, Lula got irritated after reading a newspaper article that pointed out some faults in the agrarian politics of the Federal Government: - " (We) must have to tell this guy to fuck his ass. We raise the contracts on familiar agriculture, make an agrarian reformation with quality and we invest in the agri-business. Do we have to read this?"

-Noting the assessor´s silence, Lula goes further:

- "In this case there´s no way, my dear, there´s no way. We must tell him to fuck his ass, indeed. There´s no other way."

9. During a private movie session, in the Alvorada Palace, in the rare times that the President concedes to talk with senators and deputies he was questioned - in a well-humoured way -by senator Ana Julia, from Worker´s Party of the state of Para:

--President, tell us. What  is really going on between you and the Governor of Sergipe, João Alves?

- " I always wanted to fuck João Alves. I already did arrengements with everybody else there, with Albano Franco, with Almeida Lima. I deal with anybody to fuck João Alves. I want to fuck that one anyway. "

10. In a presidential suite room of a hotel in Georgetown, after receiving the text of a speech the he is going to do on the world fight against hunger. In the face of minister Celso Amorim and the employees of the Planalto Palace and the Itamaraty (foreign affairs), president fast reads the papers and throw it some meters away. - "Ram this speech into your asses, damn! It is not that I want, fuck! I am not going to read this shit. I want you all to go fuck yourselves. Change this , fast!"

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Gilberto Simões Pires- a web journalist - in his electronic letter called "PONTOCRITICO.COM - Ano 5" (critic point) revealed details on the behavior of our president - the candidate of reelection with more than 50% in the recent voting polls - after some whiskey doses. Larry Rohter - the New York Times reporter that became famous here because of his article on drinking "skills" of our president - was really right!

This is the preferred candidate of Brazilians...

It was pusblished in 06/09/2006 (on the eve of Brazil's Independence Day)

A SCHOCKING NOTE - from Caio Rossi (Folha de Sao Paulo famous reporter)
A schocking note is rolling on the internet frenetically. /it was extracted from the nwespaper "Folha de São Paulo" - columnist Caio Rossi's article and explains quite well who is ou president and how he behaves when in small groups. Alas, is in these moments that you can see what is really authentic and the real personallity of the people.

This is the content of the article - in full:
"The 'peace-and-love little Lula', this smart character constructed by the political marketing, vanishes away from the third to the fourth whiskey dose and turns out into a waterfall of harsh words and offences to allied presidents and countries. This what is revealed by Eduardo Scolese and Leonencio Nossa, two reporters that cover the news from Planalto Palace to - repsectively - Folha de São Paulo and 'O Estado de São Paulo', in the book: 'President's Trips: two reporters looking for Lula from Planalto to Abroad'.

Scolelese and Nossa tell about a dinner on Brazil's embassy in Tokyo, at the end of may, 2005, where were 20 people, all Brazilians, in which, after three whiskey doses and with a fourth in the middle, our president said things like that:

  • There are times, my dears, that I want to send Kirchner back to his fucking mother (a la puta que te pario - in spanish)
  • That man there (referring to Jorge Battle, Uruguay's President) is not a fucking Uruguayan. That man was raised in the US. He's an american pet.
  • Chile is a shit . Chile is a joke. They made their deals with the americans. They want us to fuck ourselves right here. They are 'shiting' to us (NOTE: means "They don't give a damn to us')
And the local farmers had their share too:

  • It must to stop with these fucking farmers that come every hour to ask goverment some money.


Mel Gibson received a lot of disapproval responses on his drunk & harsh word episode. He apologized in public for this. If it is required to a Hollywood actor, at least to restore the confidence from his public, someone would imagine that Lula must do the same. Error.
He will not apologize, as he declared himself as a man 'without sins'. And he is atop of the polls, he do not need to look 'peace and love' anymore.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Christian Militia force Muslims to conversion by eating pork

It was predictable. It is what I call a "proportional reaction".
Will they start to hijack camels and drive them against Mosques?
Or will they video-tape women in bathing suits to Al-jazeera?

No, this is serious. We - christians - cannot use this same nasty "techniques".
These guys are crazy.

This is the full article from Paxety Pages | Showing totalitarians the respect they deserve
"According to authorities in Phenix City, Alabama, a militia group identifying itself as the Christian Retribution Organization of the World (CROW) announced that they had kidnapped a Muslim individual off the streets of Phenix City and were holding him in an undisclosed location pending his forced conversion to Christianity. According to CROW’s demands, they wanted all Muslims living in Alabama to profess their loyalty to America by eating pork, and to demonstrate their allegiance to Western Christian culture by singing a chorus of "Onward Christian Soldiers."