Thursday, September 24, 2009

News on Honduras, by a local blogger: Don´t miss it.

Everything you wanto to know but the main stream media does not let it pass.

The Honduras (Zelaya) case has proved that the FORO DE SAO PAULO is a fact. Is the new commintern.They decided to move fast to help Zelaya, even if it unmasked Brazil´s "neutrality" myth.
The Brazilian Embassy replaced URSS embassies in the LA as a tool for fabricated insurrections. Let alone the Brazil is funding all communist regimes in LA, just like in the old URSS days.
This is why is so expensive to live in Brazil. Brazilians are paying for the "revolution".

Here´s the blog I talked about : Honduras Libre en Democracia (translated from spanish) or in spanish.
Thanks to Luisa for sent me this by mail.

Friday, September 04, 2009

The 9-11 and the Tsunami (Brazilian Ad)

This is the ad that supposedly offended the memory of 9-11 victims.

The ideia is to say that the Tsunami (as the one that hit Indonesia in 2005) is a bigger tragedy than 9-11.
The message is to "preserve" the nature. Because the "nature" can fireback against ourselves.
How could one stop a Tsunami to happen? Or an earthquake?

It was created in Brazil.

YouTube - 9/11 ddb [WWF] commercial

No Más Chavez

No more Chávez. Today is the world protest against Chávez.

"Swimming" support this and any other activites against communist in the world, but specially in the Latin America.