Monday, April 04, 2005

New revelations about KGB and Brazilian failed "revolution" in 1964

In my last article on Maskless Media website, called "1964 - Deception Game (final)" , i reproduced some facts that has been hidden from the publica audience in Brazil for decades: that the "proof" of North-American engagement in the military counter-revolutionary movement in 03/31/1964, that enabled Brazil to re-encounter her way to democracy, development and peace, is based in forged documents created by the Czech intelligency office operating in Brazil.

It was showed on two books from author Ladislav Bittman: "The KGB and Soviet Disinformation: an Insider’s View" and "The Deception Game". Ladislav, former Czech intelligency officer, deserted in 1968 to United States where teached disinformation techniques since then.

His books informed that Czech/Soviet disinformation agencies even owned a newspaper to spread propaganda and disinformation, prior to april-1964, in Brazil.

I became very curious to know what was the newspaper´s name and the people involved. After some time of research, I finally encountered Ladislav. After some time of denying to name he delivered the gold ("the Moscow Gold", alas)

LA - "Mr. Bittman, the information I need is just this: the name of the brazilian
newspaper that was owned by KGB until april, 1964.It was cited in the "Kgb and disinformation" pages 6-7-8 inside the "Thomas Mann" disinformation operation.
It was a newspaper called "SEMANARIO" or not ?

Bittman - "Dear Mr. Alfonso: As I mentioned to you
earlier all I know about the Soviet bloc involvement in Brazil is included
in the book The Deception Game. Yes, it was the newspaper Semanario."

"Semanario" was the newspaper where for the first time the forgeries (called "Operation Thomas Mann") were published. The "Semanario" newspaper was closed (correctly) by the military after april, 1964.

The insteresting is that 'Semanario" is , until now, recognized, as a "nationalist" channel, fighting for Brazil´s subjects, in many history websites.

The level of disinformation in Brazil about facts not-so far away in time is outstanding: the present generation is living without knowing the truth. And the ones that know the true are feeling or are being pressed not to speak out.
To defend the truth in my country today means to be called as 'nazist', 'fascist' and so on.

While the real traitors of the country are treated as heros or even obtained political profits from those events...

Brazil is speeding up her way to grasmci´s red revolution...

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