Monday, May 30, 2005

Roots of the New World

This is an article that everybody must read. It reveals the true nature of the new communism to the world.
It was written by Olavo de Carvalho (in portuguese) for the brazilian newspaper "O Globo" and was translated to english by Fabio Lins.

Enjoy and spread the word.

ROOTS OF THE NEW WORLD (Olavo de Carvalho)

The first half of the 20th. century witnessed the rise of planified
economy; the second saw its fall, followed by the appearance of an
even more ambitious plan of domination: planified culture. Culture
transcends and includes economy: it includes the entire range of human
creations, language and imagination, values and feelings, intimate
life and unconscious reflexes. The widening of the objectives show
that the activist intelligentsia learned from the past eight decades
an opposite lesson from that of non-marxist economists: the later
believe that socialism's failure proved the intrisic madness of a
giant state; the former learned that giant states fail for not being
gigantic enough.

The final aim of socialism, as Hannah Arendt observed, is the
modification of human nature. The generation of Lenin, Stalin and
Hitler imagined that socialist economy would create this new kind of
men. Deeper socialist thinkers like Gramsci, Lukacks and the
Frankfurtians saw in this a dangerous economicist mistake. The soul of
the "new man" would not be born from socialism, but should come before
it and create it. This idea sounded heretical to Marxist orthodoxes of
the time (although, on the other side of the socialist range, it was
not totally alien to the nazi-fascist theoreticians). It has spread
only in the last decades, providing the basis of the formidable
expansion of internationalist leftism, which survived even the fall of
soviet economy, and has reached its peak precisely in the years
following the break of the USSR. Today's international socialism looks
less for the creation of socialist regimes and more for the
installation of a global complex of mutations in civil society,
morals, family relations. The change in the order of priorities caused
a harmonic change in the strategy and choice of means. Formerly, the
essential tool of the revolutionary movement was a ideologically
monolitical party. Today, it is a variety of leftist parties,
disconnected in appearance. It is the international networks of NGOs,
the "social movements", the large international organs. Their unit of
action can only be graspped from outside by thoso who are aware of the
subtleties of cultural war, infinitelly more complex than the older
open conflict of pro-capitalist and pro-communist parties.

One the strategic line of action is understood, it is easy to follow
the players in the game, from the appearant confusion of public
debates to their common origin in offices of strategic planning
invariably linked to the UN and a certain number of billionaire
foundations with which they are associated and even some national
States which, discretely and not without ambiguities, give support for
the process. Today, there is not one "cause", or slogan for the
revolutionary fight or for "social change" that has not originated in
technical and consultive committees outside any popular and electoral
control. These ideas are then spread throughout the many nations as
spontaneous products of nonpersonal historical movements, if not
products of divine providence itself. Feminist revolt, abortism,
racial cotas, gay movements, agrary revolution, indianism,
enviromentalism, antismoking, liberation of heavy drugs, all the flags
that are waved in the world can be traced back from the public scene
down to their discrete origins in the circles of enlightened
internationalism. And to spread them, the means are not reduced to
"networks" extending up to the infinite, but there is an entire
millionaire burocratic system: the UN even has college courses to form
technicians in "creation of social movements" in the Third World. All
of them "spontaneous movements" of course, and for a spontanous
miracle, harmonized in the whole conception of a new order in
The bibliography about this holds documentation that exceeds
reasonable doubt by far, but it is protected by the natural lazyness
of the masses and it will take some centuries until it becomes object
of common knowledge. And then, Humankind will have no interest in
knowing its origin so drunken it will be by the illusion of having
created itself by the spontaneous force of progress and the lights.


Finnpundit said...

Thank you for bringing de Carvalho's work to my attention. I will be studying his writing in depth...

Anonymous said...

I've spent most of my adult life criticizing all these leftist liberal movements. And I never once considered the magnitude of the work being done here. I will consider and think about what Olavo de Carvalho wrote.

P.S. Amigo Luís Afonso Assumpção, é muito reconfortante ver alguém escrever algo assim em português, porque em Portugal é que não encontro nada disto escrito.

InklingBooks said...

Those who'd like an overview of what this future might look like and the resemblance it bears to Huxley's Brave New World might want to read "Heroic Selfishness."

Anonymous said...

All very true, but as I have lived entrenched in the working class these past forty years, I have noticed an increasing resistance amongst workers, tradesmen, professionals and small businessmen to these so-called spontaneous movements. In other words, the people are hip to what's going on. Thus the efforts and costs for the left continue to increase, the failure rate and lack of enthusiasm. People feel that they are being lied to, and that the left are liars, profiteers. And yet they seem to control most all the organs of the state and it's mutated children.

The original American Revolution had it's beginnings twenty years before it occurred. I feel the stage is being set in peoples hearts, and in a ever growing numbers, people's minds.

Anonymous said...

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