Thursday, March 09, 2006

Cold War murder investigated...

This is interesting because cites a former communist-Czech agent, Ladislav Bittman, whom after many attempts I could hardly obtained a laconic confirmation about a disinformation operation in Brazil (read here) - the author of the book which upon the accusations are based on (The Deception Game).

Two thoughts on the subject:
First, it seems that somebody is finally reading these old-cold-war files and trying to re-stablish justice. Second, it seems that Bittman´s auto-imposed retirement (he is now a painter) and his silence (tireness?) about those facts will soon be over.

People with the authority of Mr. Bittman , like a few others like Mitrokhin and Golitsyn, has the evidence of what was really in stake on those crucial cold-war years. In our time, when we are surrounded by an almost canine anti-americanism, these evidences are critical to understand who is who. These people must be always (unfortunately Mr. Mitrokhin passed away last year) ready to help to uncover the truth. They cannot deny their past.
And I think that books are not enough, specially in a country like Brazil, where this kind of book will never be published, while any scrap from Michael Moore is widely accepted as truth.

But here is the news.

Court returns case of murder from 1957 for further investigation - Prague Daily Monitor: "Court returns case of murder from 1957 for further investigation

Prague, March 8 (CTK) - The Prague City court will return the case of an almost 50-year-old murder of a French official, allegedly committed by two former communist secret police (StB) officers for further investigation so that more evidence is gathered, judge Hana Hrncirova told CTK today.

The accused, Milan Michel and Stanislav Tomes, are suspected of having sent a parcel with a bomb to Andre Tremeaud, then prefect of Strasbourg. The explosion then killed Tremeaud´s wife.
The StB´s participation in the Strasbourg explosion was disclosed by Ladislav Bittman,an ex-StB officer who emigrated to the US in 1968, in his book The Deception Game that appeared in 1972.

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