Friday, July 07, 2006

The Revenge of Nimrod: Global Leftism

The holy Bible told us - in the Genesis - how a powerful man called Nimrod tried to defy God through constructing a building that could reach the sky.
By this way he could raise his own pride and power before men. God stopped Nimrod and his followers from finishing the highest building on earth by creating a big confusion among them. They started to speak different languages and one could not understand another. Same tongue speakers got away from Mesopotamia and started to popullate different places in the world. The building never got finished and was known as the Babel Tower.
This was the first time that man really thought that he was powerful enough to fight God. That time God won.

But since this episode, mankind has got together again. We have internet, we have planes, we have telephone and we have globalisation. Even the language barrier was broke and it is not an obstacle to people around the globe to communicate each other.
All these things are not "per se" good or bad, but it create momentum to the creation of a New and Global anti-God league.

It could be described as Nimrod´s Revenge.

Why? Because the root nature of all leftism is not rationalism or logic.
No. We did not find any hard-evidence of inexistence of God - under scientific view. Nor the evidence of His existence.
Science will never answer this question because we will never face God ourselves. We only can find clues or signals of His existence. But these signals only can be interpreted as God´s evidence IF we could know the nature of God. Without it we cannot formulate a single hypothesis on it. Without a basic assumption, a theory, clues are worhtless, because meaningless. Or meaningful too much.
It depends on the side you are.
Thus, logic and rationalism prove nothing relate to God´s nature.

But we have known a pattern of thought very carefully created and applied to these possible "signals" of God during the last two centuries. In this period, a rational-like school of thought has advocated that anything that we can not explain through logic and reason must be excluded from the field of science. We could find It written on Newton works, alas, the wonder of a totally logic world drove by mechanical and unchangeable 'laws', a template for all future scientific landscape was created by Sir Isaac Newton.
It was brilliantly demonstrated by philosopher Olavo de Carvalho on several classes of Philosophy History I assisted from 2004-2005.

I am not denying Newton discoveries. I am only describing the roots of this upgraded version of Nimrod´s return to earth.

Rationalism and Logic, after the creation of such model - a model of science that swept away any sign of metaphysics from its body - became only excuses to simply deny God.

What do "creationism" appears to science? Only a return to the dark ages of medieval times. According to them only dark could ever existed before Newton, of course.

But there was light before Isaac. There were at least four fundamental guiding lights to humanity: Socrates, Plato & Aristotle and the brighter of them all Jesus Christ. The three predecessors were mandatory to comprehend the real meaning of Jesus Christ to mankind, as cleared by Aquina and Saint Augustine.

The legacy of Aristotle & Jesus is benefitting from globalisation and internet too, but the huge wave of brand-new paganism and satanism spilled out from the leftist stream got we all soaked.

We, somehow turned into a kind of mainteneurs of this tradiction-of-knowledge, fight against this new Babel tower. But we see it growing and growing. Almost obscuring the heavens above. Earth and earth-like questions are all that matters in the life of many of us shaded by Babel´s 'glory'.

We see its power raising and raising. It uses puppets all over the world: Castro, Fidel, Evo, Lula, Zapatero, UN, Iran, Al-Qaeda and even sometimes part of Christendom.

We know we are such little and weak to stop them all. But here we are: in the face of this Big-Red-Dragon.

And different from Genesis pages, God seems to see it all and wait. When He is going to intervene? Because God is our only hope. And a New Hope is all we need.

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Ao ler este texto só uma coisa me veio. Puxa que bonito! Perceber em texto a qualidade de beleza para mim não é pouca coisa e tem muito a ver com Verdade.
Um grande abraço