Friday, August 03, 2007

Fahrenhype 911: Debunking Michael Moore :: Refutando Michael Moore

Hi! I was warned that the video of "Fahrenhype 911" shown in one of my last posts was freezing after 30 min. I reloaded it to Google video and it is fixed!

Enjoy this, now that Moore has another package of controversy in theathers again (sicko).


Olá! E fui alertado que o vídeo de "Fahrenhype 911" que eu coloquei no Google video estava com problemas. Eu refiz o upload e está resolvido!

Apreciem este documentário refutando os argumentos de Moore em "Fahrenhype 911", agora que Moore tem outro pacote de "controvérsias" nos cinemas (sicko).

If you can´t see it, click here


Anonymous said...

Outstanding!! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

All this video does is prove both parties are complicit in the attacks of 9/11 e.g. Carlyle Group, etc.