Saturday, October 20, 2007

Guevara is Dead Again: Monument Destroyed in Venezuela

Che Guevara is Dead. But it seems irrelevant to all useful idiots that insist in wearing Guevara shirts around the world.
From Madonna to Maradona (?!!) there are a bunch of brainless socialist that love to praise a murderer.

This year is the fortieth anniversary of Che´s death.

As a homage to the "butcher" here some real news on the theme..

Che´s monument in Venezuela (Mérida) was vandalized and destroyed by a group called "Frente Patriótica de Paramo" that wrote this note:
"We Do Not Want Any Monument for Che, he is not an example to our children:
Industry Minister (and finished the Cuban industry)
Chancelor (and isolated Cuba from the rest of the world)
Cuba´s Bank Director (and broke the island)
A cold blooded murderer
Then, if Jorge Rodriguez (vice-president) and Chavez want their children to look alike Che, our no. In El Páramo NO.
"If you want to build a monument, that must be for J.F. Sánchez (teacher), an example of humility, love and wisdom. This one, put on Sabaneta" (Chavez´ hometown)
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Anonymous said...

I'm usually against the destruction of monuments, no matter how bad the guy is (like Ernesto). However, I won't be losing any sleep over this. It's refreshing to know that people haven't forgotten what an evil man Che really was.