Friday, May 16, 2008

Israel, at 60 and the "Nakba" Myth

Israel at 60 - created at UN session that was presided by Brazilian (and gaucho - means that he was born at the same state as I, Rio Grande do Sul) diplomat Oswaldo Aranha in 1948. According to wikipedia, "As the head of the Brazilian delegation to the U.N., Aranha supported
and heavily lobbied for the partition of Palestine toward the creation
of the State of Israel; in 2007, a street in Tel Aviv was named in his honor at a ceremony attended by his relatives and Brazil's ambassador to Israel."

So, Brazil and Israel have historical bonds. Sometimes readers ask me why I have the banner "I a proud friend of Israel" on the rigth. Many of them use the same justifications against Israel. All of them spread around by the leftist media in Brazil, in the same fashion Green Little Footballs told us about MSM coverage. So the youth are basically pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel. The main objection is the Nakba myth.
I found this interesting article o the subject.

Nakba and the Palestinian Lie « TMQ2
The nakba of the late 1940’s and 1950’s that befell large numbers of Jews living in Arab countries who were suddenly expelled, persecuted, and stripped of their property does not interest such people. Those Jewish refugees made new homes in Israel and actually outnumbered the Palestinians who fled.

Meanwhile, an urban legend has been fabricated about the origin of the term “nakba” — a fairy tale that claims the word was a banner waved by Palestinians starting in 1948, and that its very use shows how deep the roots of “Palestinian nationality” go.

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