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Barak Hussein Obama: Consensus Illusions Versus Dangerous Documented History

I friend of mine wrote this impressive fact-checking covering all aspects of Obama's hidden (by the media) agenda.

It deserves to be published and spread around.


Barak Hussein Obama: Consensus Illusions Versus Dangerous Documented History

by James DeMeo, Ph.D.

The articles below, and the documentary weblinks, raise serious questions about the favorite candidate for US President, Barak Hussein Obama. I assembled this material only after observing what a terrible job the mainstream news media (MSM) was doing in regards to investigating the background and activities of Obama. I believe this is due to a shared radical-left and Islamist agenda on the part of this same news media, something which appeared in American society after around 1960, making a slow penetration into news media and the academic world, and intensifying as the USA began to seriously confront the problem of Islamic terrorism.

In this discussion, I will steer clear of policy matters, like health care, economy and so on. I have my own opinions on that, but the issues presented here are more substantial, having to do with lies, dirty-tricks and deception by Obama and his cadres of supporters, and by those who are manipulating his candidacy, and his person, from behind the scenes. Personally I feel Hillary Clinton would have been the better candidate for the Democratic Party, and while like McCain-Palin, she is a flawed character, I do believe in the main there is no larger hidden agenda with any of the other candidates, as what is now documented with Obama.

Another issue implicitly raised in this essay is the added MSM deception and covering-up for what appears to be a terribly radical agenda, an agenda filled with hatred towards mainstream America, and Americans, which in my opinion puts the nation and its existing freedoms at risk. One also should be aware, that many or all of the internet "fact-checker" websites are pretty much shilling for Obama, delivering a message that mirrors what the Obama campaign puts out, and basically restating their message that any strong criticism of him is "a lie", no matter what the evidence. A websearch on this topic alone will produce many examples and critiques of sites such as "", a favorite watering-hole for committed Obama supporters.

Once before in American history we got close to having a closeted Communist Party agent gain the presidency, in the person of Henry A. Wallace, the running mate to Franklin Roosevelt during his last term. His own radical agendas exposed him before he could gain power, however, and he was replaced by Harry Truman, who later became President when Roosevelt died. As noted below, Obama was once a member of a Socialist party offshoot of the American Communist Party, something he denies, but which was fully exposed about, and the evidence against him has grown and grown to the point where I find it impossible to merely sit by quietly, watching as so many people behave like Lemmings headed over a cliff. The newspapers are fully silent on these matters, ignoring the evidence even as they ridicule people who dare to present it. I've kept silent on this until today, assembling some of the major points at issue. They are current, and accurate, and each item I reference below, and also in the appended list of weblinks, has its own additional referential weblinks. It is stunning material, and the interested reader who is new to this material will want to follow-up on the references, where more detail is available. Especially Europeans will find this material of interest, because the blackout of facts about Obama is particularly stunning overseas. If he loses the election -- and he may well lose in spite of some potentially manufactured and heavily biased poll data -- then what is give below is the reason why. If he wins, then past behavior predicts future behavior, and we will probably see major social explosions as the enemies of freedom around the world will have properly seen the new American President as being in alliance with their agendas.

Obama's Friendship with, and Support To Raila Odinga, a Marxist, Islam-Friendly African Tyrant

The worst of Mr. Obama's background issues, which has almost totally be concealed by the MSM, or deliberately spun to put a smiley-face on it, is the Odinga affair, as noted below, where Obama went to Kenya in 2006 and openly supported a brutal fanatic who was a distant cousin from his Luo Tribe. Obama made public appearances and speeches on his behalf, trying to help the Marxist Odinga (who attended an East German university and named his son after Fidel Castro) to get elected, basically interfering with the Kenyan election to the point that the Kenyan government made a public statement calling Obama a "stooge for Odinga" and telling him to basically "keep out" of their electoral process. Obama had not only spoken in favor of Odinga, but also heaped scorn on the democratically-elected government of Kenya, stating "The [Kenyan] people have to suffer over corruption perpetrated by government officials... Kenyans are now yearning for change".

YouTube carries some of these Obama speeches in Kenya. Here is one which details the clearly Red Fascist background of Odinga, who surely could never be mistaken for anything but a brutal communist thug seeking power by any means. Obama nevertheless supported him, and even raised $1 million for his campaign. After that election, Kenyans got "change", but not what they expected. It became public, for example, that Odinga had signed a "Memorandum of Understanding" (MOU) with Kenyan Islamic groups, that once elected he would use his influence to institute Islamic Sharia Law across Kenya, suppressing all other religions, and bringing the veil, banishment of alcohol and pork, and other strict Islamic measures. This revelation came when one of the Mullahs in on the betrayal of freedom held a press conference, happily announcing the previously secret deal. They were angry that they could not, under the Kenyan Constitution, simply invoke Sharia Law, and also angry that Muslims had been arrested in Kenya for terrorist acts -- as with the bombing of the US Embassy in Kenya, the bombing of a hotel in Nairobi frequented by Israeli tourists, and an attempt to shoot down an El Al civilian jet plane with a missile. Muslim jihad violence has been on a steady increase across East Africa.

Odinga signed the MOU to get the Muslim vote, but it did not help, and he lost the election by several hundred thousand votes. Within hours of the election results, Odinga called for his supporters to engage in street protests, which predictably degenerated into street riots. Muslim and Luo sects attacked the opposition party supporters, notably those of the Kikuyu tribe, with machetes and torches, hacking people to death and burning over 500 churches, including one with 50 Christian women and children deliberately locked inside, burning them to death. The mobs destroyed and looted homes and businesses, and murdered around 1000 people while hundreds of thousands fled from their homes and subsequently live as refugees. Worse, Odinga continued to push for sharing of power, in spite of losing the election, and in spite of the massive slaughter and violence of his followers.

In a forced "peace deal" brokered by the ineffectual team of former UN President Kofi Anan and US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, both of whom have been exceptionally Islam-friendly during their tenures, Obama's buddy-cousin Odinga was rewarded for his butchery with the Prime Minister's Office in Kenya, basically for agreeing to stop the killing. He shot his way into power after losing the election, and got an approving pat on the back from the UN and Bush people, a stunning situation which basically overthrows Kenyan democracy. Odinga denies he has interests to promote Sharia Law, and there are various claims made of phoney documents being circulated by Odinga's enemies. But too much of the events were captured on videotape, and whereas at one point the Memorandum of Understanding was a major issue, the bigger one which everyone apologetic about Odinga ignores -- and it is being ignored for the sake of one Barak Hussein Obama -- is the mass-murder which took place on the streets of Kenyan cities after Odinga lost, and then openly called for his supporters to make trouble. But it gets worse.

One Obama-critical author, Dr. Jerome Corsi, recently traveled to Kenya and obtained documentation of the on-going Odinga-Obama relationship, showing that Obama continued to have on-going email contacts with Odinga, giving him advice from his Senate office in Washington DC. Additional information was obtained indicating that Obama had donated $950,000 to the Odinga election campaign, a sum even greater than what was given to Odinga from Libyan dictator and terrorist Mohamar Gaddafi. Corsi planned a press conference in Kenya, to expose this explosive material, but it was disrupted when Kenyan government officials carrying machine-guns abducted him just before it was to start, and kept him incognito for a day before his release was obtained by bribing the officials. He was told "See you in Hell" by the Kenyan guards, just before getting on a jet back to London. Corsi is hated by the Obama camp, as his book "The Obama Nation" exposes very much of the same material contained in this essay, with much greater detail, and it has become a best-seller. While a small number of peripheral points in Corsi's book have been refuted by the Obama camp, the bulk of it remains unchallenged, and remains a shocking testament to how badly the US news media has abandoned its responsibilities to seriously review and check-out such a top-candidate for Office of the President, in efforts to get elected someone who so nicely matches their very liberal biases about "what the country needs".

Obama's Troops: ACORN Partners Stuffing Ballot Boxes, Crushing Free Speech

The second worst point of MSM silence is Obama's long association with the radical-left ACORN group of "community organizers" whose major "organizing" effort seems to be instigating massive voter fraud and socialist re-education schemes. They "organize" neighborhood meetings and stir up attitudes of victimization and hatred of white Americans among the disaffected youth and inner-city black poor, in a manner reminiscent of the Rev. Wright's violently screaming sermons (which Obama and his wife slept through, and never heard, over 20 years) about "God Damn America" and "the US of KKKA", "AIDS was Invented to Kill Black People", "911 Was an Inside Job", etc. ACORN is now under criminal investigations in 11 different states for untold thousands of phoney and illegal voter registrations, such as registering massive numbers of illegal aliens, convicted felons and prisoners, homeless people from shelters, people in adjacent states, and dead people to vote in what appears to be a well-planned effort to steal the elections in states where slim margins separate the candidates. The situation of voter fraud is shaping up to be far worse than anything seen during the Bush-Gore election, and in this case it is all deliberated and calculated -- and all working to skew the results in favor of Obama.

Obama's campaign gave ACORN at least $800,000 which seems like a pay-off to stuff the ballot boxes in his favor. The Obama campaign says, this is "much ado about nothing", that Obama has not "really" worked with ACORN, in spite of documentation clearly showing a long-time relationship. Again, little or nothing of this has appeared in the MSM, except to denounce as "fear-mongers" or "racists" anyone who dares to bring up the subject. But the extent of the voter fraud perpetrated by ACORN is today so widespread and extensive, so endangering of the upcoming elections, that the problem cannot be simply ignored -- even the MSM is finally taking note, and reporting on it, though to my knowledge without much discussion of Obama's funding or connections.

From Hillary backers, we have reports of Obama's "get out the vote" campaigns working with ACORN tostuff ballot boxes, and even bring in bus-loads of Obama supporters across state lines to illegally vote in caucus primary elections. By such dirty-tricks and illegal tactics, Obama managed to wrestle victories in regions which by all other indications were fully behind Hillary. These facts also did not get out into the MSM, but help us to understand the outrage and fury of so many Hillary supporters.

We are seeing other dirty-tricks being performed by the Obama devotees, as when they attacked a radio station for daring to interview an author critical of Obama. Or when Obama's legal team threatened lawsuits against TV stations which dared to run factual ads exposing his checkered background and activities. The most recent outrage along these lines is, that Team Obama have somehow got the ear of the top brass at Google, suppressing Google Sponsored Ads which are critical of Obama, and instead showing only the ads which link to his own websites, emphasizing his nominally Christian credentials. Try it yourself with a Google search for "Obama's Muslim Background" The only sponsored ads which appear will link to the Obama website. All others, formerly present, are today gone. Presumably they would like to have the larger Google Search itself suppress the critical information, and yield only the Obama-friendly websites. In another notable case, Obama campaign workers made false accusations of death-threats against Obama, claiming people who were critical of his policy issues and deceptions had made threats, with the goal of having those persons investigated by the FBI, and thereby silenced. Obama supporters have also recently threatened violent riots, or even a "race war" if Obama does not win. But it also seems similar riots might occur if he wins. Overall it gives the impression of a distressing turn towards criminal fanaticism within the Obama camp, in a manner more typically associated with supporters of dictators like Chavez or Mugabe. But, then, didn't Obama say he would be happy to meet with such thugs? Is this because of some new approach to American foreign policy, as he claims, or more because those are just "his kind of guy"?

Is this the "change" Obama has in store for America? A liberal thugocracy? Like when liberal Google partnered with Communist China to block websites critical of Communist Party thuggery and genocide, and inform on dissident bloggers so the Chi-Coms could put them into prison? Nancy Pelosi has already indicated that, with Obama as President, and with a Democratic Party majority in both houses of Congress, she will swiftly move on the "Fairness Doctrine" legislation, an Orwellian bill that would have government bureaucrats spy on who says what on television, radio, and internet, thereafter forcing "opposing views" to be given. This won't happen on the liberal TV news, such as ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN or BBC, as the law is structured only to attack conservative voices, as found on talk-radio. We might also see, for similar reasons, an approval of "hate speech" legislation against making open criticisms of Islam, something the UN and many liberal-left Democratic Party people have felt was a good thing. Canada already has such a law, and their "Human Rights Council" has dragged authors and publishers before its Star Chamber to demand subordination to State Power on who can say what. It had a chilling effect upon other authors and publishers, who now routinely must ask, what will clear the Left-Wing and Islamic Censor's Office. This article might be forbidden under such legislation, for example.

Obama's Socialist Terrorist Friends

The picture gets even more bleak when considering Obama's relations to various other America-haters, black racists, and even confessed and unrepentant Weather Underground terror bombers and murderers like Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn with whom Obama (and his wife Michelle) had a very long and intimate relationship. These are not casual acquaintances, as the Obamas claim. Most people will today know about the Reverend Wright of Obama's Trinity Church in Chicago, an evil man whose career is founded upon hatred of white people and Jews. His church even printed copies of the Hamas Charter calling for the destruction of Israel. Wright and Farrakhan made a widely-published junket trip to Libya, amid an atmosphere of America-hatred. A simple YouTube search of "Rev. Wright" will pull up a ton of his "greatest video clips" which were sold openly in the lobby of that church (a few notable ones are posted below), available right next to the free Trinity-Hamas Newsletter... but of course the Obamas "knew nothing about it", even though B.H. Obama dedicated his book to Wright and Wright married the radical couple.

But as with Wright, Odinga and ACORN, Obama downplays or outright lies about his even more alarming relationships to Ayers and Dorn, calling Ayers "just a guy in the neighborhood" when in fact they shared time on foundation boards, exchanged massive amounts of money between the various organizations they ran, and coordinated policy decisions within those foundations -- which also are very Marxist in orientations. Obama basically launched his political career among the hard-left ACORN-Wright people in the Chicago area, at a special private dinner party hosted at the home of Ayers and Dorn. Obama was in working relations with Ayers or Dorn at the time when, shortly after 911, the terror-twins were interviewed and said they wished they only "could have done more" terror-destruction and murder (7 people were killed by their Weather Underground) to destroy America. Their plans at the time included Soviet-style gulag death-camps across the USA, into which they (Ayers, et al) estimated at least 25 million ordinary Americans would be exterminated in order to establish their Socialist Paradise. Ayers and Dorn also wrote a book, while on the run from the law, entitled "Prairie Fire: The Politics of Revolutionary Anti-Imperialism" They dedicated the book to Sirhan Sirhan, the man who assassinated Bobby Kennedy. While all that was at the time when Obama was a child, the fact that Ayers republished this book in 2006 (under the new title "Sing a Battle Song"), with the same dedication to a terror-murderer, indicates Ayers had not changed his character or views in the slightest all the way down into the times when he had a lengthy professional relationship with Obama. During the post-911 interview which was widely published, Ayers was photographed wiping his feet on an American flag, openly showing hatred and contempt for the USA. Obama knew Ayers and worked with him over this entire later period. But Obama's lying about Ayers really becomes stunning when one considers that Obama wrote and published a glowing review for one of Ayer's books, and in that book Ayer's mentions Obama favorably, noting that he and Obama, and Louis Farrakhan, all lived within a block of each other in the same Chicago gated-community neighborhood.

Obama's staff and handlers also have made their own meetings with Islamic terror groups such as Hamas, and Jew-hating Saudis like Khalid al-Mansour, who appear to have financed some of Obama's early years. Obama covers up these associations by firing his staff members when they accidentally spill the beans, but he then replaces them with like-minded people, and the same kind of thing quickly happens all over again. He waffles about Israel, declaring greater support for Israel on one day, and greater support for the Palestinians on another. And judging from his own official website, which allows user commentary, Obama seems surrounded by America-haters, Jew haters, and friends of Muslim terrorists. Obama could have stopped all this hate-speech on his website in a heart-beat, but allows it to go on and on. Are these his most loyal base? Is this what he really believes, behind the grinning mask?

It appears so. New evidence recently emerged, that Obama was a member of the Communist-Party offshoot "New Party" in the USA, something which he emphatically denied over many months. However, old copies of the New Party newspaper show Obama prominently, and reveal his lying, that he is or was a member of the New Party -- along with a long list of other America-haters and haters of Americans.

Obama and Rezko, and All The Rest

Then there is Obama's past association with Tony Rezko, the Syrian-born criminal now facing hard prison time and spilling the beans to prosecutors abou the same kind of Chicago-Mob politics which stands behind Obama, the same criminal who helped finance Obama's first election and gave him a "sweet deal" on the purchase of his expensive home. The revelations from that alone would destroy most candidates for high office, but in this case it has again been ignored or downplayed by the Obama-worshiping MSM and the full facts may not emerge until after the elections. More troubling are Rezko's continuing big-money dealings within the Islamic world.

Obama seems to orient himself with Islamic personalities and agendas, even selecting as his own foreign policy advisor the old Jimmy Carter National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski, an Israel-hater who more than anyone was responsible for Iran being handed back to the Ayatollah Khomeini, something about which he foresaw "no problem". Millions paid with their lives for that arrogant stupidity. Taken with all the other Obama-Islam connections, the dealings with Rezko hardly seem like a merely "bone-headed" accident, as Obama states.

But in spite of all these well-documented connections and working relationships to a rather large basket of haters, traitors, murderers and criminals, Obama claims he hardly knew any of them, like he was Alice in Wonderland just innocently walking through the forest and accidentally stumbling over them, one after another: Tony Rezko, Odinga, the Rev. Wright, and even the fanatic Jew-hater and black-Muslim fascist Louis Farrakhan. Obama admitted to attending the Farrakhan "Million Man March" in 1995, but did not get around to making any public opinion about Farrakhan until being pressed about it by Hillary Clinton, during the Democratic Primary Debates. He then denounced Farrakhan's Jew-hatred, but he ducks the question if he ever met or knows Farrakhan -- another "guy next door". We do know, that his long-time mentor Rev. "God Damn America" Wright went on a junket trip to Libya with Farrakhan, at a time when Farrakhan was going to collect multi-million-dollar checks from the Libyan dictator and terrorist. Farrakhan recently publicly declared Obama "The Messiah"! And Gaddafi publicly supports Obama, even claiming that Islamic money helps to support him. True or not, we must ask why it is that Obama is supported by every kind and strip of fascist and totalitarian thug on the planet: Chavez, Gaddafi, Hamas, the Palestinian leadership, Ahamedenijad, and so on.

Alice in Wonderland, stumbling onto strange characters? Or perhaps, a Manchurian Candidate who has fully taken the advice of one of his earlier mentors, Saul Alinsky, a communist agitator who hated American democracy and freedoms, and wrote a 1971 book entitled "Rules for Radicals". In this book, Alinsky advised his radical students to cut their hair, dress up in suits and ties, get educations suitable for political power acquisition, and move into the various social institutions of democracy, to usurp them bit by bit towards communist agendas. Alinsky's words are a primer in Mass Psychology, towards a Hard Left takeover of society. His words on creating an illusion of "change" and "hope" sound eerily like the message of the Obama campaign. ACORN is a very big part of this "change" scheming, but is surely not the only such community organization. Which theory is correct? Alice in Wonderland? Or Obama in Alinsky's Manchuria?

The real Barak Hussein Obama -- who did pray at Mosques as a young man and was registered as a Muslim in his Indonesian school records, and who still today can professionally recite the Muslim call to prayer with exacting Arabic inflection (calling it "one of the most beautiful sounds on Earth" in an interview with New York Times reporter Nicholas Kristof, during a rare moment of truth) the denials notwithstanding -- whomever he is, the New and Real Obama slowly emerges from the shadows, and it is not very pretty. It is not what we've been presented with in the Showroom, all spit-and-polished up, shiny under the lights, dressed handsomely for his role in the Grand Political Theatre. His life path is marked by a stunning list of deformed and twisted characters, money criminals, racist-haters, America-haters, social arsonists, democracy-back-stabbers, freedom-destroyers, bomb-throwers and even a mass-murderer. But we aren't supposed to mention any of this. We should keep our mouths shut, because Obama is "The Chosen One" -- he even says it himself, in his own arrogant speeches and commercials, as if some communist apparatchik had studied Mass Psychology, and put it into practice with their top student -- "We Are the Ones We have been Waiting For!" And the crowd swoons.

Taken together, the facts given above suggest the cartoon cover of a recent New Yorker magazine was factually correct, even if it was presented as a means to ridicule the conservatives who dared to raise such questions. It was a very smart disinformation tactic. Hoist up the dirty truth about some questionable character you want to promote, exaggerate it a little bit, then poke fun of that truth as if it were the lies and fantasy of the critics, rendering their criticisms impotent and subject to ridicule. So nearly none of what I mention here, which is well documented in the weblinks referenced in this article (which are only a small representative sample), gets examination or reportage except on a few isolated or conservative news sources. The liberal and left MSM continues to have only horse-laughs about it, or they throw vicious hatred at anyone who challenges Mr. Obama, as if one had challenged a central point of their religious faith. Again, I see the outlines of a very great deception at work, including methods used by the hard-left disinformation agents over decades. This is Big Alice with brass knuckles.

Obama now is posed to have collected more political donation money than any other politician in the History of the World. So much money, over $600 million, that he has outspent McCain-Palin by many times over, even recently purchasing his own TV cable channel, which like the old Soviet channels, will play his propaganda speeches over and over. Much of this money, as much as $63 million, comes from unknown and unnamed foreign donors, in full violation of US election laws. Credit card fraud also afflicts his donor-collection system, which is flooded with undeclared donors the likes of which no American candidate for high office has ever so completely evaded public scrutiny about. But by the time it is all investigated, the elections will be over, and the Obama-compliant news media isn't going to pay attention to it then. Incidentally, the Democratic Party is today the biggest recipient of funds from well-heeled "corporate fat-cats", even while they hurl accusations against the Republicans on this same issue. Some liberals have made note of this, being perplexed about it as it did not validate their expectations.

To close, a recent "buzz" on the internet is, that Republicans are in a "Right-Wing Rage" against Obama, with dangerous violence being exhibited. The evidence on this is some angry statements made by audience members during McCain or Palin speeches, coupled with the willingness of conservatives to address the issues given above. It is true that many conservatives are angry against the Obama candidacy and the MSM cover-up, for these very same reasons. It is an honest and legitimate anger, in my opinion. But that hardly matches the Liberal Rage out there. Michelle Malkin has summarized some of this "Liberal Rage", and it is worth a look, as once again the MSM isn't mentioning much or any of it.

In these last days of the elections, there are so many new findings on dirty-tricks and outright criminal activity on the part of the Obama forces, that it is impossible to keep up with them. None of it appears in the MSM, or if so, the reporters who dare to expose such information are hotly attacked from all sides. But the above should give pause to any rational-thinking person. I've seen efforts by some Obama supporters to make comparable lists of the "crimes" or "malfeasance" of the McCain-Palin ticket, but they are nearly entirely fabrications without substance, or kernels of truth around which larger lies have been layered. I do not wish to say here that McCain-Palin are without problems. As I said in the start, I have my own critical issues with them. But I do think they are basically honest and decent people, as was Hillary Clinton, not crooks concealing dangerous hidden agendas. I only wish Obama was the same. He's not.

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"To smile and smile, and be a Villain. Oh! Thou wretched smiling villain."
-- Shakespeare, in Othello

"When small men begin to cast big shadows, it means that the sun is about to set.".
- Lin Yutang

James DeMeo is a natural scientist and writer living in Southern Oregon, USA, and author of the book
Saharasia: The 4000 BCE Origins of Child Abuse, Sex-Repression, Warfare and Social Violence, In the Deserts of the Old World.

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